Tuesday, October 12, 2010

"Subjects Of Insanity!" (Another favourite composition of mine)

I have spent studying not less than 16 years
But, to the teachers, rarely gave my ears
The Subjects taught did seem to have some clarity
But the things taught, to me were subjects of insanity

Maps and maps I had learnt in geography
But even today, I don’t know the roads of my own city
Volumes and volumes of history, on my brain, I had sown
Just to realize, in the process, I had forgotten my own
My favourites math, eco and stats, to learn’em deep, I chose
But to this day, no track I have, where my money goes

In the ocean of science, to become a scientist, I had drowned
To discover the extents of universe, not stars, but much beyond
In the race to discover the unexplored, I ran
The universe lay within me, the study of which I never began

They taught a lot of principles in the science of moral
But all of them, in reality, seemed an obsolete model
I had learnt the process of government, in the subject of civics
But realized in the real world, it was all just politics

I learnt and learnt, but between what I had learnt and what it is
There seemed to be existing no clarity
I was taught everything, but never taught what reality is
That’s why to me they are subjects of insanity.
That’s why to me they were subjects of insanity….

--- Sujit Lalwani

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Computer literacy camp to teach 40 orphans on Gandhi Jayanthi! May more of us take inspiration from these youngsters!

(Article contributed by Shruti Balasa - placed in CITRIX)

On the occasion of Gandhi Jayanthi, a set of individuals joined hands to do something extraordinary. They decided to make a difference to the future generation of our country. As the Father of our nation has always quoted “Be the Change you want to make in the society”, these individuals believed that they could be the ones to initiate this change!

Technology has made today’s world a completely different place to live in, the foundation of which is laid forward by computers. Unfortunately India is far behind when it comes to computer literacy rate which is just about 7%. Owing to this reason our country is still in the race to level out with the developed nations. Knowing that one of the main reasons for this situation is poverty and lack of awareness, this team of youngsters gave a helping hand to those underprivileged children who lack the basic necessities of life.

On 2nd October, 2010 the students of “Anatha Sishu Nivasa” were lucky to get an insight into computer education in a whole new way. The team consisted of 35 youngsters who educated around 70 students accomplishing our mission of “Each One Teach Two”. The awareness camp began at 10.00 am when the students were waiting with all their enthusiasm to get their hands on computers. Equally awaiting were the associates to impart their knowledge to the children.

Using the power of network, 9 laptops were arranged for the camp. The students were divided in two batches while one batch was having a hands on session on the laptops the other batch were showcasing their talents. They were taught the basic hardware and operations of computers for 3 hours. At the end of the camp, the students were handed over certificates for the successful completion of their course.

The associates had an altogether different feeling during the camp. This was something many young people of the country wish to do but never end up doing it in reality. Indeed it was a small team to start with, but with big visions in their mind. Again quoting Mahatma Gandhi, “Whatever You Do Will Be Insignificant, But It Is Very Important That You Do It!”.

This is what they always believed in and are on their way to turning their vision into reality. By the end of the day, every child had a smiling face and eager eyes to know when this team will be visiting them again to make a big difference to their lives.