Wednesday, February 25, 2009

" Follow your heart..!!! " jargon of the day. But i wonder if the heart has the right stuff inside to follow..!!!

Follow your heart - A very misleading jargon! I happened to meet a kid close to 8 years younger to me. We just happened to strike a conversation about how his academics were moving. He seemed to have already lost interest in it. He seems to have got interested things more important to him in his life - "his passions". He seems to have been interested in becoming a software engineer and loved coding stuff for drivers and so on. I ask him why not any other field and how much does he know about rest to conclude this as his passion. The reply is straight forward that he had 70% of knowledge about it and hence he made a decision. I wonder who was the 100% source for his comparision.

Most of the youth today is getting programmed by the media and other similar sources which glamourise follow your heart. But seldom do they add a disclaimer (which also would not have effect) that follow your heart after your heart is capable of judging what is right and what is wrong or atleast is capable of proving that its feeling right. A kid in his adolescence watches a movie, sees the movie picturising the HERO as a person who just followed his heart and was the center of attraction and starts imagining that he is capable of the same.

My only advice, of course being a person who is die hard believer in follow your heart, is that be open to filling in yourself with lot of experience and be enthusiastic about gathering enough information about various subjects and fields and topics before coming to a conclusion about your passions. For your present passions are based on wat you have seen so far, and chances are very less, the sources that you have had access so far, give you the real picture. A large part of youth of our country end up reserved or with closed minds to many things/opportunities because they start following their heart too early and hence a complete ignoring of opinions of others starts happening. (sometimes harmless, but really harmful when the other person is actually a wise individual with some really wise opinions).

Hence understand this jargon "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" with a greater depth. Keep your mind open to data and then decision making is easier. Ultimately follow your heart. But, Let heart get enough assistance from the mind in terms of data also. I hope this was helpful.

Jai hind!

-- Sujit Lalwani

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

GK has always been a challenge and a herculian task. Lets make it look easy.:-)

General knowledge lovers, this article is also for you. For all others who have always found it tough to increase their GK, but time and again, failed to keep yourself uptodate. This page has a solution. A short and sweet solution. Since you are reading this blog it only means you are a person who is an internet user, and user of also. Hence i assume you must also be aware of

The power of this website, though known, is underestimated or let me put it in the right way, it has been "underused". The awareness is not high among people. is a website which is a huge database of videos worldwide under all topics and categories with continous updation. My way of self help these days - (for some people this is something you have always done, for others start doing now).

For any information that one wants one has till today has been using But their initiative of has been a great vision to reality and now is used to get textual information under topics. But today gets you the information on latest stuff or any topic for that matter in exactly the way you want in the video format.

I had to learn guitar and was thinking of going to classes. I just typed - "how to play guitar" on and my journey on youtube started ever since. And ever since that day, life has not been the same, until unless I watch a bunch of videos, my bed does not get to see me. How to read faster, How to type faster, Latest hotels in the world, Latest business news, Types of dances, even how to open locks without keys :-):-). Everything has one solution Just key in searches on different topics.

You will never hate GK again. It just becomes more fun. All the best. I hope this post was helpful.

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-- Sujit Lalwani

Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 year plan of India Vs. 5 year plan for indians!!!

I just came across this data, while surfing, that Indian 11th 5 year plan, has a large amount of data, cut, copy and paste from the first one. I really wonder if laying 5 year plans for a country is going to help (it definitely will, but is there a better alternative), for, when I have been for innumerous talks, and when i questioned people as to their plans are the next 5 years, More than 99% of them sit blank.

My dear friends, entire youth fraternity in colleges of this century, is not having a plan of action for themself for the next 5 years, what do we speak about having a 5 year plan for the country. I do not say, 5 year plan for a country should not be there. It does help infrastructure, technology and upliftment of places and people. But, more importantly, my stress is on the fact that, if there is 35% youth (100% of future of our country) population in our country,and if they have a plan of action, with each one deciding plan of action for their studies sector, profession sector, contribution to society sector, charity sector etc. Trust me! its not my intuition alone that speaks at this moment, but logical thought process is also uniting with this thought, that our country will develop much sooner and be much more organised in every sense.

I totally agree, and am not a paranoid who says 5 year exact plan is easy to layout. But lets atleast set it for the next couple of years. We stop planning, because of the no. of failures of our plans we would have gone through during our school days in putting down our time tables and not being able to keep up to it. Lets resolve atleast at this point, that we (the readers of this blog and people who will get to know about this through you as you would promote this to them) shall have a plan of action for different sectors and stick to it, atleast for the next two years.

Majority Youth of india is totally going random. Most youth have this answer when i ask them : "So what are you planning for future?". The answer is :"I am yet to plan". or "I am not sure". Or "let me see". or "I have still not given a thought". My dear friend you are already 20 years old and you have still not given a thought. Kudos to people who have an action plan. But others, its time to open your eyes.

My simplest statement/slogan/quote that would sum up everything -
"If the people of country have a plan for the next 5 years, country is planned for next 5 years". Any other plan is going to be a bonus.

Jai hind!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

A fantastic piece of text. Read this really carefully.

Dear leaders, this is something really awesome i came across.
Do read it carefully. Its just fantastic. Enjoy. Feel free to comment.

A story about recession.

This Story is about a man who once upon a time was selling "Wada-Pav" by the roadside.

He was illiterate, so he never read newspapers.

He was hard of hearing, so he never listened to the radio.

His eyes were weak, so he never watched television.

But enthusiastically, he sold lots of "Wada-pavs".

He was smart enough to offer some attractive schemes to increase his sales.

His sales and profit went up..

He ordered more a more raw material and buns and use to sale more.

He recruited few more supporting staff to serve more customers.

He started offering home deliveries. Eventually he got himself a bigger and better stove.

As his business was growing, the son, who had recently graduated from College, joined his father.

Then something strange happened.

The son asked, "Dad, aren't you aware of the great recession that is coming our way?"

The father replied, "No, but tell me about it." The son said, "The international situation is terrible.

The domestic situation is even worse. We should be prepared for the coming bad times."

The man thought that since his son had been to college, read the papers, listened to the radio and watched TV.

He ought to know and his advice should not be taken lightly.

So the next day onwards, the father cut down his raw material order and buns, took down the colorful signboard, removed all the special schemes he was offering to the customers and was no longer as enthusiastic.

He reduced his staff strength by giving layoffs.

Very soon, fewer and fewer people bothered to stop at his "Wada-Pav" stand.

And his sales started coming down rapidly, same is the profit.

The father said to his son, "Son, you were right".

"We are in the middle of a recession and crisis. I am glad you warned me ahead of time."

Moral of The Story: It's all in your MIND! And we actually FUEL this recession much more than we think we do!!!!!!!!!! !!

What can we take away from this story??

1. How many times we confuse intelligence with good judgment?

2. Choose your mentors carefully but use your own judgment

3. A person or an organization will survive forever, if they have the 5 Cs-






The tragedy today is that there are many walking encyclopedias that are living failures.

The more practical and appropriate views on this economic recession is:

"This is the time to reunite together for any small or a big organization,

This is the time to motivate and retain people which are the biggest asset,

This is the time to show more commitments to the customers,

This is the time show values of our company to the world,

And this is the time to stand by our Nation".

My network has stood by this, and i am proud that in the so called
phase of my org. where most ppl were supposedly giving up. My network has
shown a very high sustainance rate. Kudos to my entire team of leaders.
Thank you all! And i promise we will keep rocking!
For, Its already on our mind..:):):)

Jai hind!

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

We dont have enough freedom to do things.!!!

I am tired of hearing this from people - "I dont have enough freedom to do things that i want". My dear friends/readers who are victims of this situation in your life, please do look back and be honest to yourself, and see if you could work out ways to do what you want, in the freedom you already have. Its not that we do not have freedom, its that we have not been able to gather enough motivation to do something, and hence our visions which we spoke about, never turned into reality, hence we are unable to bear the burden of unaccomplishment on ourself and hence blame circumstances around us.

Lets take it my dear friend and accept, that if we wanted we could have done it, in the freedom that we get. Its not the boundations of the world that we suffer from, its the boundations on our mind, which kill our freedom. The solution, for this, or the key to this lock, is in our hands, until we release it, it will never get released. Thats why India is'nt moving forward. Every individual in some way or the other is not releasing his best and binding himself, with the thought of lack of freedom.

As far as women in our country are concerned, this is highly prominent, amongst the girls of middle class families, where girls have developed this notion, that they do not have freedom to move out or mingle with people, or spend as much as they want on things they want, hence they cannot make it big in life. Trust me, there are enough opportunities around, for all types of constraints, to make it big in life. Just that our quest is not enough. I met a lady, a couple of days ago, it was an experience with this person, where i realised the deadlock our indian youth fraternity is going through.

My question : " do you know there 6.5 million indian literates, and 3.5 million illiterate? even if 2 teach 1, we can be completely literate nation in a matter of a day or two. what have you done for the country so far?"
Answer from her: " I totally understand that, and i have always wanted to do, but my society and relatives at home and situations at home do not permit me enough, that i would be able to do something like this"
My reply: "Why do you think so?"
Her answer: "I dont have enough freedom."
My reply: " what have you done in the freedom you get?"
Her answer: ""
My reply: " thats where we need a correction "
her answer: " but how?"
my reply: "you were allowed to meet me for an hour right?"
her reply: "yes"
My reply: "your parents would scold you, if you said, i am going to the orphanage in the vicinity of our home, to teach two kids english for today, for just an hour, and i will be back on time? Your parents would have told you that you have become a sinner? right?"
her reply: " < i understood expression > "I understood sir" "
my reply: "lets move on"

Trust me its not constraints from people around us, that binds us, its the locks that we put on our actions that stops us from making it big - These locks are : "laziness", "purposelessness", "boredom","passionlessness" etc...

My dear fellow indians, lets break the barriers of these locks that we have put on ourselves and actually move out and start doing something, rather than complain of all the things we are unable to do. I am sure we will together build a great india for our forthcoming generations.

Jai hind!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Birthday

My Birthday, is special to me(as it is for any of us). I am born on the day, when the love quotient(LQ) of the world is highest, at its peaks. It is special to me, for it reminds me, that i need to stand for LOVE, and spread love until i live, for I am born on the day, where the world expresses love - Valentines Day - The 14th of Feb.

I started my ebiz career, just the way all ebiz associates do, by giving my draft to ebiz house, ignorant of the fact, that the product wont just be online computer education. But a birthday just after 3.5 years of ebiz, that will be memorable even beyond next 35 years!!!

There are'nt enough words in the dictionary or probably i do not know enough, to describe the day. I just feel it was'nt a day but a cluster of them. The state of feelings was highly mixed. I went through all kinds of emotions.

On demand from many leaders of mine, to describe how exactly i spent my day, I decided to put it down in brief.

It started with a surprise, from my leaders, Dhavalshah ji, Nahar Bros., & Nikhil hulamani ji who came down to my place, with a cake. It was probably the 4th time in my life, i was cutting a cake on my birthday. (out of 22 of them that had goneby). It was my family, and my ebiz family with whom i started my day at 12 am. I was gifted a goggle cum ipod cum pen drive (3in1) gadget from my brother, along with a shirt from my bhabhijis parents, and couple more gifts. People say they love to get gifted, So do I. And when gifts are so sophisticated, it just adds to the joy of getting gifted. I did miss adarsh jis presence and rest of my team.

Number of calls from my fans, my associates & my relatives started pouring in at 12 am. Since they were so many in number, and i could not take all of them, for i was the one cutting the cake and answering the calls. The best testimony for the number of people trying to reach was that - the software of the phone could not match up with the no. of callers. It displays some name and somebody else answers the call.:-) Loads and loads of messages sarted pouring in. I just realised, I had a great fan following.

The ebiz leaders left home at around 1, then i occupied myself with sleep from 2am to 8 am. I then, woke up to see 140+ missed calls between 2am to 8am, after which I left for a party, being thrown for me, which was to be an emotionally touching celebration, at ebiz home. I reached Dr.Surendraji's home - the ebiz home at bangalore - as he calls it. There were all my leaders from his network. It was a great time there. We cut cake (the 5th one in my life). We had a great time. I shared Part-I of my life, with my team - my life and my attitudes before ebiz. We just got closer. Our bonds strengthed. Somebody tells me ebiz cannot move on for lifetime - i just proudly tell him - god cannot break the bonds we build - for he is the one helping us build:-) its the bond of love and understanding.

After the celebration, when i was about to leave for my next place of visit. I was gifted few of my best snaps, which were to be framed. These were posterised. This was the most touching moment at the meet. For, i just felt the love of my team. I moved from there with Manoj ji for camp visits.

I was lucky as only a few people are, to have free computer awareness camps, held on my birthday, a noble work being accomplished on the day i came into the world 22 years ago. The best part is - I was a part of the reason behind this. But all credits to my entire team for being super enthusiastic and a bunch of true fighters for making this vision a reality and helping me strongly believe that this will go on for a lifetime. I visited four camps. Meanwhile, Vikas bohra ji and basanti ji arranged for a cake(6th one). Amidst all this, I was worried about reaching home by 4pm to make it to the movie at 5:45 pm as informed by sumitji.

There was a very big surprise inbetween planned by navneeta ji, sonal ji & Sruthi ji(my closest school friend) I was supposed to reach for a meet with sonal ji's to be closest person of life(which was not the truth), and i ended up meeting Sruthi ji (who wasnt expected in bangalore for another couple of months). It was my birthday, after a long time, when we could celebrate together. We had another CCC (cake cutting ceremony) at her place. Then in a hurry i left from there, i reached home just to discover that time was already 5:45 pm. I was all prepared to convince myself and everybody that the movie would not have a great story in the first half, and only the second half would be more interesting.

But we just discoverd that the show was at 6:45 pm - courtesy - sumit ji's planned surprise, so that we are on time. Billu barber is a good movie, with a mild story of a friendship between two friends, one of whom reaches the highest heights of popularity and the other scales on the negative side. It also has a touch which projects lifestyle of a star (little exaggerated though). After this we were present at the spot where my cousin's marriage's preparations were on. We reached home around 12:15 am just to discover the biggest surprise for the day and for a lifetime.

A huge 5ft. by 4ft. cardboard wrapped with color papers. I was holding and posing for pics, just to discover that there were three of them, in my house to record me do all this and catch my expressions of surprise, when i discover the ppl who presented this gift to me, were at my house then. I opened the gift to discover a testimony for patience, LOVE, realtionship, gift, and true feelings. It was a collage of the best collection of pics of my entire ebiz journey. Thanks to everybody who have put in efforts behind this. You do not know, you guys have given me a memory, for my lifetime. You have taken a place in my life - which is uneraseable. Thanks to Vikas Bohra ji for all his hard work of collecting, arrangin the pics on the collage. Adithya kothari ji, dhaval shah ji and their team who are responsible for the same - I thank you all.

All in all, the day started with a surprise, ended with a surprise and had lots of surprises throughout the day. Trust me, I feel the power of Network today. I know we will own much bigger networks tomorrow, The reasons just keep getting stronger.

The day all in all - was a combination of - celebrations, camps(social work), Emotional moments, movie(family time), Time with cousins, surprise visit to blore by sruthi(quality time with close friends), Gifting by sumit ji and my family, blessings from family, promotions, calls, resolutions, remembering god and showing of gratitude to him, and the MEGA GIFT. All in all - Highly versatile day. I was wondering if i had enjoyed more than a week on the same day. God extended time for me:-)

Dear Reader, My sincere wishes that everyday of your life, would be as my 22nd birthday was. There were innumerous moments, which i could not list down here. But trust me I could ask for more:-):-) I just know that next birthday shall be much more amazing for sure.:-):-)

I hope you enjoyed reading, as much as Ienjoyed writing. Do post in your invaluable comments.

Friday, February 13, 2009

My last blog before i turn 22

According to all indian clocks and IST i would turn 22 in another 40 mins from now. It feels good to know you are growing up, but hard to accept that you have left past one more number behind you. Most people dont achieve big in life, because they have this fear of failure which haunts them whenever they begin their journey of success in any direction, hence they pull their steps back in any direction they would have proceeded in.

Whatever I have achieved till date, is due to fear of not achieving enough, that haunts me, before i turn 27 (why 27, a few folks know this). I always push myself hard. Today i once again realise i am just 5 years away from that number. I commit to myself in this blog openly, that i shall make a grand success for myself in the next 5 years, and help innumerous people succeed as well. I should have become a testimony for youth icons. For people who are passionate about whatever they take up. I should have been a solid reason for computer literacy hike in our country. I should have a team which should boast off the best achievements in their kitty throughout the country. We should have travelled lakshadweep on star cruises, Mission benchmark should have turned reality.

I should have travelled countrywide for inspiraitonal talks. Authored atleast two books. I should have helped enough people lose fear of failure and embark confidently on their journey to success. I should have all in all spread smiles to lakhs of people and touched million hearts and created enough patriots. I should also have become a reason for a large no. of fighters in the country.

In the next half an hour of my year 21 i commit to year 22 that i shall make it more glorious and carry forward the legacy of passion, determination and imagination to the next level. I commit to 21 that 22 would just shoot up growth in every aspect of life.

From 21: All the very best, happy birthday!!! May all your dreams come true!!!
From 22: Just wait and watch, I will rock it!!! :-):-)

Everything has a Reason!

God does not play dice, was one of the most amazing statements i had read or came across till date. It always amused me, and kept me wondering, what makes god such a perfectionist. Every thing that happens has a reason. Everything that happens, is under the control of the frequency of our thoughts we generate (As law of attraction says - and as i believe).

Life just looks to be a great curve if traced back, with lots of dots just connected together. No point is left alone. The origin is birth, the end point is death. In between is tremendous web of curves, where dots are joined together. All events therefore have a preceding event and a succeeding event. But when curves intersect, there are multiple routes in which they lead and from which they would have come till there. It is also right to believe, every dot is an intersection of innumerous such curves. Hence, every event is multifactorial in life.

But the fact is after the present dot, at any given point of time, only one direction can be chosen, but other curves that intersect at that point, are the just the continuing extrpolated projections of the other lines, which become prominent at some point in future, and they actually matter at the intersection later.

All i want to convey through this cluster of dots, is, everything has a reason. God just does not play dice. Hence appreciate all things, events, people and circumstances in life, for god has just brought them down to us, for, we asked for them. Appreciate everything, love everything and everything will start seeming to be all the more beautiful. Life will just start materialising the way you exactly want it to. Everything that seemed obscure, will have crystal clear reasons behind it.

This is an open ended article as well. comments welcome!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Giving up, can help you discover your passion sometimes!!!

We all have gone through this feeling of disinterest in something and it is when we decided to give up the possession of that thing. This is normal to do so. But when this gets applied to our dreams and careers, it yields results which get us more pain and disgust, rather than the joy of having reduced, the burden of upholding of a priority, which we were no more interested in. This often happens.

This happens when we are unable to make out that slight difference, between the disinterest that comes due to inability of doing something and fear of defeat in a field, and the disinterest that comes otherwise, for the mismatch of the thing we get disinterested in, with our attitudes. The former brings along the pain, which makes us just realise how much we were passionate about the thing we were just going to give up.

Some people call it an advantage to realise their true passions. Yes, indeed! but not by fully giving up and leaving no chance for re-entry at all! Mere thought of giving up something thats our passion, will bring in a real jostling between feelings inside us. Its at that moment you just need to remind yourself, refocus, repriotize and reorient towards goals and dreams and just move on not caring, whether you are enjoying it or not. You will soon see yourself as a rockstar.

I just realised this when i was about to say "henceforth, no orkutting" :-) Immediately, the thought made me run through all the feelings, where i had just loved being there for all the advantages it offered, and all of a sudden there was this feeling which pulled me back strongly! there could not have been a simpler application of the above theory!

It also applies when we are continously focussed on a target and after longtime when we have not gathered enough results, we just feel like giving up, (sometimes we just give up) and this feeling comes to our rescue. Its after this we need to understand, that we need to stick to this dream until it gets accomplished, for we have just discoverd our passion. For, those who giveup, seldom realise that they were really close to success when they give up. For, once you are beyond that feeling of giving up, is when you start living for and with your passion. Then you start RULING!!!

So, Discover your passion! and DONT GIVE UP!

If someone can think and feel this deeper do drop in your comments!

Monday, February 9, 2009

My First Blog on Blogspot.

I welcome myself to I always had this desire to share my views with the world in the way i wanted to without the heartaches of being interrupted or having the idea rejected without it even being heard. I knew blog was the space where one could express himself and world could know him better. One could share his views/opinions/learnings/experiences with utmost convenience. It also puts a slight reader pressure - which makes you slightly conscious and infact pushes you to articulate and write well to ensure you have your readers come to your blog over and over again. That does not mean you write what readers want to read. But it just means, You write in a way that readers would love to read.

I am sure I will build a great database on this space at which shall be a great source of learnings for people. At the same time a piece of compilation - which would give me great moments of pleasurable feeling of the flashback each time i go through it, after a few years from now. Lets begin.!!!