Thursday, October 31, 2013

10 Lessons for Entrepreneurs or those that want to Be Entrepreneurial!

Out of the little journey as an entrepreneur I have had here are 10 lessons that I would love to share

1. Have a VISION: it's not just to be studied in classrooms or as part of workshops, it truly has depth. You need to know where you are headed or at least what you purpose is in the first place when you are starting your business. A lot depends on what exactly you wish to do and WHY. If your vision is to give the fastest service, you will design your products around TIME and if your vision is to give the most quality service then you will design your efforts around luxury and quality, while if your focus and vision is make it affordable for all then you focus on costs. If your vision is to make it global then you work your energies on going beyond all borders,while if your focus is on being locally global then work on your local emotions.

2. Start with small targets: First of all, keep targets and keep small ones to start. No one would want to start with demoralizing effect. If you take big targets and fail them one after the other, the only thing you will derive out of it is "I am incompetent", while if you take small ones and achieve them one after the other, then the only thing you will derive out of that is "BOY! I am AWESOME!!!" and you need just that when you are NEW in business.

3. Remember NETWORKING counts as much as Nett WORK that you do. Build a network. A network of people who you can rely on, get your expert opinions from, get small things done, get big things done, do things for, get yourself pepped up, spend quality time with an what NOT. Remember a network for all your needs is a MUST. Move out and TALK, build relations, build a NETWORK and you will see things will MOVE.

4. Don't build a team of workers, build teams that are passionate missionaries. You need to understand that you work hard as an entrepreneur not just because you wanna make money and truck loads of it, you do it because you know it drives you, you are mad about it, you are passionate, you are just like the missionary who forgot his way back home because he forgot he belonged there... Let others in the team also feel that. Let go the fear that having people like that will move you out of business because they would leave your company join other high paying jobs. Remember people quit because they run out of love or purpose, not just MONEY.

5. Believe in serving: No one ever lost his self esteem by serving someone else, it only gets stronger. No one ever was taken for granted because he served well, he was taken for granted because he OVER SERVED and did it only because he expected something in return. Just serve because that is your purpose and not because you might be offered bucks in return. Believe in the statement "Well served is Well done!"

6. Bucks come to those where the buck stops: Let's get it straight - everyone wants more bucks, but unfortunately it doesn't come to you because you just want bucks and don't want the buck to stop here. To understand this google "Buck Stops here" and read on it. Take it UP & DO IT! Bucks Follow.

7. You can't have it all: Don't believe this statement! It's because others din't want to have it all or couldn't is why they coach you. Just understand - you can have what you want! Just be clear on what you want and plan it with patience how you would get there. Remember, nothing happens without giving it a time-frame and sharing the responsibilities with right set of people.

8. Reward yourself & your teams well: If you don't know how to reward, you just don't know how it feels to work hard and WIN something, may be because you haven't worked hard enough and always relied on other people's efforts or you haven't dreamt much of winning things at all instead you do things because they need to be done. In either case, please leave your business now, because you will be OUT OF IT soon and you won't survive. Better to leave then to get THROWN out, else reward and reward genuinely.

9. Stand up!: Not where you are.. but for SOMETHING. You need to understand what your principles are, what values define you and your business and stand up for them. Compromises are always there, but let those not be the only things in your business.

10. LAUGH, LOVE & LET GO: 3 Ls of Leadership. To end this sexy write-up all I would say is Laugh and Love a lot, it keeps you sane, keeps you happy and returns you enough love, that money definitely can't buy. This in-turn gives you and your team enough power to deliver the same to clients & happy customers are the passionate missionaries you hire without paying them ever, Hire as many as you like costs you nothing but your laughter and LOVE. Fair ENOUGH! Understood it all - What's with this LET GO? Don't bother... Just let go and you will understand...

I am UP for some BIG BUSINESS and I dream to create a business organization that truly speaks of what I have written above. IU is what we are building - you can help us build and we are willing to help you build yours. We love our business and we love yours too! Tell me what business are you doing and if there is anyway IU or I can do something for U - Watch out - WE will be there!!! is my eMail - if you have a thought you wanna share with me or talk to me in person. Just shoot an eMail and let's get this BUSINESS thing TICKING!!!

Sujit Lalwani, Founder & Managing Director, IU.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Over-Rustication leads to Stagnation of Activity of Neurons!

On a fine day you lie down by the window gazing into the sky and don't realize how hours together pass-by till you get hold of your senses only to know it's lunch time already. The food is overly tasty and you can relish the real-taste of it, for you know you have all the time in the world to do it. It suddenly sub-consciously feels like you are on holiday, but that ain't the case. You spend days like this relaxing and giving your body the most deserved rest and mind the space it needs. One day you wake up to realize that you have given yourself a holiday longer than was necessary and relaxed far more than you should have, only to know that "time and tide wait for none" & "time once gone never comes back again!". Either you regret or you don't.

The regret kick-starts the self-leadership mechanism in you and you finally decide that you are going to fight it and not be pushed down by this phase of your life, where you gave yourself the luxury you thought you deserved. After all of self-convincing set of phrases and volumes that you speak to yourself, you are more than convinced that you were right in what you did and that you are now prepared for the geared up phase of your life and that you are going to make up for all that was lost (if any was).

You begin with all the zeal and then work really hard, with all the momentum, that waking up early and going all out to make happen all that you desire. There are no more gossips but just talks on what can make things happen and move ahead. "Progress" is the word and the only one that hits your mind more often than your eyes could blink and lungs could breathe. You are finally owning what was once only in fairy tales - the midas touch. All that you attempt only goes great and you see results and the glory that you dream of and all that you are trying to make up is finally happening and getting closer.

You make glory in tasks after tasks and then comes a moment the energy levels are at peaks and you know you are performing beyond expectations and you are beating every target by margins twice or more and you know that you truly deserve many pats on your back, BUT NO, you are not going to stop because you had already had a long break and you now know that you have to make up for all that was lost to ensure that time feels worth it.

Now there are many paths and many destinations that can open up from this stage of life, majority relax after a few more miles only to repeat the phase mentioned at the on-set of this article and put themselves in the cycle of this article phase 1 - phase 2 - phase 1 - phase 2... and so on. But seldom do they realize each time the phase 1 is getting longer than phase 2. Such people end up in Mediocrity. While for those in whose lives the phase 1 goes shorter each time on the cycle become Winners in Life, pretty successful enough to tell tales to all their family and extended family.

For those in whose lives phase 1 barely comes again apart from the long lasting break of life called childhood, post which they are forever set in momentum and they go on rocking become Living Legends. For those in whose lives phase 1 never comes at all and they keep themselves in phase 2 always and keep rocking, become the historic role-models for living their life in ways rarely anyone could attempt living, they are the ones who love everything they do and just keep walking and truly own the midas touch.

Finally the ones in whose lives phase 2 never comes at all are ones totally unheard of or In some rare cases called quality venture capitalists :) (Who don't over rusticate! They plan & live well. Not all though.)

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

IUY2C Leaders Megha & Moumita Set Waves of Inspiration!

Taking upfront leadership for the initiative IUIndiapreneurship Phase running until Aug 15, 2013 starting from 5th Aug, 2013, Megha & Moumita - the two IU1010 Season 2 leaders have created waves of inspiration across 32 government schools across Karnataka. Majority of the schools covered were from Bangalore and Hassan Districts while they were successful in touching other districts too.

It has been an amazing week for the selected individuals among the many applicants for becoming a part of IU1010Season 2. All these youngsters from Bangalore were on a massive mission of educating the government school children about the lives of freedom fighters who had sacrificed their lives for Indian freedom struggle. With a holiday in the week, and the activity of IUY2Cstarting on Tuesday, these 8 elite enthusiasts had just 4 days to address students in government schools where such topics are seldom spoken about, to drive in the patriotism spirit among the younger lot. Among the 4 teams of two each involved in the activity, there was one team which went on to inspire 6810 children in a matter of just 5 days across 31 organizations/institutions with the help of ten volunteers panning 4 different cities of Karnataka. Megha and Moumita were the young and dynamic leaders of this team which cast the maximum impact.

It was a phase of Indiapreneurship that was being celebrating by team Inspiration Unlimited on the occasion of our 67th Independence Day. Inspiring people to work towards solving the problems of India with simple solutions was the core agenda of Indiapreneurship. Moumita went on to share her feelings about how she felt when she got to know that she could mentor people younger than her. She felt really proud and happy for having done so. Megha shared about the learning she took out of these sessions where she addressed hundreds of budding Indians. They spoke about how the mindsets get formed as we grow up in life and how difficult it is to break mindsets once people grow up. They were overwhelmed to see that students from primary classes were far more enthusiastic in participating and learning when compared to their seniors in schools. Overall, Megha and Moumita expressed their deepest gratitude towards Sujit Lalwani sir for having designed this amazing activity.
It was an exhilarating experience to listen to these young duo sharing their lessons from their experiences. The confidence they had in their eyes of having accomplished the feat of reaching out to so many kids in a matter of just few days and transferring the energetic inspiration with the future of India was exemplifying in itself. It has been a vision of IU to build massively strong leaders among the youth of the globe starting with India. Witnessing such hardworking and high spirited souls like Megha and Moumita has, in fact, enhanced our belief and faith multi-fold that it will not take much time before we see India as a transformed and intelligent youth led developed nation of the globe. 

I extend my warm wishes on behalf of entire team IU for the amazing work that these young-STARS are doing and request them to continue the same with the same zeal and relentless passion.

Monday, May 13, 2013

8 Powerful Guidelines TO Study Better, Focus better, Concentrate better & Live better!

Too many people asking the following, lead me to use blogger's facility of leaving a page online for all those who need the solutions for any of this permanently without me having to re-type the generic things.

1. How do I study better?
2. How do I focus better?
3. Am not able to concentrate better. How can I increase my concentration?
4. I feel, I am not able to remember things better. How can I better my abilities?
5. I feel I am not a good student.
and scores of similar type. (If your question is unattended in this blog, leave a comment here and I shall get back to you!)

First of all, studying is something that has been terribly misunderstood. While, one should be studying to learn something, majority are learning to score better. Scoring better is a goal for sure, in the kind of competitive system we have created to promote talent and better education for people, but, not the only one. One needs to understand that studying is an art just like painting or any other form of art is. It leads to self-discovery and enhancement of the perceptions and elevation of life through better understanding of the world and systems around us.

One should first consciously re-inforce in oneself that studying is for improving the knowledge and level of know-how of the world and it's many streams and not for scoring better alone. Once you have felt and understood this, then your whole focus is not marks and you chase the subject until you understand. Generally, you develop the interest in those things, that you really understand well or interest forces you to develop better understanding, in either case, it's important to develop interest in what one is studying.

We need to break our mind-sets that we like some subjects & some subjects thoroughly bore us. The moment you tell yourself that you do not like something, half your motivation of doing that is killed and the more you do it, the more you lose it. So, when you are doing something do it with deep interest and push yourself to love it.

Once this much is ensured following points would ensure you concentrate better:

1. Avoid Distractions & Stay Focussed: 
Majority of the times, we are very strong at focusing on what we want to do, but then we introduce distractions. When there are less beams in a building that has large spaces, chances of roof coming down are high, which shows division of weight is important. It clearly shows that weight divides itself on to different beams & hence per beam stress levels reduce and hence strength of the building is better(in lay-man terms). So, when you focus on multiple things at the same time, you are dividing your focus on multiple things, hence each item demands HEAVY FOCUS, which is pretty difficult. While, if you attend one thing at a time, then it's much better to stick to what you doing and your efficiency improves. Do not let your friends, family and facebook call you for frequent breaks when you know you are on a serious mission.

2. Avoid Lousy Company:
What kind of a company you keep, determines the type of person you are. Ensure you are in company of people who have zeal and passion to do something in life, and ofcourse who are awesome students, not just because they score well, but they love subjects. Keep their company, become friends, have meetings every week to discuss subjects, spend time discussing and debating topics of subject interest. Avoid, negative people and those that talk negatively about progress and education in life.

3. Sit for continuous hours:
If you never sit for continuous hours, you will never know your ability and will power that you can exercise. At least to know you can do it, ensure you sit for long hours studying and don't move from your study place and be surrounded by what you wish to study and dive deep into it. While a lot of people say that studying longer and for long hours spoils your efficiencies (its true), not having an experience of it at all, is a loss of the experience of exercising your will-power, and at least knowing that you can pull it off with full concentration if you desire or if there is a need. Then switch to shorter durations (1 or 2 hours) and a mild break and then return.

4. Healthy Study environment:
Maintain a healthy study environment. If you cannot keep your study place clean and not love being there, you cannot fall in love with subjects. Imagine a romantic scene in a place full of stinking garbage in the background, quite sad and bad. You wish you never saw that or fell in love ever, if thats where your honeymoon would be. So I hope you understand!!!

5. Keep your goal on mind:
Have a daily target and a set of weekly ones and an overall target where you wish to eventually reach. If you never knew where you wish to be, then you would reach anywhere. Keep targets and stay focussed.

6. Keep away from these things(Reminder!):
Keep your phone away while studying no matter how addicted you are. Stay away from Facebook and other social networking sites till you complete your targets and don't update status in between. Do not let the sound of TV move you towards and please don't tell me you love studying with your ear-phones plugged. You are just reducing your efficiency by a huge margin by doing any of this. Ensure you don't let your pets, neighbors or friends come for walk-in distractions when you are studying.

7. Believe in your abilities:
Remember if people have explored, discovered, invented, created and compiled books, concepts and theories, we just need to study them, so that we can be reasons for creating and inventing tomorrow. Its all possible.

8. Final Tips:
Take power naps, Don't group-study too often, unless it's important, Don't let people build mind-sets about difficulties in studying which are negative, Keep your notes up-to-date, Don't over-engage in just reading, practice skills, remember reading alone does not make you stronger with your concepts, researching does, Keep mind-maps, flow-charts and pocket diaries for quick recalls and Ensure you share what you learn with others (the most effective way of learning is teaching!).

A sound education is a foundation for a sound life. You are a super-star and you can be what you dream of. You will fall in love with your studies and subjects, if you start applying these and read this blog every single day and focus yourself each time your thoughts take you for a walk. Don't expect a MASSIVE improvement in day or a week. Take it step by step but take it seriously and decide to take control of your life and education from here onwards.

If you have questions still unanswered, re-read the blog, sometimes it just fills those gaps that we don't catch generally in the first reading. If you still remain with any. There is unlimited space here you can always drop in your comments. You can also write what you feel like sharing after reading this blog here in the space below for other readers to know how this benefitted you. Share if there is any tip you have for the many readers who might read this. Share the link to your blog on better study techniques (if any) to ensure readers reach you too!

Thank you
Sujit Lalwani
Founder & Director, IU

PS: To buy my book "Life Simplified!" online, just log on to

Thursday, April 18, 2013


There was a dream I once dreamt to celebrate World Inspiration Day every single year. The date was decided to be April 23rd owing to the conception of IU on the same date. Every birthday of IU was celebrated as a day to inspire. But this year on, we are glad to let the world know that we are officially celebrating this day as THE WORLD INSPIRATION DAY, which just leaves me to tears. I know this would never stop from here on in, and create a more inspired world year after year.  

The support from Global Organizations has been huge and promising for me to believe even stronger in the vision of an inspired world!

I wish to see you all join us in this chase towards creating a more inspired world where people wake up to a positive morning each time they go to bed, to create a world where classrooms are full of people with zeal and not of people who are bored to the core, companies have people who are bubbling with innovations and ideas that make this world a better place and not those who reach there to make ends meet, where canteens have gossips around solving issues of society and not gossips of how they could create issues for others, where politics is full of leaders who wish to serve and not think of how much they deserve, where common man is not disgusted and has not given up because he is tired, instead he smiles and attempts to make happen things because he is inspired!!! WELCOME TO INSPIRATION UNLIMITED (IU).

#WID is just a statement to all those negative people out there in the world, that we just need a year a day to ward off their influence in our lives!!!

Sujit Lalwani
Founder & Director, 
Inspiration Unlimited (IU)

Hear it from Horse's Mouth: Mr. Chris Arnold sharing about WORLD MERIT*.

I thank Chris Arnold, the Founder of Your Big Year and World Merit* for sharing these words of wisdom. I also appreciate his generosity and kindness in acknowledging my Visions and visions of IU.

Following is a direct letter from Chris Arnold, Founder of YourBigYear, Smaller Earth & WorldMerit*.

Today, Inspiration is not that difficult to find. Social Media makes great quotes extremely accessible, almost to a point beyond saturation.  The oratory and poetry of great historical figures is being somewhat undermined by the sheer quantity of ‘wise words’ online.

However, though sharing a platform with the common words of ‘Anonymous’ may dent the ego of past poets and political leaders, I say this ‘inspiration clutter’ is a great thing. It has created a modern day peer pressure to be a source or conduit for inspiration. As Anonymous or perhaps a famous poet first said, there is a pressure now to do well but also to do good.

Users of Social Media have already and irreversibly made a commitment to check or judge the actions and values of politicians and corporations. Though that is not always going to be fair in the unfiltered world of places like Facebook or Twitter, the consequence is that all emerging leaders know that they have to be people of value and values. The best of the upcoming generation know that it makes strategic sense to be collaborative, emotionally aware, culturally aware, ‘social’ entrepreneurs.

In the past, because the chance of being ‘found out’ was much lower, leaders were ‘safe’ if standards occasionally dropped lower than the electorate or customer would want. There were only so many news reporters to go around. Compare this to the speed and distance both news and innuendo can travel today. As David Jones, CEO of HAVAS Worldwide and Founder of One Young World says, "People are now empowered by social media to hold business and leaders accountable. So, if you behave in the wrong way – whether you are the head of an Arab Spring country or News International – then people can sanction you. That has taken corporate social responsibility out of the silo and put it in the P&L statement. Business cannot avoid this.”

In my opinion the remarkable effect of Social Media is not the access to information or communication it has provided, but rather the positive change in culture it is inexorably making. Twenty year olds have always been vaunted as idealists and activists, but today I believe it is increasingly more so. The tools are there to collaborate across borders and the desire to be seen to take action and have positive momentum is something for society to harness.

Old people, and by that I mean everyone who has failed to adapt to the current online methods of communication, will latch onto the painfully frivolous uses of social media. They believe that Twitter is about sharing lunch updates; they believe Facebook is simply a source for inanity; they regard the Internet mostly as an efficient delivery system for porn and a way to browse information – like a big virtual library. This view is irrelevant and almost certainly in its final years.

There is Merit Online. That is a useful pun for me as my organization is called World Merit and we have our own online social community, however, I mean it in a more encompassing way. The upcoming generation is grouping together in ways that will absolutely change the world. Yes! There are huge number of superficial online communities, but just look at how many powerful groups are being formed, for example,,, This multi –tasking generation is comfortable with being bombarded with messages that naturally splits its focus. In the same minute it will think about football and famine, pop and poverty, and these groups sit unapologetically next to each other on Facebook and in their consciousness.

So here is my main point. Quotes are unlimited, messaging is unlimited, but because of the actions that the upcoming generations will take and the way that content is easily shared, inspiration is also unlimited.

This has been recognized by my friend, Sujit Lalwani, who happened to be a finalist in the competition that I started a few years back. In YBY2 Sujit beat over 60,000 people from almost every country in the world to become a finalist. He had already recognized the power of his actions on peers and had set up the Inspiration Unlimited initiative, and has now authored his first book with the title ‘Life Simplified!’. Sujit is in his mid twenties and is one of the most motivating emerging leaders I’ve met. The incredible thing is that the ‘Your Big Year’ competition revealed to me the positive power and positive mentality of such a huge proportion of youth. They will not allow the cynicism of the older generations to infect them, but unlike in the past, this is not because of naivety.

They know the problems that face humanity and the planet. They understand the need for change more acutely than ever before. They also know that their approach will be unrecognizably different, more collaborative, and more open, than ever. They are aware of the risks of being subverted or made immobile by sheer weight of input and death by committee, but in the transition of leadership styles, to theirs, they know that they hold the seeds of previously unimagined potential.

Sujit from India, Charles from Uganda, Barbra from the US, Linh from Australia, Sarah from the UK, each one of them knows their responsibilities to make the world a better place. I for one, for the sake of my two children and because it is so much fun, will do everything I can to help them.

Join the Merit community of global citizens and emerging leaders at Also try and become the voice of the upcoming generation by winning our Ambassadorial world trip at If you are in a position of influence please try and support both initiatives and contact me directly. If you are old, and I mean in the definition I laid out earlier (not being literate in the new world’s communication methods) then you are unlikely to have read this note, but if you have, either modernize, or get out of the way of Sujit et al.

Chris Arnold,
Founder, World Merit and Smaller Earth

Friday, March 8, 2013

36Meals.Com Presents EPC - Empty Plate Campaign!

EPC - Empty Plate Campaign

36meals is an NGO which aims at eliminating hunger from the world. We believe in the tagline - "FOOD NOT WASTED IS FOOD CREATED". while having breakfast/lunch/dinner, some people tend to leave a bit of food in their plates. If such left-overs are summed up for a period of 10 days, they can form one complete meal and hence a meal gets wasted. 

The main thing that 36meals advocates for is preventing wastage of food, as we believe that it's a way to contribute towards the lives of those sleeping with the pain of hunger. It's definitely not the sufficient step, but a necessary one for sure. It's not the complete act of being able to do something for them, but definitely the first step. As the chinese saying goes "A journey of 1000 Miles begins with the first step!"

To take this mission forward, we are coming up with a novel campaign called as 'Empty Plate Campaign'. Every individual taking part in this campaign just needs to make sure his/her plate is empty at the end of the meal as shown in the picture. S/he just needs to click a picture of this empty plate and upload it on 36meals FB page or any other social media channels, he or she is a part of.

EPC - Empty Plate Campaign is a very simple concept that aims to make sure there are enough number of empty plates at the end of meals so that no little left-overs are wasted. Only when we consume completely what we gets served on our plates, that we understand how much we can consume.

We have seen time and again, that a lot of people leave food in their plates either because they serve themselves too much, or they dislike the taste. Either of the reasons just lead to wastage of more food and nothing else. Just give a moment of thought to this: While on one side of the world, there are people who have the pleasure of making a choice of type and quantity of food, the other side has neither choices nor food.

Hence, we feel it becomes our moral responsibility, to make sure that we consume right, in order to protect the right to consume, of someone else. It's more than a duty for all of us, to spread this awareness of not wasting food, in every manner we can. EPC is one possible means to SHOUT THIS to the world.

Social media has been a platform to express oneself and connect to the world. Let's use this to spread the awareness for social change. Let's contribute our bit that can save millions from sleeping hungry. Can we count on YOU? We believe - Definitely YES! 

All you have to do is to follow 3 simple steps;
Step 1:- Make sure there are no leftovers on your plate after your meal on 23rd, 24th Of march.
Step 2:- Take a photo of your empty Plate.
Step 3:- Upload the photo on facebook on Page or 
on your Twitter account and tweet to @36meals or any other social media channel you are connected to. 

You can do it for all 4-6 meals (including both 23rd and 24th of March, 2013) or any one of the meals. It's upto you. Are you in?

Then, Let's DO IT! 

(You don't have to wait till the Main dates, you can start posting from today on our page! We will appreciate!)

Sujit Lalwani
President & Managing Trustee, 36meals
Founder & Director, IU

Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Short Glimpse of MY LIFE - LIFE truly Simplified!

A lot of my friends, fans and followers have been asking - Why did I write Life Simplified!? Here it is:

First of all, I look back into my past and realize that I was lost in the tide of life until about my class 10, to score the best marks in the class (among the top 3 at least) and go back home to play cricket for hours together till I tired myself to exhaustion. The days would end watching TV & holidays would get over chatting with relatives, sleeping, playing all the possible games & getting advised from loads of people to study. The most hated time in holidays would always be when I spent it on the books to complete Holiday Home-Work given from school.
With all this happening in my life, the only thing that was ticking away was "Time" and I was absolutely clueless, that the time which was being so warm with me in childhood would suddenly become so cold, the moment I complete my class 10 and then only get more & more cold with me, and not allow me to spend time as casually as I did before, totally away from the books and pressures of life.

It was around this time, that I had to realize, that, all that I studied was not to be forgotten the very next year; all that I learnt was going to be useful to get admitted into a good college/university and all that I thought, something only elders and grown-ups were meant to do, would be on my plate in large amounts very soon. I would have to get disciplined and responsible, something, that was a far-fetched dream for someone like me, who spent his entire childhood as lazily as possibly possible.

It was during my class 11 and 12, I realized unless I loved the subjects, no matter how many hours I sat with them, I wouldn't be able to push a couple of concepts into my neurons, while if I loved what I was doing something magical always ended happening. It started with physics and I realized, it was the same, no matter, which subject I applied that to.

Then came the time, when I was going to a graduation program in NITK Surathkal, one of the premier institutes of my country, and I realized that all that mattered there was, where I got placed. I realized that responsibilities of earning for myself were soon going to come my way. All of a sudden talks about what packages(annual pay packages) people got and where they got placed, were on a hype than ever before. Now, for someone like me, thinking of being placed in one place was a nightmare!!!

I had to understand what was happening in my life and resolve it before I would be left clueless and struggling. I had to figure out where the roots to what was happening in my life, lay.

Meanwhile, I realized, it was getting too late, something that most of the youth experience around that age, and a sudden feeling comes "it's not late!". I felt the same.

I don't know if I got the right direction or not. But I decided I was going to end up as a physicist and thought I will work hard to be the best Mechanical Engineer first, which would eventually lead me to physics. But the bug of placement and earning in life was still around, and the fact that the dreams to live this life in style was always one of my dream, I was driven by these mindsets as well. So suddenly, I was motivated to use all my brain to develop Business ideas, courtesy some of college friends!

When the zeal for business ideas was high, I came across a B-Plan that attracted me, because it seemed to have everything that I asked for - name, fame, money and purpose. I started working part-time for that company and eventually got caught into it's cycle to take it's presentations & seminars to promote. I slowly built a team and realized, that I had to lead more & more people to where I reached, to earn more and help them earn more.

I, being a person who loved helping people grown and get happier, I realized this business was starting to bring in a lot of issues in lives of people who were becoming a part of it. While I started resolving their issues, they seem solved, work increased and teams grew. The problems would arise again & again, I would solve it over and over again. I then started coaching this art of leading, to resolve problems and help others, to my team to empower them. LIFE was all that I could have ever asked for, But slowly without my realization I moved away from Physics.

I later realized that physics was calling me back to it, but having gone deep into Business, I din't want to emerge as a loser, So, then I decided that be it Physics and Business in my life and that's where it all started that I kept physics for last stages of my life (believing that I will live long).

Post My Graduation:
While I got into the cyclic nature of my business, I realized that companies don't grow when the people at top don't focus on changing and developing it fast, at every stage. While my company did that initially, later, due to it's personal reasons it could not continue the valor & speed of change, to keep the adrenaline in the team rushing and gushing. This brought heavy resistance. I battled this resistance, reading the strongest come-back stories, but in vain to develop that business to it's best heights, because patience of many was simultaneously being tested and they were at their most crucial time-frames of their life.

So I realized it would be hard for them all. So, I had to start guiding quite a few to move on in their life, with all the talent up-gradations they got. Again, some could and some could-not. While some blamed me for their flaws in life, others were drowning in the sea of gratitude towards what I had coached & empowered them with. I din't understand what was happening - If I lead all equally genuinely how could such differences arise?

Inspiration Unlimited(IU):
This lead to heavy introspection times and I started Inspiration Unlimited as a company that could provide a platform for those who wanted to still be a part of the team, as it felt homely by then. But then challenges went beyond limits and politics & other company situations lead the whole scenario to heat up to an extent that they thought it was better I din't continue with the plan. My family and my pals were forcing me to discontinue my path in that company and they advised me against it and my calling kept pushing me, to resolve even this, as I was already used to believing that giving up was not my way of life. It was then the toughest call was taken to move on from there & dive deep into Inspiration Unlimited and it's unlimited visions.

I was brought back to square one in my life. Due to multiple things and reasons, I had to discontinue from teh previous platform of life and that disconnected me with the people I was once connected with. But this time I decided it shouldn't take half as much time to build the empire as big as before and here it is. IU today, with it's innumerable wings and projects(social ideas) & entrepreneurial wings stands at a stand point, which is bringing back the empire once lost. I always dreamt of making a heavy difference to the society with the simplest ideas and all IU wings are an example of that. I always believed in inspiring people towards their calling and watch them do wonders and they are doing it today.

It's today that I stand at a stage, where I was once a dud in finances at some point of time and hated it, but love it to the core today courtesy my principle of life I learnt in class 11 and 12, that If you fall in love with anything in your life, you are going shine like none else there. Just believe till the end of it all. My Father and brother have inspired me beyond their imagination in this regard and many other ways.

In the journey I realized the purpose at each stage of life, elevated, changed, transformed but the leader in me just performed every time, how much I demanded of it and I still believe I shall continue to perform from here on in. I realized that it was physics sometime ago, then network marketing business, then entrepreneurship, Inspirational speaking, poetry, writing and many more things today that am passionate about.

What it took of me, to make me reach till here, and what's the juice of my entire journey, is something I look back to conclude, that, it was never easy but always simple. If it could reach the others in simple words, as simple as it was when it happened - It would trigger simply powerful leaders in my country and the world.

Life Simplified!:
This BROUGHT ME to write: "Life Simplified!" in a way, in which, I wish to share the juice of all that I learnt, where I wish to tell you, nobody else but you yourself can take yourself from where you are to where you wish to go. I wrote this book, to share with the world, that complicated heavy content books are something 85% of my country cannot read and feels inferior to, while reading, and so is the state of people in large part of the world.

Hence, I decided to keep this book as simple as possible, to ensure the first feeling a reader gets is "I TOO CAN READ IT completely", the next feeling "WOW! Life is truly simple!", last but not the least, I hope the readers understand and feel eventually: "I am the controller of my destiny! Life IS TRULY SIMPLE but DEFINITELY NOT EASY!!!"

With loads of love
Sujit Lalwani

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dreams, Distractions & Determination!

Just when you start following your dreams, you will often be confused and distracted on the journey by very many things, which you will feel will be more attractive than your original dream or you will be thrown to Square one again and again by the umpteen no of failures that will meet you on the way.

At every step you will be offered with options to choose from, you will be showered with advises from people around you or you will be triggered to change your path(either because people envy you being focused on your dream, or because they feel you are on the wrong path) or you will encounter options by virtue of the property of life to offer options at every stage of life, to confuse us.

Just remember those who made their dreams happen were those who stayed focused on their dream/vision no matter what, until it happened and materialized ignoring or putting up with the obstacles that people around them set up for them.

Take the example of Abraham Lincoln who fought to eliminate racism from America or think of Mahatma Gandhi who fought for the freedom of a billion Indians or think of Thomas Alva Edison who invented bulb, these people ensured they just believed in their vision/dream as though it had already happened and they were only waiting for the final product to come into existence as their imagination had repeatedly shown it to them.

The rejections, failures, resistance, set-backs, lack of resources, discouraging factors all go on to become the elements of taste to the final recipe of success, they add to the galore of the final triumph of your belief over all the factors that once looked convincing enough to result in otherwise.

By the time you read these lines you were already visualizing a few dreams on your mind, a few visions were taking visual form on your mind, they are things you really want to work for. It's time you jot them down, wipe away the dust from them and set an action plan for them and set out on a journey to make them happen.

You can always come back to this page later to ensure you re-orient and remind yourself about this again and again till your dreams are a reality. But for now there is just one thing I want you to know and that is START:

Thank you
Sujit Lalwani
Director & Founder, IU (
President & Founder,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Life Simplified to LIFE BOOK!

There is an element of uncertainty to everything you do. What makes life exciting and unpredictable is this factor. Every time you plan something, and you know where you are heading, life takes it's stand to let you know, what you do not know by showing you a part of the journey that you could have never anticipated on your plan.

What's the title of your LIFE BOOK?
The faster you convert that uncertainty to knowledge, experience and lesson of life, is how quickly pages of life start getting filled and it's the largest volumes written with deep content that become the best sellers after the books are finished. Basically, before you leave the world, you must understand deep and clear that the only way you will survive in this world after you are gone, is through your LIFE BOOK you compile, through your LIFE STORY. If it is worth sharing, it will get shared, but if it ain't your coming and going out will be like a pedestrian on the busiest roads of the world, totally unnoticed and highly lost in the crowd.

It's those that write loads in their LIFE BOOK and make it exciting on every single page, have something worth to pass it on to the next generation of readers. Uncertainty is the spice of life, and the thrill of this brilliant book. When all that you do ends up as failure, your LIFE BOOK can still be a best seller and that's the secret of having lived a life, which doesn't die after you are gone and doesn't fade in events of failure while you lived.

Each of us have a chance to correct ourselves and rectify ourselves, grow and make a mark through every act of ours, while some of us choose to exercise the power given to us to write our LIFE BOOK, the rest of us are too lazy to pick up the pen and write this much, just like the many exams in schools/colleges we wrote. A short book too can be powerful and worth sharing as long as it's got the element of twists, is spicy and has the taste that can leave your mouth watering for more.

While Anne Frank is an example of one a short story, you could also be Mother theresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Isaac Newton, Hitler or for that matter Sachin, Michael Jackson or Tom Cruise. Your story is yours write and no other person can ever write your book. They can be a part of a few pages of your book while they are writing their own, but never write your complete book.

So time to look back into your life and re-read all that you have written and introspect if your STORY is worth sharing, if your dish is tasty enough to make someone drool for more, if your LIFE is a message strong enough to be forwarded to generations to come. If yes, make it deeper and stronger, If no, you still have time. I truly thank you, for spending your time reading this blog and making this little time a part of one your pages of your LIFE BOOK. While I hope this simplifies your life LIFE SIMPLIFIED! also will.

Thank you