Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sujit Lalwani in the FINALs of YOUR BIG YEAR Competition. INDIAN One YOUNG WORLD Ambassador to GO GLOBAL! VOTE!!!

(The greatest support you all can be is to be pass this note as many as you can! Thanks a TON for the support. Do post it on your facebook wall as well)

I am glad to share this with you, that I am giving my best to follow the footsteps of people who have brought Glory, fame & name humanity all over the globe. I am on the path to add feathers to the cap of Humanity & my Nation.

I have my way of doing it and have already done some sizable work from my side, as I now turn 25 in about a couple of months. MY biography is available for download at

Currently I am participating in a GLOBAL COMPETITION called YOUR BIG YEAR. A competition which has gained overnight recognition from the BEST & ELITE of the WORLD. The winners of this would be awarded a prize of travel to 22 countries covering 5 continents. The COMPANY Smaller Earth ( engages in this. The winner is given an experience of leadership through experience, which shall set his momentum for the rest of the life.

Last Year's winner was MICHAEL TEOH from MALAYSIA. You can google him out, to see what he has gone on to become today. As the turn comes this year, It's a matter of pride & prestige to know that an INDIAN Sujit Lalwani (You can google me out as well) Ranks amongst the only chosen 111 Stage 2 finalists. Now 51 of them are competing for TOP position which would be through a procedure of voting.

The winner in this would attend the GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONGRESS in LIVERPOOL. ( Which is expected to be attended by top brass of the world.

One chance for us to shine on the GLOBE. The voting procedure is simple & given in simple steps on

The procedure is as listed below:
Step 1: Log on to facebook account. Step 2: (visit & LIKE)
Step 3: Click
Step 4: Search for VIDEO #5 (in the search box) & VOTE!!!

Or Visit the event page: & catch the details.

It's this Simple.

Absolutely no time would be required for this and no efforts either. It would indeed help us bring the feather to the INDIAN CAP. I recommend you to oblige in support towards this.

Hours together go for watching a cricket match, Hours together are invested for movies, But all this needs is a few minutes of time and a couple of clicks.

(PS: I would do my best to return the favour of support of any organisation (though it is not a favor and a duty in fact) by listing the supporting companies on my Facebook pages & websites and a separate website that plans to launch as soon as I am declared a winner. On as well as my BLOG )

(Also publish a separate page listing all the supporting companies (page 3 after editors note) in INSPiRATION UNLIMITED eMagazine which has readers from across 20 countries now and writers from 12 ( to subscribe)
Some of my Achievements:

*One Young World Ambassador from INDIA.

*Founder & Chairman, Inspiration unlimited(

*Awarded as Youngster for HIGH Service to society by LIONs Club.

*Founder of Internationally Growing Social Initiative (

*Founder of All Positive, No gossips - "Inspiration Unlimited" eMagazine.

*Your Big Year Stage 2 Finalist

* Founder of IUNewsPaperBag Project(Brain-Child of Surendra Ayer)
[ |]

*Founder of IU Youth 2 Children Project []

*Best Speaker Award winner at National Convention in 2007 (20,000+ people).

*Interviewed by & featured in Suvarna, TV9, Times of India, V4, Rajasthan Patrika, Times Of India, e-naadu & many others
( )

*Invited as VVIP, Chief Guests, Judge and dignitary for various events around the city.

*Has trained & inspired more than 1 Million Lives through his leadership session and awe-inspiring speeches.
Connect with me online:

Search Sujit Lalwani on for videos!

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

This BLOG is dedicated to the Brilliant Global Platform YOUR BIG YEAR!!! - A Smaller Earth Initiative! All of you must repost this on all your BLOGs!!!

[Before you read further - We are glad to inform that SUJIT LALWANI is in the finals of YOUR BIG YEAR. Once you are done reading do vote and share the links on your pages to support him win! To vote visit]

I am indeed glad to share that I am a finalist amongst TOP-111 around the world, and the feeling is beyond the world, inexplicable by all means. The platform is unique and the prize is life transforming indeed. For people with a global vision and a vision to change their nation and the world, through their actions, this can act as a nitrogen booster!!!

I am working towards winning this competition and want many more people to participate in this next year and prove their worth. I feel proud to share all the information about this platform with you all!
The Your Big Year Competition brings a large number of talented people from all over the world to compete on a common platform and the final 12 get to attend the Global Entrepreneurship Congress this year at Liverpool in March 2012.The prize is a life changing experience, which involves exploring countries and cultures, meeting World Leaders, innovators, and inspirational entrepreneurs, executing projects in different parts of the world.

"Last Year’s finalists were so incredibly impressive and showed how people from different countries can work together to make things happen. They had a hugely positive impact on me and I am now expecting this year’s competitors to do the same. There are many ways to make positive impact and the most important thing is to try and do so at every opportu-nity."

Chris Arnold is the founder! Chris’s professional experience is in leading and developing Businesses. An entrepreneurial spirit has put him in a position of Director in a number of com-panies and he has a motivational style of leadership. His increasing success & experience has provided him with the chance to acquire new skills, like guest speaker, and he has also become part of a number of steering groups and boards for regional and international organizations. Amongst others, these have included being Chair of the Further Education Enterprise Hubs Project, being on the Regional Board of the National Enterprise Academy, and now being on the Steering Group for the 2012 Global Entrepreneurship Congress - to be held in Liverpool!

His first goal however is to aggressively integrate cul-tural exchange and travel into education, citizenship and personal development. For Chris, traveling with a purpose and with the idea of giving something to an unfamiliar community is the best route to accelerated learning. He also clearly has a passion for facilitating entrepreneurship, as shown by some of the specific boards and steering groups he has worked on.

This year the YBY global festival is happening at Li-verpool in the month of March. Liverpool Vision is the city of Liverpool’s economic development com-pany. It was established at a critical stage in the city’s urban and economic renaissance. Now the company is enabling Liverpool to complete and accelerate the considerable economic recovery and growth we have witnessed over the last decade. They are focused on building a strong, sustainable economy that can com-pete more effectively in international markets than ever before.

Friends, I am really glad to share all this with you, and dream to make it to the finals of this and bring back loads of knowledge and experience for you all!

Sujit Lalwani

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Inspiration Unlimited!

It's been long friends since I wanted to share with you all, about our Venture and platform Inspiration Unlimited. Just covering this write up about the same.

Inspiration Unlimited is a vision, founded as an answer to the present scenario in the world. The need for training is higher than ever in every manner. Values have to be restored. This time the felicitous process is hammering. The values need to be hammered into masses & potentials incarcerated inside need to be brought out. The masses stand in need of training in some or the other form, right from school level to the level of CEOs.

As is rightly said, Any & every form of success has its root in training and then success stems from execution. IU believes in passing the right training in every arena of life, from personal development, to mental abilities, to staff training, to self motivation, to leadership, to sales training, to art of relationships, to training for teachers, to better parenting & lots more.

IU is backed up by the founder's profound experience of dealing with people from different occupation, places, age groups & different intellect levels. People eulogize his training & the kind of change it brings about in the participants. He has a spark in his speech that can bring a dead man alive. He has a practical approach & is not a speaker or trainer who has emerged from mere reading of a few books, as you find many such individuals in the market today.

Our vision is to empower masses to follow their heart & experience life of full potential. We envision to help everyone live, not just exist. We also believe in seeing a better world with human race in greater levels of harmony by converting peer pressure into peer pleasure.

We have forayed into Events management under the banner LIVEWIRE; and into hand-made greetings under the banner of Aaslesha. All details are available on the following web links.

To avoid confusions and so that you are able to reach us right here are some links on web: | | |

Our magazine links:

Our Social Initiatives (each one would be covered in other blogs): |

To join us as a speaker or marketing executives from your city, district, state or country. Mail us at and we shall take things further!

Thank you. Hope it helps all those who wanted to know more about about IU.

Sujit lalwani.

Saturday, October 15, 2011


"I wish I could also do that..","I wish I could buy that..","I wish I could be working in that company..","I wish I could go to gym everyday..","I wish I had a dress like that..","I wish I could start my own blog..","How I wish people followed my twitter account as well..".. etc.

Many more such statements are a common set of words, which I hear from a number of people around and the whole purpose why I set up the vision Inspiration Unlimited was to uproot those reasons why the above statements are written like a wish and not like statements that express joy of having done it.

Through this platform of taking a lot of inspirational talks for lots of people, I met lot of people who even expressed: "I also wish to become a speaker like you..". My immediate answer would be a question: "who is stopping you?". A blank expression, an embarrassed face, a sad feeling, a question mark, state of confusion or others of this like are common results of this question of mine.

My answer to this question. You yourself, have been the reason to stop yourself. Most people come to me with an answer: "But, I do not know what it takes to make it big!",""But, I do not know what it takes to setup and grow!" etc.

If you know there is something that is stopping you: Lack of knowledge about something, Lack of interest, Lack of funds, Lack of right guidance, Lack of time(I dont and will never trust this one), Lack of motivation etc. The best part is your problem is solved. At least you know what is stopping you, the only thing remaining is to fight it and win it and take the steps towards making things happen.

There must be something that is already coming to your mind while reading this article, that you have not done in a long time now. THAT is the thing I am talking about friend. That thing needs your attention. That's the route to your happiness, at least if not happiness, a definite route to reducing sadness, dullness and regrets in your life of not having been able to do things.

I come with a simple solution for you:

Step 1: Sit down and write it as clearly as possible of what is that you intend to do.
Step 2: Write why would you want to do that?
Step 3: Where do you want to take it in the next 5 years.
Step 4: What all do you need to set this up? (In case you do not know the answer to this: Google it out or email me:
Step 5: What is your target for 1st month of starting what you would be and what is your target for first 3 months.

(Remember friends: It could be anything, that you would START: a hobby, a profession, a habit, a book that you always wanted to read, learning something(an instrument, or skill) etc.)

The above steps should not take more than 1-2hours. So here I take leave, requesting you to start something RIGHT NOW, that you have not done in a while now. I Conclude!

Your time starts now to start your one thing that you were thinking all along during the reading of this article. ANYTHING. Once you start it, share it with your friends(encouraging ones initially). Make a shout on twitter, Facebook and everywhere possible, and ofcourse, Do drop in a comment of what you started. I am eager to learn about you! Thank you.

______________________________________________________ | | | | | | |
Published & Managed by Sujit Lalwani. All rights Reserved. © 2011.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspirational Quotes!

Random Inspiration!

"Once in a while, it hits people, that they don't have to experience the world, in the way they have been told to" ~ Alan Keightley

"No trumpets are blown, when we make important decisions of our life." ~ Agnes De Mille

"All we can ask for in our lives is that perhaps we can make a difference in someone else's" ~ lillian Davis, Founder, Ivymount School.

"One can do anything, anything at all, if provided with a passionate & a gifted teacher!" ~ Pat conroy!

"Today is the day that belongs to you, tomorrow is but an illusion!" ~

"Choose one: dreams die before you do, or you die in the pursuit of your dreams!"

Keep the fire on, Stay inspired! Keep rocking & Make a difference!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Together they make a great lesson!

Each of us go through times when we need to prove ourself, justify ourself, convince others we are right or something similar. We have also gone through times, when we have, with pure intentions, done all good for people and under covers of situational apperances and misunderstandings we are back stabbed. We have all seen people who seem to be really busy and with no absolute time at all (as per their claims), but they seem to have all the time in the world to speak rubbish about others (in more crude terms bitch about others).

At some or the other point of our life, career or growth chart we are bound to encounter such instances when some of the above happen to us. So let's be mentally prepared and have our purpose clear. Let's make a few of the lines below as our thumbrules and live better!

(They are few of my facebook updates: Together they make a great lesson! (hence, the title))

1. All have weaknesses! So before you point your fingers at someone else's flaws look into yourself and you will realise - "lifetime is too short to correct yourself"! Happy Self-Leadership! :)

2. JUSTIFICATION is the weapon for people, who are weak in their deeds!

3. When we spend time justifying who we are, we lose time from the task of creating who we could be. So lets not believe in justifying ourselves. Let our deeds do it for us. God knows the truth.

4. Scores of people ask me, why do I never hate people. My logic is simple - in this short life (assuming life span: 65 yrs) of 23,741 days, APPROX 2/3rds of days will be lost in sleeping and other redundant reasons.

Rest what remains - approx. 7300 days, means a lot to me and I believe is a real short time with big visions to be accomplished and lots of close, semi close and not so close people to be loved...:) why lose time hating people. GOD IS THERE NO!

5. At all stages you will meet loads of people, who will back stab you. Even amazing are the people, who will stab you in the face. So what, get up and keep walking. After all thats life. Back stabbing is seasonal, if it starts, it has an end as well. Life is permanent. Love all, live tall.

6. Off late people have been asking me, why dont you talk negative about people who talk negative about you. My answer: Why waste time doing something which someone else is doing it. Lets do something else and that which is more positive!!! :):) What say guys?

Note: These are applicable under circumstances, when you know your intentions, your deeds have been pure and good.

Let's talk positive: Do you have time to justify yourself to otherwise people(not so wise)? Do you have time to hate backstabbers?(forgive and forget, newly - forgive, but dont forget) In case you have time for all this, then for sure you have small dreams and small purposes in your life. Kindly make changes now. For, LIFE IS ONCE!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


Friends we just have two eyes, and both cannot look in two different directions at the same time. IF you are looking back at your life all the time, it clearly means you are not looking ahead.

What further justification is required to address the issue in your life, if you are not moving ahead, it is likely you are not looking in that direction. The whole irony of life is - "No matter in which direction you look, LIFE MOVES AHEAD!"

So my dear readers, through this short blog - I want to urge you all to think ahead, plan your future, foray into the unkonwn and yet to be fathomed depths of your life. You Glory & a mind blowing story lie ahead of you.

Dear readers, MOVE ON!

Don't cling on to the same broken log of wood forever! Evergreen forests are waiting for you...!!!

Discover the beauty that lies ahead of you, rather invent it!

Program yourself:
for (i=birth)
Look ahead!

If this one pricked you, you know the answer. You have been hanging on to your past, and blaming all for your pain. Time to catch hold of your senses and tune them to look ahead only!

If it didnt, Share it on your wall, let it prick the ones whom it needs to. For, Life is ahead in future. Whats done is past. It's DONE!

Carry the good from your past & the lessons & MOVE ON!!!

"Pain is Permanent". (It just changes from one form to another)

We are all in search of lives where we are looking forward to live life, that can be without pain & full of pleasure.

We are all in continuous efforts, to reduce pain and at number of occasions, even blaming god for the kind of painful lives he has given to us. Man is an animal who passes justifications of his convenience and hence finds himself in misery all the time.

If only, we stopped justifying out of convenience and started accepting few things as given truths and that we have to live them, by chance & with no choice, we would be more happier. After all, thats the ultimate goal of life. (ultimate is higher above, but for our earthly existence, happiness is peaks of glorious life.)

We blame situations, circumstances and people for our painful situations of life, for the pain we need to go through. But we seldom realise what is that pain all about?

The pain we exclaim and crib about, is nothing but, a certain set of expectations gathered during the journey of life, from the surrounding we groomed ourselves in, from the people around us, whom we relentlessly, without choice observed making choices, and hence took an emoitional growth of our own.

Felt pain, for what pain meant to them, felt joy for what meant joy to them. As we grew, we thought we were gathering our own wisdom, and learning to build our own value system of pain, pleasure and happiness (PPH).

But eventually the viscious circle didnt leave us there. Seldom were we found not caught in the PPH arena of emotions.

Pain is totally subjective. A situation of pain to someone, is a situation of joy or challenge for someone else.

I urge my readers to introspect about things that are causing you pain, list them down and do the following:
1. Ignore some, which are irrelevant.
2. Accept few which cannot be changed.
3. Take action for which immediate rectification is possible.
4. Cut expectations and set a belief system.
(for more differences on belief and expectation read my blog: A very thin line between Expectation & Belief.)
5. Stop focussing on the word pain. Believe - it's all the plan of god.
6. Last but not the least: "PATIENCE & FAITH".

(expecting to solve all your problems and be sure of applying the above written things in one shot or after one reading is yet another pain)

"Hope to see you free of pain in life". Be allergic to this statement, for this is false. None is free of pain. It's just that you apply the above six things and convert pain into gain and happiness. Pain is permanent. It just changes form, either changes to pleasure with perception or converts itself into another form of pain.

So, my dear readers, God bless you all with the strength & wisdom to deal with your pain in the right manner.

(c) copyrights, 2011. Original content. Published by Sujit Lalwani.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The "Done List" counts!

It's a common sight, that people are busy thinking, planning & imagining. But my dear friends, at the end of the day, what really counts is how much has been done, not how much was thought over.

When we leave this planet earth and meet the almighty (if this is true) the things that we would be rewarded for, are not how well & how much we thought or how well & how much we imagined. We would rather be awarded for how well and how much we did.

It's yet another common occurence, that we hear people speak words/phrases like: "I also thought the same", "In fact, I had the same idea.","I was just going to do that.", "I had almost thought the same thing","I had a better plan"... All in vain. One who does, DOES IT & DESERVES IT!

Thinkers are blinkers. They are confused thats why they do not take steps further. It's true that thinking and planning is the foundation for any action. But, remember the objective of the foundation is to hold the building, not exist for/by itself. ~ Sujit Lalwani

So my dear readers, I am aware that your mind is a storehouse of thoughts/ideas/imaginations. Put the resource in place, work out your plan and make a start. Run time issues, requirements & problems can be understood, corrected and solved only if you start running.

First idea, second idea, third one - all in a row can be utter failures and you might be told and made to feel that you aint capable. Rememeber the fourth one could be the breakthrough you were looking for and majority of the times, that is the case. So let today be the day when you start. In fact, RIGHT NOW!

GET, SET... GO!!!

PS: Drop in your idea/plan/plan of action in the comments column. If am of help, I shall surely do the needful.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Once In A While!

Once in a while. I come to blogger to find myself, out of topics to write, I ponder, I think, I wonder, I introspect, But I find nothing that hits my head hard, that I can blog about. I decide, I can be different once in a while. I can write anything that comes to my mind. I can just pour my words down here, to let my readers, I am feeling that am out of topics for today.

Just then it strikes my mind, this itself is a worthy topic I can write about. This itself has vastness that eyes, not so normal, can gauge. I commence with an abruptly initiated thought and as i proceed, I am surprised at myself, to find myself having perfectly aligned thoughts - aligned so well - that I know I can write an entire chapter for a book.

Just then, I conclude, that It's always just a start that you need. No matter, how abrupt you begin, how under prepared you are, how less skilled/talented you are. Just begin.

Just begin, With a determination to make it to perfection, to achieve an end goal on mind, to do something that lasts after you. You will see you would have forgotten where & how you started and find yourself in a list of perfectionists before late. I have just started my life, with an abrupt state of success and with arbitrary beginning and ideas.

I am very sure, the time is'nt too far, when my ideas, visions and goals will be perfectly aligned and I will count myself in the list of perfectionists and achievers! It is an abrupt beginning, but what counts is where I take it before I meet the end. I am glad I HAVE STARTED!

As a great leader once said: "It all started small, including the Universe!"

Another leader happened to quote - "The First step to making it big, is to start dreaming! The second is to start doing! The third is to shout: "I HAVE DONE IT" Because you would have!"

Fact is: "If it can manifest on your mind, it can in reality" ~ Sujit Lalwani

Sunday, March 6, 2011

YOU decide the TITLE!

It has been quite sometime since I brought myself to this page, to write down something that will express what I think & feel and eventually help my readers gain some insight into principles of life & install a few extra feathers into the wings of wisdom...

May be what caused the delay itself was the cause for upgradation of software on my head, to be able to bring something totally deep & fresh. The wisdom this post brings along friends might be something you may not expect from an inspirational blog like mine, but I believe a true inspirational article is one that prepares you for hard times than just give you faith over winning the easy ones.

This blog is an output of the most challenging & demanding time of my life, on the personal & professional front, & I triumphed over it. Success is not just the story you tell on the professional front. Unless your personal side of the story is filled with love, care, friends & family, the success seems to be hollow & loneliness seems to follow. The biography might sound exciting, thrilling & inspirational to read, but autobiography showing the reality of your feelings will include a chapter, not just a page, to tell a tale how lonely the man was when he reached the top.

Hence it is essential to strike the balance in life on the personal & professional front. You need a friend who comforts you, that family which supports you like a floor, pillar, walls, ceiling & a wing (as per your requirement), that special someone of your life - your spouse or yet to be, those colleagues who just love to work with you and your mentors who would love to guide you looking at your commitment levels. You NEED all of them. It is quite important to build attitudes and time schedules which can cater to them all. Majority cannot prioritise and hence their stories impact a smaller part of the world. People who fight hard to strike this balance, fail miserably a number of times, but eventually when they come out glorious have life stories which can lead generations to come.

But amidst all these efforts of yours, trying hard to strike balance between love for work, love for family, friends, hobbies, passions & other things, there are phases which can cruel, hard, devastating & very unexpected, which set things off track for you in one shot.

Imagine changing the orbit of the earth in a blink of the eye, it would simply mean different calendar, different schedules for day & night, different types of weather cycles, climatic conditions etc. May be all of it may mean a planet with no life at all. But the challenge is to still be full of life even when the orbit has been changed & achieving that is the highest state of leadership. Some incidents of your life, may throw you into an orbit, that may leave you lifeless & barren, but it is then that the lesson in this blog should come back to your mind, & you should be able to tell yourself that there is hope, Simply because You are not a planet!!!

Sit down with yourself, put down all that's worth living for still, all those who still love you, no matter how much they do, all those people who still expect from you, all those things still worth fighting for, all those dreams yet unfulfilled & believe me these seeds sown on the land with changed conditions shall bring a new era of plantations & vegetation, new life, new atmospheric conditions & color shall seem to everywhere once again. Never the same as before but yet bright & beautiful. As once the young inspirational speaker, Sujit Lalwani quoted in one of his talks "The purpose of life is not to keep repeating history, The purpose is to keep creating history"

To conclude I summarise it simply - "everything is not under our control but choosing to react to every situtation with a heart that is crying or with a heart that is still trying is definitely under our control."

I request my reader to title this blog, because I believe it is something that reflects each of your stories and hence I could not name it "My life". Its OUR LIFE rather I would name it - just "LIFE". Waiting to read the titles you give to this one!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Day Before Yesterday!

It was just day before yesterday, to today, that is 18.01.2011. I wake up early around 7am, when I have slept pretty late the night before that. I wake up to realise, I just 25 more days to go before I turn 24, & as per my expectations I have loads to do, before I turn 24, to be able to look back in pride at my life.

I push myself hard. Switch on my new LENOVO Y560 laptop (4GB Ram, 2.5GB dedicated graphics card(PHEW!!! WHOA!!!), 500GB Hard Disk, Core i5 Processor, windows 7, 2.5GHz processor speed) & am awed by the feature which my previous laptop never had - the sticky notes. I just love them. I used to have them all over my table before. This time I had them all over my laptop home screen.

I realised, I had too many TO-DO lists on my home screen of the laptop. I realised I needed a separate to-do list for all to-do lists. There were whopping 160+ things to be completed, pretty sizeable in nature of tasks. Unbelievable multi-tasking, management including delegation, monitoring, doing things & getting things done. Prioritizing, accomplishing, co-ordinating, adjusting, handling, cancelling, scheduling, rescheduling, promoting, pushing, doing, getting it done, communicating, calling, typing, organising, updating, searching etc..

As I continued with the work, with my ear phones on, throughout the day, till afternoon and early evening till 4pm, I had continuous calls with associates all across. Calls, e-Mails, writing, reading, analysing, deciding, delegating... WHOA!!!

I just didnt want to lose focus at any point & kept myself reminded of the lists on the screen. As the day went by, the done list got longer and to-do seemed firm in length. Continuing the momentum, I just realised by the end of the day, which quite late in the night or rather early next day morning (close to 4.30 am - as it's almost going to be again tonight)I had completed 142 simple, medium & large size tasks!

A great day with supreme satisfaction & sleep with utmost peace & highly sound in nature was something I deserved as the day folded up. When I looked back over it in the reverse chronological order, I just realised & felt, if one day could add so much meaning to life, imagine what 27 days that remained before I turn 24 could do. And most surprisingly amidst all this, I did care to spend time on "FFF - friends, family & facebook. ~ Sujit Lalwani" :):):)

I recommend you all, to look into your days, weeks and months & see what can make you add more meaning to life. For, it's only together that we can bring in order, peace & harmony into this world, which is on the track of complete chaos, crime, disorder, disharmony & de-energized spirits...

TIDBIT: "you can be very successful if you just keep a track of -
"what to do & whats your TO-DO!" " ~ Sujit Lalwani

How was your day today? Does this blog have the power to influence your day today, tomorrow & many more days to come tomorrow...?

11 Powerful Lines For 2011!!!

Some selected quotes on my blog, after a long time. One blog dedicated to just quotes:

1. People say, people can't change. I think a better version is: "people can change. It's just easier for them not to"

2. You never know how strong you are, until being strong is the only option left!

3. Life is too short to stress up with people who don't deserve to be in your life.

4. The bad news is that time flies. The good news is that you are the pilot.

5. Pay no attention to what people say. Pay very close attention to what people do.

6. Never underestimate people, For, everyone is given something that other people don't have.

7. We all die. The goal isn't living forever. The goal is to create something that will.

8. Lose your pride, Lose your patience, Lose your mind. But whatever the case maybe, NEVER LOSE HOPE!

9. Sometimes what holds you together & what tears you apart are the SAME things!

10. Every tear has it's reason, Every smile has a season!

11. SMILE!!! Let everyone know you are a lot stronger than you were yesterday!

I truly Hope these 11 lines make your 11th year of this millenium a super hit!!!

Which one striked you the most? Please comment!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

A very happy & a prosperous new year to all my folks! As 2011 dawns upon our lives, as it brings new dates that our calendar had never seen before, it's time for us to tighten our seat belts & prepare ourselves for a journey to touch apex of performance in every dimension we venture into.

"Life of Purpose is the purpose of life" A great philosopher once quoted. I truly believe those of you have come across the purpose instinct for your life, Move ahead on the path without re-thinking your plans. Believe me everything you want shall unfold. "Those who chased castles, died without discovering the purpose of their life, Those who chased purpose in life, built castles in reality..."

May your year 2011 bring you closer to the purpose of your life. I earnestly urge my readers, to resolve ardently to walk with faith on the path of purpose, than to dithyrambically walk on the path of temporary joys & pleasures!

Look back into your last year, recall all the times, when you were told you cant do something, this new year challenge yourself & decide that you will prove them wrong. Recall the times, when you felt you were not upto the mark for the task at hand, it's time to rise up to the level you demand yourself to be at & gather adulations. Recall the times when you were bogged down because of pressures due to multiple things you were supposed to do, you either mismanaged or gave up, this new year, decide to make it look like a child's play & win each time you need to play.

Recall the times, when you were hurt, ill-treated, rejected, ignored.. this new year decide, to forget it all & love yourself to the core & believe that you are the best. Recall the times, when you tried & failed in every attempt you made, this new year decide you will try until you succeed relentlessly yet again with new enthusiasm & stand as a testimonial for phoenix.

Recall the times when your freedom was not yours and you chose to surrender and compromise, decide to stand up for what you want and voice out your opinion & achieve all that you could not this new year.(courtesy: demolition of fencing!)

Recall the good times you have had with your family, friends, colleagues, teachers or yourself, & decide to cherish them today, tomorrow & forever. Recall all the people who made a difference in your life, & decide to have the attitude of gratitude & be willing to walk the extra mile if they ever need you. Decide, to make them feel special whenever time permits.

Last but not the least, recall the times you were happy & rejoicing & decide to relive such moments time & again this year, be it in times of misfortune, pain & grief or in times of prosperity, success & happiness...

All in all, I take this chance through this medium of communication, to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!

(TIDBIT: Lastly Recall the times when you read great articles & you failed to comment & forward it to any of your friends, this new year decide & place your comments for every article you read, & forward all great articles you read, to all those whom you care for. You Got My POINT?).