Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Once In A While!

Once in a while. I come to blogger to find myself, out of topics to write, I ponder, I think, I wonder, I introspect, But I find nothing that hits my head hard, that I can blog about. I decide, I can be different once in a while. I can write anything that comes to my mind. I can just pour my words down here, to let my readers, I am feeling that am out of topics for today.

Just then it strikes my mind, this itself is a worthy topic I can write about. This itself has vastness that eyes, not so normal, can gauge. I commence with an abruptly initiated thought and as i proceed, I am surprised at myself, to find myself having perfectly aligned thoughts - aligned so well - that I know I can write an entire chapter for a book.

Just then, I conclude, that It's always just a start that you need. No matter, how abrupt you begin, how under prepared you are, how less skilled/talented you are. Just begin.

Just begin, With a determination to make it to perfection, to achieve an end goal on mind, to do something that lasts after you. You will see you would have forgotten where & how you started and find yourself in a list of perfectionists before late. I have just started my life, with an abrupt state of success and with arbitrary beginning and ideas.

I am very sure, the time is'nt too far, when my ideas, visions and goals will be perfectly aligned and I will count myself in the list of perfectionists and achievers! It is an abrupt beginning, but what counts is where I take it before I meet the end. I am glad I HAVE STARTED!

As a great leader once said: "It all started small, including the Universe!"

Another leader happened to quote - "The First step to making it big, is to start dreaming! The second is to start doing! The third is to shout: "I HAVE DONE IT" Because you would have!"

Fact is: "If it can manifest on your mind, it can in reality" ~ Sujit Lalwani