Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Before Yesterday!

It was just day before yesterday, to today, that is 18.01.2011. I wake up early around 7am, when I have slept pretty late the night before that. I wake up to realise, I just 25 more days to go before I turn 24, & as per my expectations I have loads to do, before I turn 24, to be able to look back in pride at my life.

I push myself hard. Switch on my new LENOVO Y560 laptop (4GB Ram, 2.5GB dedicated graphics card(PHEW!!! WHOA!!!), 500GB Hard Disk, Core i5 Processor, windows 7, 2.5GHz processor speed) & am awed by the feature which my previous laptop never had - the sticky notes. I just love them. I used to have them all over my table before. This time I had them all over my laptop home screen.

I realised, I had too many TO-DO lists on my home screen of the laptop. I realised I needed a separate to-do list for all to-do lists. There were whopping 160+ things to be completed, pretty sizeable in nature of tasks. Unbelievable multi-tasking, management including delegation, monitoring, doing things & getting things done. Prioritizing, accomplishing, co-ordinating, adjusting, handling, cancelling, scheduling, rescheduling, promoting, pushing, doing, getting it done, communicating, calling, typing, organising, updating, searching etc..

As I continued with the work, with my ear phones on, throughout the day, till afternoon and early evening till 4pm, I had continuous calls with associates all across. Calls, e-Mails, writing, reading, analysing, deciding, delegating... WHOA!!!

I just didnt want to lose focus at any point & kept myself reminded of the lists on the screen. As the day went by, the done list got longer and to-do seemed firm in length. Continuing the momentum, I just realised by the end of the day, which quite late in the night or rather early next day morning (close to 4.30 am - as it's almost going to be again tonight)I had completed 142 simple, medium & large size tasks!

A great day with supreme satisfaction & sleep with utmost peace & highly sound in nature was something I deserved as the day folded up. When I looked back over it in the reverse chronological order, I just realised & felt, if one day could add so much meaning to life, imagine what 27 days that remained before I turn 24 could do. And most surprisingly amidst all this, I did care to spend time on "FFF - friends, family & facebook. ~ Sujit Lalwani" :):):)

I recommend you all, to look into your days, weeks and months & see what can make you add more meaning to life. For, it's only together that we can bring in order, peace & harmony into this world, which is on the track of complete chaos, crime, disorder, disharmony & de-energized spirits...

TIDBIT: "you can be very successful if you just keep a track of -
"what to do & whats your TO-DO!" " ~ Sujit Lalwani

How was your day today? Does this blog have the power to influence your day today, tomorrow & many more days to come tomorrow...?

11 Powerful Lines For 2011!!!

Some selected quotes on my blog, after a long time. One blog dedicated to just quotes:

1. People say, people can't change. I think a better version is: "people can change. It's just easier for them not to"

2. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option left!

3. Life is too short to stress up with people who don't deserve to be in your life.

4. The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you are the pilot.

5. Pay no attention to what people say. Pay very close attention to what people do.

6. Never underestimate people, For, everyone is given something that other people don't have.

7. We all die. The goal isn't living forever. The goal is to create something that will.

8. Lose your pride, Lose your patience, Lose your mind. But whatever the case maybe, NEVER LOSE HOPE!

9. Sometimes what holds you together & what tears you apart are the SAME things!

10. Every tear has it's reason, Every smile has a season!

11. SMILE!!! Let everyone know you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday!

I truly Hope these 11 lines make your 11th year of this millenium a super hit!!!

Which one striked you the most? Please comment!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A very happy & a prosperous new year to all my folks! As 2011 dawns upon our lives, as it brings new dates that our calendar had never seen before, it's time for us to tighten our seat belts & prepare ourselves for a journey to touch apex of performance in every dimension we venture into.

"Life of Purpose is the purpose of life" A great philosopher once quoted. I truly believe those of you have come across the purpose instinct for your life, Move ahead on the path without re-thinking your plans. Believe me everything you want shall unfold. "Those who chased castles, died without discovering the purpose of their life, Those who chased purpose in life, built castles in reality..."

May your year 2011 bring you closer to the purpose of your life. I earnestly urge my readers, to resolve ardently to walk with faith on the path of purpose, than to dithyrambically walk on the path of temporary joys & pleasures!

Look back into your last year, recall all the times, when you were told you cant do something, this new year challenge yourself & decide that you will prove them wrong. Recall the times, when you felt you were not upto the mark for the task at hand, it's time to rise up to the level you demand yourself to be at & gather adulations. Recall the times when you were bogged down because of pressures due to multiple things you were supposed to do, you either mismanaged or gave up, this new year, decide to make it look like a child's play & win each time you need to play.

Recall the times, when you were hurt, ill-treated, rejected, ignored.. this new year decide, to forget it all & love yourself to the core & believe that you are the best. Recall the times, when you tried & failed in every attempt you made, this new year decide you will try until you succeed relentlessly yet again with new enthusiasm & stand as a testimonial for phoenix.

Recall the times when your freedom was not yours and you chose to surrender and compromise, decide to stand up for what you want and voice out your opinion & achieve all that you could not this new year.(courtesy: demolition of fencing!)

Recall the good times you have had with your family, friends, colleagues, teachers or yourself, & decide to cherish them today, tomorrow & forever. Recall all the people who made a difference in your life, & decide to have the attitude of gratitude & be willing to walk the extra mile if they ever need you. Decide, to make them feel special whenever time permits.

Last but not the least, recall the times you were happy & rejoicing & decide to relive such moments time & again this year, be it in times of misfortune, pain & grief or in times of prosperity, success & happiness...

All in all, I take this chance through this medium of communication, to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(TIDBIT: Lastly Recall the times when you read great articles & you failed to comment & forward it to any of your friends, this new year decide & place your comments for every article you read, & forward all great articles you read, to all those whom you care for. You Got My POINT?).