Monday, November 30, 2009

Silver Lining! - Cogitate Over This One!

Friends! Sit down to introspect and push yourself into few moments of retrospection. Look into your past, thank all the people who have, in the slightest way possible, been responsible for your present. Look at all the occasions, least expected, that cropped up only to ensure your pleasant present took birth. Thank them all.

Look back into the past - all these little angels and occasions are those dots, which when connected, within the limits of an optimistically practical frame of mind, have the power to extrapolate into a future that will turn out to be the benediction in its most chastise form, that universe bestows on your dreams. This line, formed by connecting all the dots, is always the detour, that life takes when you ask for something and dont know the route - This route, is what, I call the SILVER LINING.

This article deserves extrapolation too. Append your thoughts into the comments column. Thank You for being a dot on my silver lining.

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PS: The article is open for emendation.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Power of Belief!

I know, I am not the first one to write about this. Rhonda byrne's "The Secret" will tell you more about this topic. But then, I just felt like putting up my thoughts on this. This article is definitely more, than merely a testimonial to "the secret".

In the recent journey of mine, everything in my life has just come true the way I exactly believed it should for me and for many of my ebiz colleagues and all other people whom I know, who truly believe in this power of belief.

You are reader no.

In this case I would love to just say, let your belief be completely pure in whatever you want in your life. Visualise it exactly the way you want it, innumerous times. Feel the feeling deep within, how it would feel once the belief turned reality. Why most people do not achieve their beliefs or what they visualise is because once something that practically seems impossible is visualised, the very next moment, our mind is preoccupied with thoughts which are trying to sketch the route ot the destination imagined. If you try to plan the step by step journey to where you want to reach or what you want to achieve, then you would end up accomplishing what you are already capable of and you deny the universe from doing the planning for you.

To justify the above paragraph just think of this person from a small town who dreamt of being the president of the country but when asked "How?", just said "I dont know!". He moved ahead in life with enough zeal and enthu in whatever he did. Once he looked back at his life after he turned the president of the country, he had no way to explain practically everything that happened.

He narrated those innumerous co-incidences that took place all along, right from childhood till his winning the elections. Those competitions in school where he had to participate in debates and only those people stood for it, compared to whom he was better off, these served as moral boosters. Only on those days co-incidentally he found on many an occasion, that those better off than him, were absent, that staying up late at school and that very meeting with chairman of his university just when he had for the first time topped his class ever in his journey of schooling, that getting impressed of the chairman at that instant, that offering of sholarship for further education, that travelling in the train, that co-incidence of sharing the compartment with a senior politician, that getting impressed of his for him being a student of such an elite college, though hailing from a poor background.

He remembers the co-incidence, of health going down of the university president for students' union, on the annual day and that pushing down of the opportunity of addressing the university crowd of over 20,000 people amidst the chief guests of elite status and varied political background on him, that falling of easy questions in the next days exam only from the syllabus he happend to prepare for, that getting impressed of all the circle around him and publishing his name in students magazine, that increase of fame, those invitations for guest lectures in various under-grad schools for being student of such elite performance and high extra-curricular record, that clicking of one opportunity after another for various talks around the country.

As he recalls further, that missing of the last bus back home and only way to return home being the option of taking a lift, that getting of a lift in the car of an individual who was looking for a great speaker with firm credentials to promote his party for next elections in return for a good payment, that co-incidence of his desire to earn money to help his mom recover out of the cancer treatment she was going through which made him accept the proposal, that co-incidental victory of the party he promoted which made the winning party offer him more than money - a seat in assembly, the co-incidental meeting of an upcoming author at a book store who aspired to co-author a book with this person, as the aspiring author had heard a lot of his speeches, that getting famous of that book, bringing him country wide glory and huge response from the crowd and what followed later is something you and I can only imagine. A series of more co-incidences leading him to the post of president.

As he looked behind, everything in his life looked perfectly planned, but he wasnt the one who planned. This is where the universe played its role. But, he acted with passion and commitment at every step with a very high belief of being the president of the country one day.

The above paragraph, I must say, definitely sounds like a fairy tale, for, my understanding of power of belief stands clear and confirms, that every belief thats practically impossible goes through a series of, otherwise never expected, incidents which sums up the journey to real success, as a fairy tale.

I just want to conclude that there is eternal power in power of belief, which makes the universe take the burden of planning things for you. Just ensure you know your passion and follow it completely and engage in relentless pursuit of it with complete honesty and integrity, the universe will take care of the rest.

"For, the universe has many a fairy tales written already and is engaged in a relentless search of characters for its tales, you could be the next. You have to BELIEVE IT!"

PS: This article is open to commments. Do share your experiences where dots seem to have got connected in life, giving me a chance to learn. I know there is co-incidence waiting to happen.

(The above article is not free of grammatical/spelling errors. Kindly ignore (as long as the essence is understood.))