Monday, September 27, 2010

There is nothing called HARD WORK - its just focus, mind-set and feelings.

Majority of us think of physical strain when we think of hard work. I do not agree with this, It may or may not be physical strain. Well before some work or acitivity can tire us up, the feeling on the mind that we carry, having convinced ourselves, that we are sure to get really tired, tires us up completely, leaving us with no zeal to pursue what we want to accomplish.

Majority of the times the hard work is not actually the effort we input to do something, its instead the effort to fight these negative emotions and still do the work we intend to.

Half the battle can be won, if we can avoid these thoughts at the first place, that we are going to work hard or we already have worked really hard for the day or for the week. Once we have eliminated these thoughts about how much needs to be done, or how much was done, half the path is tread.

The other half can be tread effortlessly, if one can enjoy the work he/she is doing. Its just about filling yourself with enthusiasm and energy and re-inforcing each fact you love about what you just about to do. In simple words: "love what you do, dont do what you dont love, but when you are doing something you better love it."

Discovering/figuring out the interesting sides to your work is the task you need to accomplish before you set out into action. Once this is done, repeatedly doing what you love and that what peps you up, even 10% of the time, can make 100% of your work feel super interesting to you.

The last thing to eliminate to accomplish things at hand to perfection is to avoid distractions and that happens by focusing and re-focusing. Its like a straight road with a left turn at a point on its path. Our actual route is along left turn, but the sign boards in the distant scene of Mc Donalds attract us on the running straight road, we feel we have nt lost speed, but we would have lost focus for sure.

So time and again, look into your map and re-focus yourself towards your goals and everything you do should speeden up the process of reaching your goals!

NOTE: Goals do enhance and grow as we expose ourselves to more and more things in our day to day lives, Hence timely confirmations of the route map become extremely inevitable for success.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I TAKE A CHALLENGE EVERYDAY! (My favourite composition)

I take a challenge everyday
That tomorrow should be better than today.
When I fight my innerself, I do lose battles sometime
But the war with myself, is what I win everytime.

I crib not, about what is gone
I forget the nights, start afresh every dawn.
Present, is what, I create and enjoy
Content am I, like a child with his toy.

What it is! matters, not to me
Coz I believe to see what can be.
Not blaming others, faults in me, is what I see
Coz I believe if it is to be it is up to me.

I just not know how to smile
But I believe in spreading a smile.
Its not easy to spread a smile,
For this, one needs to walk an extra mile.

Step by step, step by step, is how I tread the path,
In sea of failures, to reach success, I had to bath,
The fun lay, not in the destination
But journey itself was a fascination.

Nothing came free, but with success in mind
I payed the price, not just money, but in every kind.
What it is to successful, had I known
To reach it, double the efforts, would I have sown.

I counted not the seeds in a fruit
But counted the fruits that came from every root.
I hit the iron when it is hot
But ridicule in return is all I got.


When I touched the pinnacles, I saw the viewpoints alter
Concern in return for a little hard work, I think was a good barter…
Concern in return for a little hard work, I thought was a good barter…


Monday, September 20, 2010

"Such people are dual personalities, never keep in touch with them!"

"you are an amazing speaker/personality/leader/orator/person(as such)", are frequent phrases that fall on my ears, But recently a rare set of words fell on my ear drums, and left the diaphragm with heavy vibrations of high amplitudes and even now I can tune a tuning fork of high frequency to create resonance. "Such people (like me) are dual personalities, never keep in touch with them!"

I started wondering, How people who have never had, even a single conversation with me, have derived this conclusion about me. But when this hit my ears, I knew my introspection habit would lead my thoughts into some sort of analysis, and this is what I could gather from this random explosion of thoughts that happened, which expanded in all possible directions and still expanding, like the universe after the big bang.

One of directions I analysed, led me to this thought - that all of us, by nature of this civilization we have created, have to maintain multiple personalities, behaviours and attitudes under different situtations, as the need may be. We have to carry ourselves in different ways at different times.

None of us, would open up ourselves completely to strangers, so we put up an image which is commonly put up to strangers, and then slowly once the person begins to keep in touch or the contact persists(for known/unknown objectives as the case maybe), we slowly open up and our "trueself"(which am yet to analyse what it means) rather the so called "true self" comes out.

I feel this word "trueself" is the reflection of the core inner beliefs/character/attitudes and deeper exposure of an individual to the other person, rather than it being the "other side".

My arguement in this write-up only stands to explain, that its not "other side", but that we all have a deeper look of ours, which people miss. The Surface has to bear looks which are made up to suit the needs of the, then objectives and as the time passes by, the depth gets revealed, and what probably for some people means, the other side, is that when deeper self is opposite in nature to the surface, thats when people feel cheated and claim it to be the other side. What I truly feel is that, a few meetings and conversations with a person would reveal the inner self of that individual, only then one has the complete right to conclude or rather describe that person.

Majority of us would have formed our conclusions based on our experiences with a few set of people, few set of conversations or experiences we would have had. But the kind of experience I have had in my life, of having met people in huge numbers from all back-grounds and walks of life, and actually having spent time with them, I have come to realise that judgements on basis of similarity are partially correct only and not completely reliable and judgements without an interaction at all with any individual are as good as predicting the outcome of a dice, you are bound to be having 1-6th correctness in every prediction, which does not make you a genius in any manner.

Some sort of cluster of thoughts on my head, has got resolved to conclude, that the "other side of mine" is the actually the "deeper side" of me and not the other side. If my surface behaviour and my inner most attitudes or behaviours after prolonged interaction with a person are opposites - Under such situations my deeper side, shall get reflected as my other side:):)

Preserve your originality even though you have to pretend under many circumstances, but thats not how world is, you have to pretend at times! There is no option.

Expecting comments column of this blog to teach me a lot in this regard, expecting you to pour down your perception on this. Does every body have an other side? Or is it only me? or do I actually have another side? If yes, I am yet to discover:)

PHEW...!!! This blog has been just a collection of random thoughts, as good as garbage and unusable waste. But people have built gardens with available waste around them, is what I read in school days and was thrilled. So, am expecting the same, atleast from one of the readers, to be one such personality, hope you are not a dual one:) Create taste with waste!