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Sujit Lalwani in the FINALs of YOUR BIG YEAR Competition. INDIAN One YOUNG WORLD Ambassador to GO GLOBAL! VOTE!!!

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I am glad to share this with you, that I am giving my best to follow the footsteps of people who have brought Glory, fame & name humanity all over the globe. I am on the path to add feathers to the cap of Humanity & my Nation.

I have my way of doing it and have already done some sizable work from my side, as I now turn 25 in about a couple of months. MY biography is available for download at

Currently I am participating in a GLOBAL COMPETITION called YOUR BIG YEAR. A competition which has gained overnight recognition from the BEST & ELITE of the WORLD. The winners of this would be awarded a prize of travel to 22 countries covering 5 continents. The COMPANY Smaller Earth ( engages in this. The winner is given an experience of leadership through experience, which shall set his momentum for the rest of the life.

Last Year's winner was MICHAEL TEOH from MALAYSIA. You can google him out, to see what he has gone on to become today. As the turn comes this year, It's a matter of pride & prestige to know that an INDIAN Sujit Lalwani (You can google me out as well) Ranks amongst the only chosen 111 Stage 2 finalists. Now 51 of them are competing for TOP position which would be through a procedure of voting.

The winner in this would attend the GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONGRESS in LIVERPOOL. ( Which is expected to be attended by top brass of the world.

One chance for us to shine on the GLOBE. The voting procedure is simple & given in simple steps on

The procedure is as listed below:
Step 1: Log on to facebook account. Step 2: (visit & LIKE)
Step 3: Click
Step 4: Search for VIDEO #5 (in the search box) & VOTE!!!

Or Visit the event page: & catch the details.

It's this Simple.

Absolutely no time would be required for this and no efforts either. It would indeed help us bring the feather to the INDIAN CAP. I recommend you to oblige in support towards this.

Hours together go for watching a cricket match, Hours together are invested for movies, But all this needs is a few minutes of time and a couple of clicks.

(PS: I would do my best to return the favour of support of any organisation (though it is not a favor and a duty in fact) by listing the supporting companies on my Facebook pages & websites and a separate website that plans to launch as soon as I am declared a winner. On as well as my BLOG )

(Also publish a separate page listing all the supporting companies (page 3 after editors note) in INSPiRATION UNLIMITED eMagazine which has readers from across 20 countries now and writers from 12 ( to subscribe)
Some of my Achievements:

*One Young World Ambassador from INDIA.

*Founder & Chairman, Inspiration unlimited(

*Awarded as Youngster for HIGH Service to society by LIONs Club.

*Founder of Internationally Growing Social Initiative (

*Founder of All Positive, No gossips - "Inspiration Unlimited" eMagazine.

*Your Big Year Stage 2 Finalist

* Founder of IUNewsPaperBag Project(Brain-Child of Surendra Ayer)
[ |]

*Founder of IU Youth 2 Children Project []

*Best Speaker Award winner at National Convention in 2007 (20,000+ people).

*Interviewed by & featured in Suvarna, TV9, Times of India, V4, Rajasthan Patrika, Times Of India, e-naadu & many others
( )

*Invited as VVIP, Chief Guests, Judge and dignitary for various events around the city.

*Has trained & inspired more than 1 Million Lives through his leadership session and awe-inspiring speeches.
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