Sunday, March 6, 2011

YOU decide the TITLE!

It has been quite sometime since I brought myself to this page, to write down something that will express what I think & feel and eventually help my readers gain some insight into principles of life & install a few extra feathers into the wings of wisdom...

May be what caused the delay itself was the cause for upgradation of software on my head, to be able to bring something totally deep & fresh. The wisdom this post brings along friends might be something you may not expect from an inspirational blog like mine, but I believe a true inspirational article is one that prepares you for hard times than just give you faith over winning the easy ones.

This blog is an output of the most challenging & demanding time of my life, on the personal & professional front, & I triumphed over it. Success is not just the story you tell on the professional front. Unless your personal side of the story is filled with love, care, friends & family, the success seems to be hollow & loneliness seems to follow. The biography might sound exciting, thrilling & inspirational to read, but autobiography showing the reality of your feelings will include a chapter, not just a page, to tell a tale how lonely the man was when he reached the top.

Hence it is essential to strike the balance in life on the personal & professional front. You need a friend who comforts you, that family which supports you like a floor, pillar, walls, ceiling & a wing (as per your requirement), that special someone of your life - your spouse or yet to be, those colleagues who just love to work with you and your mentors who would love to guide you looking at your commitment levels. You NEED all of them. It is quite important to build attitudes and time schedules which can cater to them all. Majority cannot prioritise and hence their stories impact a smaller part of the world. People who fight hard to strike this balance, fail miserably a number of times, but eventually when they come out glorious have life stories which can lead generations to come.

But amidst all these efforts of yours, trying hard to strike balance between love for work, love for family, friends, hobbies, passions & other things, there are phases which can cruel, hard, devastating & very unexpected, which set things off track for you in one shot.

Imagine changing the orbit of the earth in a blink of the eye, it would simply mean different calendar, different schedules for day & night, different types of weather cycles, climatic conditions etc. May be all of it may mean a planet with no life at all. But the challenge is to still be full of life even when the orbit has been changed & achieving that is the highest state of leadership. Some incidents of your life, may throw you into an orbit, that may leave you lifeless & barren, but it is then that the lesson in this blog should come back to your mind, & you should be able to tell yourself that there is hope, Simply because You are not a planet!!!

Sit down with yourself, put down all that's worth living for still, all those who still love you, no matter how much they do, all those people who still expect from you, all those things still worth fighting for, all those dreams yet unfulfilled & believe me these seeds sown on the land with changed conditions shall bring a new era of plantations & vegetation, new life, new atmospheric conditions & color shall seem to everywhere once again. Never the same as before but yet bright & beautiful. As once the young inspirational speaker, Sujit Lalwani quoted in one of his talks "The purpose of life is not to keep repeating history, The purpose is to keep creating history"

To conclude I summarise it simply - "everything is not under our control but choosing to react to every situtation with a heart that is crying or with a heart that is still trying is definitely under our control."

I request my reader to title this blog, because I believe it is something that reflects each of your stories and hence I could not name it "My life". Its OUR LIFE rather I would name it - just "LIFE". Waiting to read the titles you give to this one!