Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Urgent Blood Requirement - Immediate Solution!

Its been a long time since this thought of blogging about this legendary intiative has lingered on my head. Finally the thoughts on my mind have taken the shape of this blog. I am talking about this site -
This initiative of eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd. is truly worth appreciating.

The site is extremely user-friendly, designed to serve the purpose under crisis situations of need of blood. Its happened a number of times to all of us, that we recieve an sms stating that someone's friend or close relative is in need of blood of a particular blood group & we should oblige to forward the message to all our friends. They forward this in a hope that their need would be served but all in vain.

Many a times the message does not reach the people who have the required blood group, or even if it does they may not be willing to donate or they may not be available. For the sms to reach a person of same blood group is merely dependent on luck. We all know its a very hard feeling to know that the life of our close ones is left dependent on LUCK(in urgent requirements). None of us would want that to happen to our closed ones.

In such instances many of us think, something should be done about this. But most of us forget it as the time goes by, or some of us who carry the thought for a few more days, dont actually find ourselves accoutured with the right ideas/tools to implement this.

In this scenario a visionary organisation eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd, which is a network of associates who learn, teach and promote online computer education and provide people with a platform for financial self dependency, has taken an initiative to Launch a website - which caters to the need of the person in need of blood of any blood group from any part of our country.

The below animation very clearly explains this very self explanatory site. All you need to do is just type in the details of the area and city you are in, and you can find a list of donors with their contact numbers. Just dial them instantly and you have atleast one donor available.

I am sure by now you agree with me this is something thats worth blogging about when I know this blog is being read by a lot of people. Hope this would help you help your friends in need in the coming tomorrow. My earnest request to every reader, take out five minutes of time and complete your registration and let as many people know about this.

Thank You. If ever in the future you have an example where this helps you or your friend please feel free to promptly remember this blog and put down a testimonial in the comments column. Thank You:)

PS: I hope this blog saves some lives and becomes a testimonial to this vision.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Few random thoughts accessed from highly active areas of my brain at present!

A few random thoughts hovering on my mind, which summarise my way of looking at my life and the recent events of my life.

1. 24 hours are too much if they are split into minutes and seconds and each interval is taken care of individually.

2. The real taste of adventure in life, is to explore a path with more unknowns & less equations. For, that is when life will have infinite solutions.

3. GO OUT! BREAK THE RULES... Taste glory & create a story!

4. Doing something really big at a young age is marvellous, for, only that can make you realise - "rules are meant to be broken!"

5. SELF EVALUATION - If you are not criticised & everybody around you is satisfied with you, you can be sure of being on the wrong path. CHANGE DIRECTION!

6. Last but not the least - "All the world loves a lover". Love everyone. The easiest way to get loved is give love.


Just a few quotes to reinforce stuff.