Friday, May 8, 2009


Its been long time since I blogged. This gap actually created a gap on my mind, when i was trying to type down a nice worthy title for this one. When I could not hit upon anything creative, I just decided to keep the title - "MISCELLANEOUS" and a whole new article followed.

There is a very profound lesson behind what I just mentioned above. The same happens with us in our careers and to many on the path to success(be it in any field). When we are not in touch, with the work we are supposed to carry out, we lose the swiftness of performance, which slowly makes us even more sluggish, which leads to greater loss of flow of our activity(activity with respect to the career each of us have), which leads to a loss of self-confidence and thereby leading to greater inactivity levels and finally leading to defeat/failure/ceasure/downfall/dead-end.

The only solution to this continuing chain reaction which leads from one lead to another, is one "Miscellaneous" link, which is activity in real terms. Do something, but kick start your activity in the direction you were heading. It cannot start from the place where you left, but a miscellaneous beginning will lead to increased enthusiasm leading to greater excitement, leading to structuring of your thoughts, which leads to planned action finally leading to victory/destination/success/smooth-journey towards your goals.

Hence this blog is just a start point for my further blogs to pour in.

Hope this helped you.

Just in case you are sliding into the inactivity chain in your life in any arena, My sincere advice - "Stop Wondering where to begin from, Start DOING SOMETHING! in the direction of your goals & You will soon reach your earlier momentum."

KEEP WALKING! Persistence is the only key to success.