Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Urgent Blood Requirement - Immediate Solution!

Its been a long time since this thought of blogging about this legendary intiative has lingered on my head. Finally the thoughts on my mind have taken the shape of this blog. I am talking about this site -
This initiative of eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd. is truly worth appreciating.

The site is extremely user-friendly, designed to serve the purpose under crisis situations of need of blood. Its happened a number of times to all of us, that we recieve an sms stating that someone's friend or close relative is in need of blood of a particular blood group & we should oblige to forward the message to all our friends. They forward this in a hope that their need would be served but all in vain.

Many a times the message does not reach the people who have the required blood group, or even if it does they may not be willing to donate or they may not be available. For the sms to reach a person of same blood group is merely dependent on luck. We all know its a very hard feeling to know that the life of our close ones is left dependent on LUCK(in urgent requirements). None of us would want that to happen to our closed ones.

In such instances many of us think, something should be done about this. But most of us forget it as the time goes by, or some of us who carry the thought for a few more days, dont actually find ourselves accoutured with the right ideas/tools to implement this.

In this scenario a visionary organisation eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd, which is a network of associates who learn, teach and promote online computer education and provide people with a platform for financial self dependency, has taken an initiative to Launch a website - which caters to the need of the person in need of blood of any blood group from any part of our country.

The below animation very clearly explains this very self explanatory site. All you need to do is just type in the details of the area and city you are in, and you can find a list of donors with their contact numbers. Just dial them instantly and you have atleast one donor available.

I am sure by now you agree with me this is something thats worth blogging about when I know this blog is being read by a lot of people. Hope this would help you help your friends in need in the coming tomorrow. My earnest request to every reader, take out five minutes of time and complete your registration and let as many people know about this.

Thank You. If ever in the future you have an example where this helps you or your friend please feel free to promptly remember this blog and put down a testimonial in the comments column. Thank You:)

PS: I hope this blog saves some lives and becomes a testimonial to this vision.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Few random thoughts accessed from highly active areas of my brain at present!

A few random thoughts hovering on my mind, which summarise my way of looking at my life and the recent events of my life.

1. 24 hours are too much if they are split into minutes and seconds and each interval is taken care of individually.

2. The real taste of adventure in life, is to explore a path with more unknowns & less equations. For, that is when life will have infinite solutions.

3. GO OUT! BREAK THE RULES... Taste glory & create a story!

4. Doing something really big at a young age is marvellous, for, only that can make you realise - "rules are meant to be broken!"

5. SELF EVALUATION - If you are not criticised & everybody around you is satisfied with you, you can be sure of being on the wrong path. CHANGE DIRECTION!

6. Last but not the least - "All the world loves a lover". Love everyone. The easiest way to get loved is give love.


Just a few quotes to reinforce stuff.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Silver Lining! - Cogitate Over This One!

Friends! Sit down to introspect and push yourself into few moments of retrospection. Look into your past, thank all the people who have, in the slightest way possible, been responsible for your present. Look at all the occasions, least expected, that cropped up only to ensure your pleasant present took birth. Thank them all.

Look back into the past - all these little angels and occasions are those dots, which when connected, within the limits of an optimistically practical frame of mind, have the power to extrapolate into a future that will turn out to be the benediction in its most chastise form, that universe bestows on your dreams. This line, formed by connecting all the dots, is always the detour, that life takes when you ask for something and dont know the route - This route, is what, I call the SILVER LINING.

This article deserves extrapolation too. Append your thoughts into the comments column. Thank You for being a dot on my silver lining.

Concept Copyright Protected. All rights reserved.

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PS: The article is open for emendation.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Power of Belief!

I know, I am not the first one to write about this. Rhonda byrne's "The Secret" will tell you more about this topic. But then, I just felt like putting up my thoughts on this. This article is definitely more, than merely a testimonial to "the secret".

In the recent journey of mine, everything in my life has just come true the way I exactly believed it should for me and for many of my ebiz colleagues and all other people whom I know, who truly believe in this power of belief.

You are reader no.

In this case I would love to just say, let your belief be completely pure in whatever you want in your life. Visualise it exactly the way you want it, innumerous times. Feel the feeling deep within, how it would feel once the belief turned reality. Why most people do not achieve their beliefs or what they visualise is because once something that practically seems impossible is visualised, the very next moment, our mind is preoccupied with thoughts which are trying to sketch the route ot the destination imagined. If you try to plan the step by step journey to where you want to reach or what you want to achieve, then you would end up accomplishing what you are already capable of and you deny the universe from doing the planning for you.

To justify the above paragraph just think of this person from a small town who dreamt of being the president of the country but when asked "How?", just said "I dont know!". He moved ahead in life with enough zeal and enthu in whatever he did. Once he looked back at his life after he turned the president of the country, he had no way to explain practically everything that happened.

He narrated those innumerous co-incidences that took place all along, right from childhood till his winning the elections. Those competitions in school where he had to participate in debates and only those people stood for it, compared to whom he was better off, these served as moral boosters. Only on those days co-incidentally he found on many an occasion, that those better off than him, were absent, that staying up late at school and that very meeting with chairman of his university just when he had for the first time topped his class ever in his journey of schooling, that getting impressed of the chairman at that instant, that offering of sholarship for further education, that travelling in the train, that co-incidence of sharing the compartment with a senior politician, that getting impressed of his for him being a student of such an elite college, though hailing from a poor background.

He remembers the co-incidence, of health going down of the university president for students' union, on the annual day and that pushing down of the opportunity of addressing the university crowd of over 20,000 people amidst the chief guests of elite status and varied political background on him, that falling of easy questions in the next days exam only from the syllabus he happend to prepare for, that getting impressed of all the circle around him and publishing his name in students magazine, that increase of fame, those invitations for guest lectures in various under-grad schools for being student of such elite performance and high extra-curricular record, that clicking of one opportunity after another for various talks around the country.

As he recalls further, that missing of the last bus back home and only way to return home being the option of taking a lift, that getting of a lift in the car of an individual who was looking for a great speaker with firm credentials to promote his party for next elections in return for a good payment, that co-incidence of his desire to earn money to help his mom recover out of the cancer treatment she was going through which made him accept the proposal, that co-incidental victory of the party he promoted which made the winning party offer him more than money - a seat in assembly, the co-incidental meeting of an upcoming author at a book store who aspired to co-author a book with this person, as the aspiring author had heard a lot of his speeches, that getting famous of that book, bringing him country wide glory and huge response from the crowd and what followed later is something you and I can only imagine. A series of more co-incidences leading him to the post of president.

As he looked behind, everything in his life looked perfectly planned, but he wasnt the one who planned. This is where the universe played its role. But, he acted with passion and commitment at every step with a very high belief of being the president of the country one day.

The above paragraph, I must say, definitely sounds like a fairy tale, for, my understanding of power of belief stands clear and confirms, that every belief thats practically impossible goes through a series of, otherwise never expected, incidents which sums up the journey to real success, as a fairy tale.

I just want to conclude that there is eternal power in power of belief, which makes the universe take the burden of planning things for you. Just ensure you know your passion and follow it completely and engage in relentless pursuit of it with complete honesty and integrity, the universe will take care of the rest.

"For, the universe has many a fairy tales written already and is engaged in a relentless search of characters for its tales, you could be the next. You have to BELIEVE IT!"

PS: This article is open to commments. Do share your experiences where dots seem to have got connected in life, giving me a chance to learn. I know there is co-incidence waiting to happen.

(The above article is not free of grammatical/spelling errors. Kindly ignore (as long as the essence is understood.))

Friday, July 17, 2009

When going gets tough, The tough get going. Once the tough get going, for the rest, the going gets easier.

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In times of despair, with the dreams burning in the eyes, with efforts on the field going futile one after another, the only adage that keeps ringing in the ears, that gives the fighter some solace and patience to keep himself focussed, is - "When the going gets tough, the tough get going".

Every business is filled with ups and downs. The phase which takes your business down, is always the one that will end up as filteration process for your business. It filters your team that performs from the team that doesnt, strategies that work from strategies that do not, sectors which generate cash from those that need to be shut down etc. Its this phase which takes you to higher levels of performance and elegance, higher levels of responsibility and intellect, higher levels of business acumen and PR abilities. It fine tunes you for the next growth phase of your business.

But can everybody go through this phase. In two cases you can. Either 'you' are a "tough individual" or you are working with a "tough individual". (hence the adage holds true).

Then the question arises - Who is a "tough individual"? He can be defined as "An individual with the ability to envision, chalk out a step by step action plan, take wise decisions and stand by them until visions turn reality and smooth road arrives again. A person who can keep the entire team motivated even when the business is running under loss, yet every team player feels, that paychecks are just pouring without breaks. Just that they are'nt reaching home, but they soon will." ('they' refers to paychecks)

These Tough Individuals are a benediction in disguise for all the people working with them, who believe in the ray of hope that the Tough Individuals have to offer. Once the things get going and smooth roads arrive, the team would have learnt the qualities of patience, hard work, being passionate about work & not fretting over results and ultimately would have become the so called "Tough Individuals" themselves. Hence, any further tough phases can be handled by this new breed of Tough Individuals.

The tough individuals, actually through their strong self motivation, diligence, innovations crack through the route map to smoother roads and make it easier for all the rest of them to drive through to success.

Thats why, I believe in the extension of the primitive adage and say "When going gets tough, the tough get going. Once the tough get going, for the rest, the going gets easier."

Readers must be wondering that this has application only in business not in other arenas of life. My dear friends, its equally applicable everywhere else. Just that the followers in this case are your friends, family, relatives and you yourself. You just get tougher and tougher with each such passing phase and your example and accomplishment makes life much easier for the rest around you.

So, Are you a tough individual? If yes, great going. If no, attach yourself with one :-)

(Note: This article is from my real life experience. Trust me, I have become much tougher than I was, in every arena of my life.)

Hope this article helped you invest your time in a constructive direction. The returns on this investment would surely be very high.(thats my commitment).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time just ticks by. tick! tick! tick! tick!

The adage "time and tide wait for none" used to sound so simple to memorise and score that 1 mark in my childhood. I never understood why they valued this adage and made us memorise it, when it was so simple.

Today at this point of my life, when I see myself loaded with loads of visions and dreams in my eyes, I see that, I have kept targets lined up for me at different age points of my life, its then I find myself running short of time for the amount of things I need to accomplish. Everytime a second goesby, it sends back a realisation to me - that, I need to express gratitude to my school teachers, for, they made me memorise an invaluable adage.

The amount of time we have is limited. None of our days will expand beyond 24 hours. Even if life expectancy assumed, is 70 yrs. 70*365*24 hours=6,13,200 hours totally, is what you get. On an average if a man sleeps for 6 hours a day and needs 2 hours for his daily habits 4,04,300 hours are the productive hours left in hand.

So Just ask yourself how many have you spent already from this bank balance of yours and how much is remaining in your balance. Please make sure you spend this very carefully and purchase assets in life than spending it on liabilities.

Trust me my dear frinds, we all make choices. Its a personal choice to either cut down on our dreams and take time off to relax and spend a lot of it on liesure and entertainment, (the one that offers temporary joy) or make a wise choice to spend in a wise way on steps towards your goals and dreams. When you enjoy the steps towards your dreams and goals so much, that they become entertaining and keep you on toes 24/7, then you deserve to spend hours on leisure and entertainment. Its a choice we make. Most of the people say they didnt have enough time for doing big things. (I tend to disagree with them)

"When you know how to squeeze every single second of your life pushing yourself closer to your dreams, time will expand for you" - sujit lalwani

This article is open to comments. Elaborate writing on this would not be helpful. Stop reading this and start doing something.

Time is just ticking by.

tick! tick! tick! tick! tick! tick!

Have a great life ahead. Happy spending:-)

(Bank balance - 6,13,200/- How much is your expense till date? how much is your balance today? its time to plan your "Budget of LIFE")

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Million Man hours get wasted per day. Ignorance is costly, not only to an individual but to India as well.

It was a fine morning, The only difference to any other morning of my life, I figured out about this one was that – it started early. I saw the time on my wall clock in the room, which I had not seen for ages now – 5:45 am. If not for the purpose of receiving my grandmom at the railway station I would have continued the legacy of not seeing this orientation of the hands of my wall clock. My grandmom returned after a tour to rajasthan (North India), where she had been for the opening ceremony of a Temple.

They say when a person’s wisdom augments, his perception about things goes deeper. Something we have already seen a thousand times, starts looking new to the eyes. So was the case with the scene of the people jostling at the railway station ticket counters. The sight of this scene earlier made me feel pity for the people who had to wait for hours together so early in the morning to get their tickets, and we all know, waiting for that long in a queue is definitely frustrating.

But this time, I was astonished at myself, I did not feel the same. The pity was no longer for the reason that waiting is frustrating. Instead, my inner self was feeling pity for another reason and telling me – “How ignorant these people are!”

Man makes machines, invents gadgets and reaches newer heights in technology, to make things better and easier for the mankind for a collective progress of it. Amongst such innovations and inventions of the 20th century – Internet has been the most dramatic invention to hit the world. Its impact is exponentially increasing as years are passing by.

Coming back to my feeling, Today Indian Railways has made commendable efforts in launching a number of quality railway reservation websites, which are extremely userfriendly to any and every individual.

These sites make it easy for all travelers to book tickets at the nearest cyber cafĂ© – avoiding his running around in heavy traffic in cities today, alongwith avoiding the loss of time that they would have to go through, waiting in long queues.

But to me it looked that people had lots of time and needed places like these railway station ticket counter queues to kill it. Right? It ain’t like that. Hundreds of them queued up there early in the morning, when majority of them could have done away with online booking (assuming that they had credit cards, or atleast they could have increased the business of few credit card offering companies). But fear of unawareness or feeling embarrassed to have to ask about online booking, seems to surround them for which the price they pay is hours of time in a queue.

This was one of the stations of our country. There are 1000s of them in our country. Assuming such crowded ones are exactly 1000 in number in our country, and 1000 such people lose atleast an hour there everyday (though actual figures might be much bigger), Our country loses a million productive hours per day. I call them productive hours because its generally people who are beyond 18 found at the counters. If each of them had used the alternative method of online booking, They could have done away with a maximum of 10 mins each. Meaning a saving of 0.8 million productive hours per day for the country.

Since this is the smallest number assumed. If we actually extrapolate it over all the stations in the country – we can literally save millions of productive hours of the country, which can be invested in various other productive things – which surely would help the country progress.

This is just one field of observation. There are many things that can happen sitting at home through internet for which people lose hours together in all age groups. This makes us realize the importance of creating awareness of basic computer education to masses, and also the importance of augmenting Internet awareness amongst the masses.

Its my earnest request to all the readers to participate in any manner they can, in increasing the awareness and knowledge of basics of computers and internet and its applications amongst the masses in India. Hats off to eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd. which is doing a commendable work in this direction since its establishment in Jun 2001 with the help of its 7.5 lakh associates. It has been successful in a big way. But, the mass of our country is too big and it demands more and more people to take up this responsibility. I also congratulate eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd. for providing means of livelihood to the people participating in its promotion. It gives an opportunity to people to work and earn even during this time of recession in the world.
(for more information visit: and )

Hope this article could ignite those neurons of your brain which would be last ones to die on your brain, and help you retain this observation permanently on your brain and extend this to all other fields that you observe and understand daily. I also hope that these ignited neurons on your mind, make you get into action towards this cause. All the best, May God bless us all. Your comments are most welcome.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Its been long time since I blogged. This gap actually created a gap on my mind, when i was trying to type down a nice worthy title for this one. When I could not hit upon anything creative, I just decided to keep the title - "MISCELLANEOUS" and a whole new article followed.

There is a very profound lesson behind what I just mentioned above. The same happens with us in our careers and to many on the path to success(be it in any field). When we are not in touch, with the work we are supposed to carry out, we lose the swiftness of performance, which slowly makes us even more sluggish, which leads to greater loss of flow of our activity(activity with respect to the career each of us have), which leads to a loss of self-confidence and thereby leading to greater inactivity levels and finally leading to defeat/failure/ceasure/downfall/dead-end.

The only solution to this continuing chain reaction which leads from one lead to another, is one "Miscellaneous" link, which is activity in real terms. Do something, but kick start your activity in the direction you were heading. It cannot start from the place where you left, but a miscellaneous beginning will lead to increased enthusiasm leading to greater excitement, leading to structuring of your thoughts, which leads to planned action finally leading to victory/destination/success/smooth-journey towards your goals.

Hence this blog is just a start point for my further blogs to pour in.

Hope this helped you.

Just in case you are sliding into the inactivity chain in your life in any arena, My sincere advice - "Stop Wondering where to begin from, Start DOING SOMETHING! in the direction of your goals & You will soon reach your earlier momentum."

KEEP WALKING! Persistence is the only key to success.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Right kind of Lighting matters - In buildings, In life and In Selling!!!

You R Reader No.
Sujit Lalwani

It was a fine evening after a good days work, when I decided to spend sometime building my dreams list, So had been to UB City. A truly Royal Construction for truly Royal People. The place is just too royal. All credits to the architects and big dreamer behind this - "THE VIJAY MALLYA - The king of good times:-)."

The entrance will leave you spellbound. The lighting at this place inside is complete mix of mild yellow, light orange, cream & Magenta. The bright yellow glow on the wall, fading into dull orange is simply something, that leaves your subconscious mind into a state of total bliss. Its an experience that will leave your neurons excited for days, for you will have to recall the visit over and over again to narrate it to others.

But beyond this beauty was an observation. The top floor of this place is an exuberant place with brilliance and beauty spilled over scenic beauty, that it has got to offer to the visitors. The place is an open place facing tall (tall for bangalore heights of buildings) skyline of bangalore. The place also faces one part of its structure, which is the central building of this UB City.

The observation taught a lesson which has left me pondering for 24 hours already and am yet pondering. The building had a wall - really tall one - the bottom end of it had a light being projected on it at an angle. It was light cement colored wall, but the light being projected was light blue in shade. There were other walls parallel to it, which were of same original wall color. The observation was simple, the colored wall added all the beauty to the building. The walls were of simple cement color, but the light on the wall projected at the right angle gave a brilliant look to it, which made it carry an elegance that would attract the attention of any individual who looked at it, and leave him pleased.

What I learnt are the lessons which follow :

1. A simple dull colored wall is something that pleases none, but when a small light bulb even at the bottom end of it, throws light at the right angle and color, gives it a pleasing look. Hence our life is dull or beautiful by the way we throw light on our past collection of memories (imagine present and birth being two end points of the straight line called past. If you throw light form present to the past - highest intensity will be at recent past and least as you go behind in the past.) If you throw light at the right angle and of right color on your past, your life lived, will become extremely pleasing to anyone, who gets to learn about.

Every individual can write the bestseller autobiography, provided he throws light of right color at right angle, recalls the best memories, the lessons of life and people who made a difference. One more thing I could learn was - Life would seem dull to live further if you dont make an effort to light it up well, is what the other parallel walls taught me.

2. <In marketing - Product is not the only reason why the customer would buy or not (for nobody tries to manufacture and sell a bad product), Its how you throw light at your product and carry forward your presentation and light up your product with right colored light that matters to get you the sale. If you throw light on the benefits of your product well, and list all the reasons why the customer would enjoy possessing your product, he would sure not think twice shelling out all the money required for your product without feeling a hole in his pocket. It would add to your efforts of lighting up your presentation, if you just ensure that the light you project is of the color, that is most pleasing to your customer's eye. You need'nt be a mind reader for this, a few good questions to understand your guest(customer) would serve a great deal.

I am still pondering for scratching out more lessons. But one more lesson i learnt is you dont need books to teach you really big lessons in life, You just need to be a great observer and have an urge to learn. You have lessons all around you.

For, a mountain is a hurdle for someone, its the way to reach the top for others.

The article is open to comments and space goolge gives can take loads of them, so feel free to key them down here.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Be it any Industry or arena of life, Great Relationships Matter the Most!

You are reader No.:Thank you

It was not just another evening, for it proved to carry a big lesson for me to learn. At the onset it was just another evening of my life, where I was with my associates training them about progressing and being able to create huge networks for themselves, busy training them about closing sales, about becoming better presentors, mentoring them to become better leaders etc. while it struck to me the most important aspect that encompassed all the training that I delivered was "RELATIONSHIPS".

Relationships is a huge chapter, hence to cover something that can give you the best insight into what I learnt would be difficult to compile in a few short paragraphs. But I shall give my best to compile the juice with a possible few dos and donts of relationships.

The glue that bonds a huge organisation intact is relationships. Relationships at work are as imporatant and life changing as relationships at home. They say a chain is as strong as its weakest link likewise an organisation is as strong as its weakest relationship. It starts breaking from there.

The biggest enemy to the best relationships is EGO. Its more often than less that I have come across in my network where the ego between a couple of leaders has been the reason for an Upcoming Misunderstanding, which results in a communication gap. The communication gap works under the principle of assumptions, where both parties start assuming the other person's state of mind, and start concluding things which are totally based on those assumptions, only to one day realise that they were wrong and they had themselves caused damage to their organisations as leaders.

Hence, one most important thing to remember is one has to surrender his ego for the matter to get solved. A couple of minutes talk might make you look foolish, atleast it helps you avoid being foolish for a lifetime.

EGO --> Communication Gap --> Faulty assumptions --> greater Communication gap -->
Arguements instead of discussions --> Growth of EGO --> Broken Relationship.

This applies to the relationships in your love life as much they apply in organisations/business. They matter a lot for smooth functioning of organisations, help in building great momentum for the business, the stronger the relationships and understanding in the organisation the greater the momentum it can sustain.

So dear readers, all the people with whom you are feeling an ego clash, Its time to go and flush out all the misunderstandings between and make the beginning for a great relationship once again. Let us be the first one to surrender. Unconditional love has its first symptom - "surrendering of ego".

Remember nothing is lost, by surrendering your ego, but lot can be gained from it.

Feel free to drop in your perspectives and incidents you have come across in your life, where you learnt this lesson.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Its not just important to say "I will do it". Its important to move out & DO IT!

U R Reader No.: Thank You!

Many of us have come a step ahead of those others, who would go on to, for sure, become the 9-5 hardworking stars. We have come one step ahead of the people, who have decided that they will never become entrepreneurs/employers/financially free (can you imagine? But, Yes! thats true:D). We have come one step ahead, right with the decision, that for most things, that we encounter, we dont keep ourselves with a lazy mindset, instead we have learnt to take things in an energetic & an enthusiastic way and always say "I WILL DO IT."

But my dear friends, the next step, of actually doing it, is the most important one. I know thoughts manifest into actions. But sometimes, thoughts are followed by anti-thoughts, which are large in number and greater in strength pushing down the decided action. The anti-thoughts are comfort-zone lovers and lovers of relaxed state of body. They would want you cut down on your miles, forget extra-miles.

Hence the strongest fight/challenge, is to fight these anti-thoughts (the ones opposite to the main hard-core positive thoughts of ours for a particular action). The challenge is to come out of the comfort zone, face the heat and make things happen. Most often we surrender looking at the amount of extra miles we may need to walk, though we clearly know the purpose and the end result. Its then we need to reinforce our purpose, our mission statement, a million times in us, give ourself an extra dose of motivation, and not let these anti-thoughts take birth or multiply.

Go ahead friends, fight with yourself, come out of your comfort zones, and do the things which you always wanted to, but couldnt fight the laziness inside you. Go ahead! Its high time you did it! JUST DO IT! (NIKE will surely love this article :D)

Go ahead friends, walk those long pending extra-miles. I promise it will bring extra smiles. LETS MAKE THINGS HAPPEN & WIN OVER OURSELVES!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Misconceptions About Selling!

You are reader no.:Thank You

"Salesman"- the word itself throws a few people thinking that its a low profile definition to their talents, or less dignified way of referring to their profession! Let me take this chance to make it clear to all the folks who are reading this -
Every individual on this earth is a salesman. Every individual is selling his idea. A person who sells is called a salesman. Hence Every person is a salesman first, everything else later.

Being a Sales professional is a reason to be proud of, for you are talented in something, which the entire world needs to be talented in. You might be the greatest scientist, but if you fail to put forth your theory in a convincing way, you are going to lose out on your probably deserved noble prize. You might be having the greatest business idea & you are truly an aspiring entrepreneur, If you cannot convince the Venture Capitalists, They may just end not buying your idea. You might be the best suited individual, for a job profile, but you have a bad news coming your way, if you just cannot convince the interviewer (sell yourself successfully).

My dear readers, Being a Sales pro is the foundation quality for an entrepreneur. Every great entrepreneur is a great Salesperson, then a great leader, then a great visionary and so on.

I still remember the time almost 4 years ago, when I made my 2nd business presentation, and my friend's mom uttered "You look like a salesman"(sarcastically).
As any other normal individual I was a little shaken in my motivation to continue promoting my product, just when my leaders helped me realise this lesson which I have just shared with you. As a matter of fact, Shah Rukh promotes a lot of brands, including pepsi, Its as good as saying Shahrukh is a salesman for Pepsi. Instead we refer to it as: "Shahrukh is the brand ambassador for Pepsi". Thats it! this example/this realisation was enough for me to understand that I was being the brand ambassador for my product/company. And that belief has today turned into reality.

Today infact I am one among the top promoters of my company - eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd. Thanks to the lesson, I learnt after my second presentation itself.

Hope this article helped you! Comments are most welcome!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting new people & Travelling to new places - important parameters for becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Travellology is one of my favourite subjects & Travelling is one of my favourite activity. Be it for business or for purpose of fun or any manner of growth travelling is something inevitable. A person sitting at one place can never acquire success which can touch every corner of the world. Be it Bill Gates, Lakshmi Mittal, Larry page, Owner of Twitter, Richard Branson, Mohit Sardana ji, or any successful individual/entrepreneur you can think of who is becoming world renowned, is surely a person with great rich travel experience.

There are only two criteria which enhance your wisdom and perceptions in life, Meeting more people & travelling more places.
People & Places are two parameters for growth and increasing your wisdom. More the number of people you meet and larger the number of places you travel - Wiser you become for your further progress in life, greater the expansion and strength of your business.

I realise this after a little travel that I have done in my life in my country - INDIA. I have been to large number of cities/towns in the country. Since India is a land of diversity, & changes every 100 km, Travelling to a large number of cities is like internaitonal travelling exposure. This travel experience has truly enhanced my way of living, the way I look at life, the way I understand people & the way I look at business.

Hence this is my suggestion - a hardcore suggestion - Travellology and Anthropology should become the favourite subjects of aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can never build a world wide network of your business If you do not travel enough places and have a team which does the same!

Keep Rocking! Keep Progressing! Do direct your friends who do not travel much, to this page!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Few great quotes! If you comprehend them well, you can design a better future.

Few more great quotes, that are changing my life, and the way I see things drastically. Great tools for self-reinforcement. Read through them carefully, and everyday, until they sink deep down every blood cell of your body.

1. Wanting success is common to all, Working for success is common to winners!
2. Not everything that can be counted counts, Not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein.
3. We never remember days, We always remember moments.
4. People forget how fast you do something, They only remember how well you do something.
5. Until you become a leader, success is all about growing youself, Once you become a leader succes is all about growing others.
6. Leader has to be practical & Realist, But should talk the language of a visionary and an idealist.
7. Pull the string and it follows you wherever you go. Push it and it goes nowhere.
8. If what you are doing is not taking you towards you goal, Then it surely is taking you away from your goal.
9. We never see things as they are , We always see things as we are.
10. It is easy to change your perception, than to change the reality. Once you change your perception, you can change the reality.

Hope you enjoyed reading them. Do read them over and over again, until you have them on your tongue and on your most active brain cells to make the most out of them. Leave a note about your favourites among these in the comments column.

Keep walking! Keep smiling! God bless you!

Wish you great success in life.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Inevitable qualities for a leader! Mark yourself out of 10 for each. Target reaching 10/10 someday.

Read this with patience. The length of this article is too small in front of the strength it can give you. So be patient.

You are reader no.:Sujit Lalwani

These are a few qualities for a leader to possess, if he/she wants to be a quality leader. Leadership is all about leading your team to greater heights, which happens by elevating yourself to heights.

Most leaders are bothered by this question, am I leading well. Mentors are surely the greatest help we could have got to solve this question for ourselves. But self-evaluation is as important as having a mentor. The Following is list of qualities which will help you evaluate yourself. Mark yourself monthly/biweekly against each of these qualities (out of 10). This system would help you if you ensure you are honest to yourself. It will orient your self-analysis and give it a foundation.

The following article also contains a slight hint on acquiring these qualities. Its against "Howto:" under each quality.

Qualities a leader must possess :

1. Analytical- A great leader, must have great analytical skills. He must be able to anticipate outcomes, analyse the problems, offer different strokes for different folks. What misses the eye of most is caught by a great leader.
Howto: To develop this just spend a little more time understanding things, than jumping to conclusions too quickly. Also ensure you keep solving some puzzles. That keeps your brain cells active.

2. Self-driven - A great leader leads himself. Does not need a motivator always. He knows his purpose clear and can walk as many extra miles, to achieve it.
Howto: To be self driven, Your purpose needs to clear and you need to reinforce in yourself, infinite number of times.

3. Aggression - A great leader does not always pamper his team. He knows "spare the rod, and spoil the child". But over aggression is also harmful. You need to strike a balance.
Howto: Anything that you can pretend for first 30 days, becomes your habit. If you have never been aggresive before, observe successful people who possess aggression. (It needs to be used only when required)

4. Assertiveness - A great leader is assertive in his communication.
Howto:Know your points clearly. Know your objectives clearly. Be honest. If you do these you will automatically be assertive.

5. Domineering - A great leader knows how to get things done from his team.
Howto: Its important that a leader commands respect for his commands. Never demand. You need to be domineering if you need to push your team out of comfort zone.

6. Self-Confident - Confident about his strengths and ideas.
Howto: This comes with clarity about what you sell. Know your product and the benefits of the product without slightest of ambiguity. Also understand your target market clearly.

7. Outspoken - A great leader should not be reserved. Reserved people make no leaders.
Howto: Start interacting more with strangers. Start listening more and communicate to people you know. Slowly once you get into the tune of placing your opinion in front of people without fear, you will have this quality.

8. Warm & Friendly - Professionals also want friends after all. Nothing great if a person can find a friend in a leader itself. A great leader knows to draw the line between being too friendly and too professional.
Howto: Be yourself with your team sometimes, you will make a great friend.

9. Chamelion like (in a positive way)- you must know how to adapt to situations in seconds. Hence being carried away by a particular mood for too long is not the trait of a great leader.
Howto: Upto the reader to observe and learn.

10. Good with numbers - A great leader cannot be weak at calculations. Accounts are the foundation stone of business. (ofcourse after people)
Howto: Practice daily accounting. Practice playing with numbers.

11. Problem Solver - A great leader can tackle problems like breaking open an egg. Its that easy for him. Just understand the right place to hit.
Howto: Start solving the problems of your people. Solve your own first ofcourse.

13. Flexible (not rigid) - A great leader does not keep his work timings rigid. You need to be sometimes available at odd times.
Howto: Break your mental barriers of time availability. Have true care for your team's progress.

14. Having a high sense of urgency - A great leader is not a slow coach. You need to be quick. The world is moving fast. You never cook today, and eat the following week. The issues in companies/organisations need to be sorted out then and there. Sales calls need to be made immediately. A delayed follow up call is surely a sale lost.
Howto: Keep reminding yourself about this everytime you are into activity.

15. Independent - Dependent people are not leaders. Dependent person can only lead until his source is actively leading him. Everything collapses once source collapses. Independent leaders are FIGHTERS, they know their role and visions.
Howto: Start being self dependent. Learn from mentors do it yourself. Picture yourself as an independent leader, and start practicising from, right now.

16. Strong Willed - Will power is very strong in a great leader. The ability to take decisions and stick to them until they are proven the best, is called will power. The ability to make things happen, not wait for them to happen.
Howto: YOU NEEDS GUTS. Strong willpower is inside all of us. PULL IT OUT!

17. Higher than average level street smart people - A leader should be really street smart to tackle out those extra intelligent people in the market who will try posing problems for you. Also be smart enough to elude the problems created by these people in the team who are hypocrits. Awareness about the world in general in all different fields is highly appreciated.
Howto: Just remember - "IF U R'NT UPDATED, U'LL GET OUTDATED"

18. Passionate about everything he does - A great leader can take his team through any kind of phases of the organisation/company, because passion has the power to glide things smoothly even on a nasty tide.
Howto: People love to be with people who can fill energy in them. Love what you do.

19. Energetic & ever enthusiastic - A great leader must act like a energy booster for the team. Every flight needs fuel. A leader is an infinite reservoir of positive energy for the team.
Howto: Surround yourself with such people. Be a person who follows his heart. Dont be affected by the mocking and comments of others. Know yourself. If there is a point doing something, its in doing it well and enthusiastically.

20. Possesses relaxed passion - Dont get too excited about things.
Howto: Do your homework on this. Relaxed passion is something where you are not desparate for praise neither vulnerable to comments of people.

21. Team Player - To lead a team you need to understand its dynamics, and hence a great leader is always a great team player.
Howto: Involve in the activities on the field with your team every now and then. Remember "Never do things, for your team Do it with them"

Patience - A great leader knows, Rome was not built in a day.
Howto: You are already having patience. Thats what got you to read this line.

I wish you a great future in leading. May you lead your team to the highest of the heights.

This article is the product of my journey of leading a versatile network today. My network has a huge diversity in terms of occupational backgrounds of people, their age groups, their intellect levels, place of stay etc. But the best part is we have a common vision, the growth of computer literacy of the country. We are all hardcore promoters of online computer education.(I lead an approximate active leaders team of 300+ people - through whom i manage a network of more than 6300 people).

PS : the qualities have not been listen in any order of importance. They are all important. All of them together complete a leader. If you are lacking a few of them, or are low on some of them. Its not a worry. Atleast you have got oriented and now your know what are your strengths and weakness.

"Maximise your strengths and minimise your weaknesses"

Feel free to comment. Hope this post helps you lead your team to success.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to spice up your life?

Most of us are in business or work or we are students, where many a times we need to repeatedly do the same stuff over and over again. For entrepreneurs, its even more challenging, since its their own idea, hence they would need to promote that repeatedly. One gets bored if he is doing the same thing over and over again. But its, how you look at things that matters. An entrepreneur ensures that he makes the same thing, that he is doing over and over again, more interesting each time, by introducing a small change in the process, noticeable or not to the viewer, but he feels it sub-consciously.

A change is always necessary. It always will spice up things in life. Give some food to your creativity cells, and let them team up and give you creative ideas for some change in life. It definitely will spice up your life, which eventually will be a big inspiration in itself, for you are excited and energetic, and hence you would have a great efficiency at whatever you do.

Something that you think will spice up your life, might sound silly to somebody else, do not care about that, question is, does it leave you fired up? I give my business presentations every now and then. It would not be fun if i were not to introduce some change every now and then. Look at the factors that can actually be changed and you will be surprised to see the numbe of permutations and combinations that can come out of it. Hence meaning a lot of ways to spice up your life.

Life does not change, we need to change our way of living it!

When we are inspired, we never get tired. When we are not inspired, we get BORED!

TIRED is something which is just a state of mind, which you can get rid of, by inspiring yourself. Remember, Change is the only constant in business & in life!

This article is open ended! Leave your notes in the comments section, to let other readers know, how you spice up your life!

Computer literacy - A need for India's Progress!

My dear Fellow Indians, This one is especially for you! Do spare a few minutes to read. If you do not have them now, Spare them Later. Do not ignore. This article may not enlighten you, but will awaken you for sure. If you are prepared, READ ON!

You are reader no. : sujit lalwani

The time is ticking in the direction, it started long ago. India got its independence long ago, about 60 years ago, in 1947. Ever since then lots of things have changed in our country. Only thing that has not changed is the status of the country - It is still 'developing'. My father got his one mark and i got mine for answering this fill in the blank - "India is _______ Country". I just hope when my son/daughter writes - "developing", they lose their one mark. A father wanting his kids to lose marks? I wish this came true. Would be the wish of all of us reading this article right now :-)

Internet started about 20 years ago, it celebrated its 20th birthday on 13th Of March this year. Computers came into existence about a few decades ago. America/japan or other developed countries are at peaks in using computers and technology for their progress. India truly lacks that.

My dear friends, Just try picturing this on your mind, When one fellow indian 'A' of our country is talking about tweeting/blogging/cloud computing etc. The other fellow indian 'B' does not even know what a computer is. The irony of the situation is 'B' form about 93.88% of our country's population. If you visit any developed country - they talk about more than 60-70% computer literacy in their countries. With understanding of computers comes understanding of internet along with which comes speed of communication, which ultimately brings along speed in business and hence a quick progressing economy.

The technology is growing at a pace, that in few years from now, it would be difficult for the computer aware (not greatly aware) people itself to catch up with the progress, Imagine our fellow indian, then, just getting to know about computers. Millions of Fashions would have come and gone on the internet, and exactly when our fellow indian would be feeling like an alien and out of place with all these things.

If each of us make an effort to teach others unaware about it, through platforms, then we can make a differnce to the nation's computer literacy rate. If the gap between A & B, is not bridged up in the next five years, It will be a near to impossible task to push the country to greater heights, for advancement of technology and progress of internet are faster than speed of light right now. It already requires drastic steps to push the computer literacy higher.

Come friends lets make the coming india a better place for our further generations and teach/make aware as many people as we can about computers and internet in whatever liesure time we have. If you are wondering what difference would it make. Like everything we did, made a big difference. Let this one do it, atleast!

In this regards I would love to appreciate the efforts of eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd. a company based Noida, near Delhi, started in 2001 has a lot of committed leaders working towards the progress of computer literacy in the country, with their mission, EACH ONE TEACH TWO. Lets join hands with such people. Lets make a differnce. For more info contact me @

My dear Friends that fellow indian B could be your friend, neighbour, maid at home, office boy, or your own family member. Lets start by first creating a family of computer aware people.

PS : Am happy to say, before I write this article, with the help of my team - I have reached across 15,000 underprivileged people across the country with free of cost computer education

Once technology in the form of basic computer awareness reaches the grass root levels in the country the progress in the technology will be something that this grown society of our country, atleast will be in a far better position to handle than today. LETS EMPOWER OUR NATION!


If this article truly awakens you, promote the link of this page to your friends, help people get in touch with me!

A few great quotes!

Sometimes just reinforcing your goal with really great quotes works like a speed buster for applications. It simply enhances your productivity and strength which you perform. It enhances your endurance limit and helps you glide through failures and land into success.

1. Once you decide you want to be second in life, It will happen to you!
2. He who asks is a fool for 5 mins, He who does not remains one for a lifetime.
3. When you reach the end of the rope, just tie a knot and hangon.
4. You never have to prove your worth, if you are doing your best.
5. A leader knows the way, goes the way and shows the way.
6. Confidence is contagious, so is lack of confidence. What are you inflicting on your team.
7. Laugh at yourself, before anyone else can.
8. Only thing more worse than training people and losing them, is not training people and still keeping them.
9.Reputation is what others know about you, honor is what you know about yourself.
10. The best way to start doing something - "Stop talking! and start doing!"

Keep rocking! Hope this helped. They reinforced loads of things in me! Each one has a great depth of meaning! I would be releasing one such collection every month.

wish you a great fight for freedom in life, and wish you a victory at this fight.
Keep rocking! Keep walking! Be cheerful and Keep smiling!

Sujit Lalwani

Friday, March 13, 2009

CEOs on Twitter! New dimension to Entrepreneurship!

A news not new to most of us, yet refreshing in itself. Twitter has become a trend - its no more a website. Starting with a simple concept to follow people at every step, twitter has attracted a huge number of followers and has made a dramatic change to the world dynamics.

If not the dynamics of the entire world, atleast for sure the dynamics of the way entrepreneurs look at the world has taken a new dimension. Twitter has connected the entrepreneurs directly to the people who actually love them. Its just taking awareness amongst people alongwith information sharing amongst people to newer heights just like

Many entrepreneurs including big names like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO etc including me, are on twitter. They are being followed by a whole lot of people, who were always looking forward to getting in touch with them. This has not only helped their business grow and attract greater number of visitors to their but has also enhanced the customer/user feedback levels. being able to stay connected with people who are users of your products and sorting out their problems under one roof and so many at a time can mean heaven to a real time entrpreneur of today's world.

Who would not want to follow the right people on twitter. Having these brand names in the list of the people you are following goes on to add value to one's profile. Hence CEOs being on twitter is a news which is floating and spreading like wildfire. I am following richardbranson & mark zuckerberg on twitter. has definitely given a solid boost to marketing for all businesses. Free publicity to all businesses. It has taken business to the next level - where ad campaign costs can be seen to be getting annulled. Its a boon for startups as far as publicity is concerned and a boon for established businesses to get in touch with their lovers/fans/followers for feedback control of the business.

I hope this post was helpful. Feel free to comment.

You are reader no. Sujit Lalwani

Ego Kills Love! Lets kill the EGO before it kills Love...!!!

A masterpiece story I came across, For those of you, who have already read this one, I am sure you will agree with me, that its worth reinforcing a thousand times. Its the story about the hypothetical island that existed, which was home for all different feelings that exist on the face of the earth today. Let me start in a classical story telling way "Once upon a time....

Once upon a time..., there was an island called FEELINGS ISLAND, which was home to all types of feelings. Joy, Love, Ego, care, Shame, Hatred, Magnanimity, generosity, kindness, shyness, audacity, disgust, frustration, jealousy, atheism etc. All the feelings we can think of. Now, staying together on the same island, they had a great time with each other. Each feeling played its role in a indefatigably glib manner, never drifting from its own role.

It was just another pleasant morning sunrise, that this island saw, when 'jealousy' was the first one to get ready, as it is jealous of everybody else, so wants to be first at everything. 'Care' was taking care of everything and everybody. 'Love' was loving everybody and spreading smiles. 'Hatred' was absuing everybody and hating everybody for unique reasons. 'Ego' was sitting in one corner not mingling with anybody, was in its own world, for it felt it was better than everybody else. Activity was normal as everyday, Until 'panic' alarmed everybody by jumping around the entire island, and screaming - "Tsunami" " Tsunami" ... !!!

Love and Care took notice of this and immediately arranged for boats to travel to the next island. They sent everybody on them. Jealousy was the first one to get in, while hatred was still hating this happening. But things went on, everybody was busy saving their lives, While love and care were sending everybody.

What nobody took notice, but 'love' did take notice, was someone, sitting in one corner, not sitting into any of the boats. 'Love' reached out to him, to see who he was, it was 'EGO'. 'Love' said, "my dear friend come with me, else you will die here." After all, it was 'ego'. It kept refusing, while love kept forcing him to come along. 'Ego' kept rejecting.

'Care' tied the boat to the shore, waiting for these two to come. Unfortunately, 'careless' was on the same boat, it broke the string, that tied the boat to the shore. 'Love' did not get scared, it still loved careless, while it kept forcing the 'ego' to still come along.

The last boat left from there, Tsunami arrived, taking away the two lives on the Island.

MORAL OF THE STORY: "EGO" always drowns, but dont forget it takes LOVE alongwith it. Wherever 'EGO' exists Love always gets killed.

So my dear friends, lets submerge our ego, as far as possible and start enjoying a much better life. For, ego kills love alongwith itself. Every relation starts looking more beautiful, when EGO gets eliminated. Lets make efforts to kill that element in us.

I hope you found this blog helpful, promote it to all your friends, I am sure its going to eliminate a lot of ego from this beautiful planet earth.

EGO - Eliminates Growing Opportunities.

LOVE - Life Opens Various Exceptions. (expcetionally amazing things start happening)

Jai hind!

Keep Rocking!

You are reader no. : Sujit Lalwani

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Network Marketing - The saviour in the time of recession in the world. The unfathomed depths of this industry are revolutionizing scenarios.!!!

In today's times of recession, where most hopes of getting a job are taking a dip into deep sea, there is one rising sun, lighting up hopes once again. Its Network Marketing. A present road to save ourselves. Most people are looking for opportunities of stepping into entrepreneurship. Most people are looking forward to coming up with their own startups.

But, as the statistics go, 95% of the startups fail. But that does not mean, we get discouraged by it. But, becoming an entrpreneur requires a new idea, a new product, a team, time and capital. Where does an individual get all these. Most of the aspirants of entrepreneurship are students or just pass outs. Hence the above listed resources are scantily available to them.

But the saviour, in these times, has turned out to be Network Marketing. A long debated industry, is taking shape as a saviour in these times of recession.

The benefits why people are opting to take up this industry are :

1. Low investments
2. Its all about building a team. (So dont require one to start with - and obviously you will associate with one, so need not worry about this)
3. Product innovations and development are taken care by the parent company alongwith taking care of all financial aspects.
4. Time required to build this business is far less compared to any other business idea.
5. Does not ask for skills expertise and is in the reach of a common man.

But choosing a Network Marketing industry can be a decision, slightly tough to take. I would put my take on a product that is in demand. Hence I made the choice of becoming a distributor of pvt ltd promoting online computer education at a highly economical value. The scope for growth is high owing to low computer literacy rate of our country and high demand for education. Also the product is vast for low cost and is under constant upgradation.For more details visit

The Network Marketing industry is definitely one, that stands as a great opportunity for all aspiring entpreneurs at all times, to kick start their journey into entrpreneurship. Its just become even more apt in this world scenario. Its one industry that instills the strongest life education skills and has potential for providing base for big entpreneurs to rise. Financial skill, right attitudes, knowledge, communication skills, most importantly selling skills etc. are some common qualities an individual attains expertise at through this industry alongwith being able to build a huge royalty income base for himself, allowing himself to jump into greater arenas of entrepreneurship, always feeling secure about his income source.

I welcome every reader to this industry to explore its depths and make most out of it in these times.

PS : Feel free to comment.

U R Reader No. : Tatto Media

Monday, March 9, 2009

MISTAKE - "Ooops! i wish i would not have done that." - WRONG! Embrace Mistakes and never repeat them.

"Making mistakes is not a crime." Many people project making mistakes as a crime. There is difference between crime and mistake. An unintentional doing which yields wrong results than expected is called a Mistake. While people confuse it for a intentional doing and build guilt over it. Crime is against laws & in most cases an intended action. An unintended crime is still a crime, but out of a mistake.

"Do not build guilt from your mistakes, build your foundations" - sujit lalwani. Probably one of my favourite quotes. Every mistake has a lesson to learn, of how not to do something. It is feedback system of the universe to teach us lessons, make a error correction inside us, and get us closer and closer to the unattainable perfection.

Most of us either ignore/deny the mistake or blame the mistake on somebody/something else. This is the mistake we do with the mistake. The roots of this action of ours are in our childhood. When being right always was what we learnt. This lesson of being right always is totally against real life, and can lead to the three mistakes we do with the mistake. We are always told to answer the questions rightly, do the right things and least allowed to experiment. Hence the effort to be right always, and hence the fear of trying new things and the result is few entrepreneurs in the world.

"A successful entrepreneur is nothing but a cluster of mistakes connected one after the other from the point of start to point of success, with lessons at every node of mistake." - sujit lalwani. My other favourite quote.

So my dear readers ensure that next time you make a mistake, immediately accept it and grab the lesson it has to teach, and resolute never to repeat it again. Your journey of success will get shortened by thousands of miles with this one attitude.

Never say - "oops! I wish i would not have done that mistake."

Instead Say - "thank god this happened, it taught me the most important lesson. I shall never repeat this again, and shall help all my subordinates anticipate this."

Accept mistakes, learn from them, build great foundations and hence great structures of success above them. I hope this was helpful to all you readers.

PS : feel free to comment.

You are reader no.:
Tatto Media

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wisdom tip #2 : Learn How to Say 'No'. But don't become a 'NO'MAN!

Its extremely important to learn to say 'NO'. Most of us give consent to innumerous things in our day to day life, in professional front or on personal front, though deep down we would want to disagree strongly. Its always better to understand that a straight No is less painful than a dry yes. Most of us are caught being unproductive on professional front or less enthusiastic on the personal front, in many things we do, for, when the consent is surfacial and deep inside there is "NO".

Hence in simple words : "Don't say yes, when you want to say "NO"". The statement in quotes is also the name of the famous book by Herbert Fensterheim. Hence this blog may only contain the summary of what wisdom that book has in store.

But taking this tip to extremes would prove to be harmful. Nobdoy loves a NOMAN. hence if you are always having a NO for everything or if thats the first thing flowing out or a dry yes is always something that you have put forth, your admirers may be nil, at the same time, people who would'nt want you around, may be high. Its great to be a YESMAN in a team. But, do not forget when you are under real contraints, where it is impossible for you to agree, follow the thumbrule : "Dont say YES when you want to say NO".

Let either, come after a good thought process. Intelligence and presence of mind always take sometime before they give their opinion through your mouth. So give them their share of time, and let them do the job for you.

Most people end up in problems and getting locked up with things, which they are not passionate about, or they lose their time at unproductive things, because they could not slip in a NO at the right time.

So, dear friends saying "NO" is not a crime, though being a NOMAN is one. So ensure you avoid deadlocks in your life, getting stuck in unproductive things, by just saying NO to them.

Hope this tip was helpful. Wisdom tip #3 is on its way. Pour your comments or questions about this blog in the comments column. If you like the blogs here, recommend this to your friends. Thank you!

Keep rocking! May god bless you. - not a website - its a trend now!

The world has progressed from the world of first generation computers, which were as big as an apartment, to palm tops, mobile phones, Pocket PCs, Laptops etc. Meanwhile the world of internet which started to connect the people on one platform around the world, has been an under promise marvellous delivery. The connectivity has not happened. It has happened beyond imaginations.

The world of internet has also come from information sharing, to social networking, to search engines, to marketing to whole businesses going online with emergence of "e" yielding - e-commerce, e-education, e-mail, etc etc... In this fantastic journey of progress of the entire world civilisation put together, has been a blessing for the world of entrepreneurs, as well as for the world of people who just squat and put down their every single seconds' activity. Every individual seems to be following this trend.

Just being a user of it myself, day by day, its just becoming a greater and greater addiction. Following, tweeting, retweeting etc seem to have become jargons at the tip of my tounge. There are songs of twitter that have started interesting me more. is a testimony to the fact that small ideas can make a very big difference to the world, Its the visionaries behind them that make the difference.

Twitter is the next big thing on the internet after google, orkut, facebook & linkedin. People who are already on twitter know this, and those who are'nt on twitter and reading this, i know you cant wait a minute more, before you start tweeting. So, Before you leave- dont forget to start following me on twitter after you join it. :-)

I hope you found this blog helpful. By the way - just go to & type "how to use twitter" and a whole new life awaits you. Keep Rocking!

God bless you :-) Feel free to comment.
(let it not exceed 140 char. atleast for this article :-):-):-) )

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Folks this blog is for those who fall in love and are hurt feeling that they have lost their love in this life.

I met a friend of mine, she told me she was at a stand point in her life where she had to choose between her love and her parents. Meaning she had to surrender to her parents to get herself an arranged marriage. The irony of the indian traditional societal daughter or a son is that they fall in love, without feeling the boundaries of societies, but when the time comes where the crucial decision needs to be made, most of them surrender in front of the blackmailing talks of family members and relatives about their reputation if the marriage were to be intercaste.

And in some cases it is still a hit on the reputation even if its a love marriage, depending on the constraints of the society. The child is not happy marrying the person who is selected for him/her, which is at the compromise of his/her love, and person who gets wed with him/her, is also not happy as he/she is always knowing tht his/her partner (the one who lost his/her love) is always looking for the old partner in the new face.

Eventually after a spell of a few years the person gets convinced that you dont always get what you want out life and you need to love what you get - and that becomes the thumbrule. For some, thumbrules are not formed and they continue to live in the agony of loss of love...

Some of them elope and thats considered a sin. If the marriage was allowed which would have only yielded a happy couple, while the families could be adjusting with each other, it would have made so many things simpler. This simple solution is thought over a million times and rejected to yield a whole new world of impossiblites for the ones who fell in love. The fight then begins.

These individuals who would have fallen prey to this societal constraints decide to ensure that their kids wont to have go through the trauma. While they realise when eventually the time comes for the marriage of their kids, they would have also got so woven into the cloth of the socitey that they are ones who impose conditions again. The circle hence repeats again..

This is what i describe as THE VISCIOUS CIRCLE OF LIFE.

Someone somewhere in this tree needs to initiate a route out of this circle to ensure a whole new dimension gets added to the way the tree then grows.

Are you a part of the same circle? Have you fallen in love? Does this apply to you? Do comment..

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wisdom Tip #1( For Success in life & Self Character building) - "One half of the world laughs at the other and the other at the former"

Everything is good or bad, noble or sin according to who you ask. What is one's passion, is hated by somebody else. What one pursues someone else persecutes. The person who becomes the most succesful and remains the happiest, is the one, who learns to regulate his ideas, and follows his heart. The person who pursues his passion to the fullest always takes the throne of success.

Disappointment should be miles away, even if an idea is rejected by a few, for you can be sure about the presence of those few others who will love your idea, and appreciate it. Someone's rejection should not put us down, neither should someone's praise push us on the ninth cloud, for we should know there are others who'll condemn. We should always learn never to be moved by a few opinions.

The challenge that should drive us, should be to win the appreciations of the experts in the field we are pursuing our ideas in. It is their opinion which should help us mentor ourselves. Anyone else is just going to increase your track record of either "acceptors" (A) or "rejectors" (R).

So remember friends if 50 tell you - "you are good" and the other 50 tell you - "you are bad". Know yourself! Dont fall for either of them. Take your passion to the highest limits and all will fall under your umbrella of success.

Final Thumbrule :
"Not all will be satisfied with you, on your journey to success. Someone somewhere will definitely be dissatisfied with you (could be your best frnd, parents or siblings also)".
"Once you reach pinnacles, everybody will be satisfied with you".

So have patience and don get disheartened by temporary disappointments of others.

jai hind!

I hope this post was helpful. Post your feedbacks in the comments column.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

" Follow your heart..!!! " jargon of the day. But i wonder if the heart has the right stuff inside to follow..!!!

Follow your heart - A very misleading jargon! I happened to meet a kid close to 8 years younger to me. We just happened to strike a conversation about how his academics were moving. He seemed to have already lost interest in it. He seems to have got interested things more important to him in his life - "his passions". He seems to have been interested in becoming a software engineer and loved coding stuff for drivers and so on. I ask him why not any other field and how much does he know about rest to conclude this as his passion. The reply is straight forward that he had 70% of knowledge about it and hence he made a decision. I wonder who was the 100% source for his comparision.

Most of the youth today is getting programmed by the media and other similar sources which glamourise follow your heart. But seldom do they add a disclaimer (which also would not have effect) that follow your heart after your heart is capable of judging what is right and what is wrong or atleast is capable of proving that its feeling right. A kid in his adolescence watches a movie, sees the movie picturising the HERO as a person who just followed his heart and was the center of attraction and starts imagining that he is capable of the same.

My only advice, of course being a person who is die hard believer in follow your heart, is that be open to filling in yourself with lot of experience and be enthusiastic about gathering enough information about various subjects and fields and topics before coming to a conclusion about your passions. For your present passions are based on wat you have seen so far, and chances are very less, the sources that you have had access so far, give you the real picture. A large part of youth of our country end up reserved or with closed minds to many things/opportunities because they start following their heart too early and hence a complete ignoring of opinions of others starts happening. (sometimes harmless, but really harmful when the other person is actually a wise individual with some really wise opinions).

Hence understand this jargon "FOLLOW YOUR HEART" with a greater depth. Keep your mind open to data and then decision making is easier. Ultimately follow your heart. But, Let heart get enough assistance from the mind in terms of data also. I hope this was helpful.

Jai hind!

-- Sujit Lalwani

PS : Feel free to comment or put your views under the same topic in comments column.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

GK has always been a challenge and a herculian task. Lets make it look easy.:-)

General knowledge lovers, this article is also for you. For all others who have always found it tough to increase their GK, but time and again, failed to keep yourself uptodate. This page has a solution. A short and sweet solution. Since you are reading this blog it only means you are a person who is an internet user, and user of also. Hence i assume you must also be aware of

The power of this website, though known, is underestimated or let me put it in the right way, it has been "underused". The awareness is not high among people. is a website which is a huge database of videos worldwide under all topics and categories with continous updation. My way of self help these days - (for some people this is something you have always done, for others start doing now).

For any information that one wants one has till today has been using But their initiative of has been a great vision to reality and now is used to get textual information under topics. But today gets you the information on latest stuff or any topic for that matter in exactly the way you want in the video format.

I had to learn guitar and was thinking of going to classes. I just typed - "how to play guitar" on and my journey on youtube started ever since. And ever since that day, life has not been the same, until unless I watch a bunch of videos, my bed does not get to see me. How to read faster, How to type faster, Latest hotels in the world, Latest business news, Types of dances, even how to open locks without keys :-):-). Everything has one solution Just key in searches on different topics.

You will never hate GK again. It just becomes more fun. All the best. I hope this post was helpful.

PS : Feel free to comment.

-- Sujit Lalwani

Saturday, February 21, 2009

5 year plan of India Vs. 5 year plan for indians!!!

I just came across this data, while surfing, that Indian 11th 5 year plan, has a large amount of data, cut, copy and paste from the first one. I really wonder if laying 5 year plans for a country is going to help (it definitely will, but is there a better alternative), for, when I have been for innumerous talks, and when i questioned people as to their plans are the next 5 years, More than 99% of them sit blank.

My dear friends, entire youth fraternity in colleges of this century, is not having a plan of action for themself for the next 5 years, what do we speak about having a 5 year plan for the country. I do not say, 5 year plan for a country should not be there. It does help infrastructure, technology and upliftment of places and people. But, more importantly, my stress is on the fact that, if there is 35% youth (100% of future of our country) population in our country,and if they have a plan of action, with each one deciding plan of action for their studies sector, profession sector, contribution to society sector, charity sector etc. Trust me! its not my intuition alone that speaks at this moment, but logical thought process is also uniting with this thought, that our country will develop much sooner and be much more organised in every sense.

I totally agree, and am not a paranoid who says 5 year exact plan is easy to layout. But lets atleast set it for the next couple of years. We stop planning, because of the no. of failures of our plans we would have gone through during our school days in putting down our time tables and not being able to keep up to it. Lets resolve atleast at this point, that we (the readers of this blog and people who will get to know about this through you as you would promote this to them) shall have a plan of action for different sectors and stick to it, atleast for the next two years.

Majority Youth of india is totally going random. Most youth have this answer when i ask them : "So what are you planning for future?". The answer is :"I am yet to plan". or "I am not sure". Or "let me see". or "I have still not given a thought". My dear friend you are already 20 years old and you have still not given a thought. Kudos to people who have an action plan. But others, its time to open your eyes.

My simplest statement/slogan/quote that would sum up everything -
"If the people of country have a plan for the next 5 years, country is planned for next 5 years". Any other plan is going to be a bonus.

Jai hind!

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Friday, February 20, 2009

A fantastic piece of text. Read this really carefully.

Dear leaders, this is something really awesome i came across.
Do read it carefully. Its just fantastic. Enjoy. Feel free to comment.

A story about recession.

This Story is about a man who once upon a time was selling "Wada-Pav" by the roadside.

He was illiterate, so he never read newspapers.

He was hard of hearing, so he never listened to the radio.

His eyes were weak, so he never watched television.

But enthusiastically, he sold lots of "Wada-pavs".

He was smart enough to offer some attractive schemes to increase his sales.

His sales and profit went up..

He ordered more a more raw material and buns and use to sale more.

He recruited few more supporting staff to serve more customers.

He started offering home deliveries. Eventually he got himself a bigger and better stove.

As his business was growing, the son, who had recently graduated from College, joined his father.

Then something strange happened.

The son asked, "Dad, aren't you aware of the great recession that is coming our way?"

The father replied, "No, but tell me about it." The son said, "The international situation is terrible.

The domestic situation is even worse. We should be prepared for the coming bad times."

The man thought that since his son had been to college, read the papers, listened to the radio and watched TV.

He ought to know and his advice should not be taken lightly.

So the next day onwards, the father cut down his raw material order and buns, took down the colorful signboard, removed all the special schemes he was offering to the customers and was no longer as enthusiastic.

He reduced his staff strength by giving layoffs.

Very soon, fewer and fewer people bothered to stop at his "Wada-Pav" stand.

And his sales started coming down rapidly, same is the profit.

The father said to his son, "Son, you were right".

"We are in the middle of a recession and crisis. I am glad you warned me ahead of time."

Moral of The Story: It's all in your MIND! And we actually FUEL this recession much more than we think we do!!!!!!!!!! !!

What can we take away from this story??

1. How many times we confuse intelligence with good judgment?

2. Choose your mentors carefully but use your own judgment

3. A person or an organization will survive forever, if they have the 5 Cs-






The tragedy today is that there are many walking encyclopedias that are living failures.

The more practical and appropriate views on this economic recession is:

"This is the time to reunite together for any small or a big organization,

This is the time to motivate and retain people which are the biggest asset,

This is the time to show more commitments to the customers,

This is the time show values of our company to the world,

And this is the time to stand by our Nation".

My network has stood by this, and i am proud that in the so called
phase of my org. where most ppl were supposedly giving up. My network has
shown a very high sustainance rate. Kudos to my entire team of leaders.
Thank you all! And i promise we will keep rocking!
For, Its already on our mind..:):):)

Jai hind!

PS : feel free to comment.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We dont have enough freedom to do things.!!!

I am tired of hearing this from people - "I dont have enough freedom to do things that i want". My dear friends/readers who are victims of this situation in your life, please do look back and be honest to yourself, and see if you could work out ways to do what you want, in the freedom you already have. Its not that we do not have freedom, its that we have not been able to gather enough motivation to do something, and hence our visions which we spoke about, never turned into reality, hence we are unable to bear the burden of unaccomplishment on ourself and hence blame circumstances around us.

Lets take it my dear friend and accept, that if we wanted we could have done it, in the freedom that we get. Its not the boundations of the world that we suffer from, its the boundations on our mind, which kill our freedom. The solution, for this, or the key to this lock, is in our hands, until we release it, it will never get released. Thats why India is'nt moving forward. Every individual in some way or the other is not releasing his best and binding himself, with the thought of lack of freedom.

As far as women in our country are concerned, this is highly prominent, amongst the girls of middle class families, where girls have developed this notion, that they do not have freedom to move out or mingle with people, or spend as much as they want on things they want, hence they cannot make it big in life. Trust me, there are enough opportunities around, for all types of constraints, to make it big in life. Just that our quest is not enough. I met a lady, a couple of days ago, it was an experience with this person, where i realised the deadlock our indian youth fraternity is going through.

My question : " do you know there 6.5 million indian literates, and 3.5 million illiterate? even if 2 teach 1, we can be completely literate nation in a matter of a day or two. what have you done for the country so far?"
Answer from her: " I totally understand that, and i have always wanted to do, but my society and relatives at home and situations at home do not permit me enough, that i would be able to do something like this"
My reply: "Why do you think so?"
Her answer: "I dont have enough freedom."
My reply: " what have you done in the freedom you get?"
Her answer: ""
My reply: " thats where we need a correction "
her answer: " but how?"
my reply: "you were allowed to meet me for an hour right?"
her reply: "yes"
My reply: "your parents would scold you, if you said, i am going to the orphanage in the vicinity of our home, to teach two kids english for today, for just an hour, and i will be back on time? Your parents would have told you that you have become a sinner? right?"
her reply: " < i understood expression > "I understood sir" "
my reply: "lets move on"

Trust me its not constraints from people around us, that binds us, its the locks that we put on our actions that stops us from making it big - These locks are : "laziness", "purposelessness", "boredom","passionlessness" etc...

My dear fellow indians, lets break the barriers of these locks that we have put on ourselves and actually move out and start doing something, rather than complain of all the things we are unable to do. I am sure we will together build a great india for our forthcoming generations.

Jai hind!

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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Birthday

My Birthday, is special to me(as it is for any of us). I am born on the day, when the love quotient(LQ) of the world is highest, at its peaks. It is special to me, for it reminds me, that i need to stand for LOVE, and spread love until i live, for I am born on the day, where the world expresses love - Valentines Day - The 14th of Feb.

I started my ebiz career, just the way all ebiz associates do, by giving my draft to ebiz house, ignorant of the fact, that the product wont just be online computer education. But a birthday just after 3.5 years of ebiz, that will be memorable even beyond next 35 years!!!

There are'nt enough words in the dictionary or probably i do not know enough, to describe the day. I just feel it was'nt a day but a cluster of them. The state of feelings was highly mixed. I went through all kinds of emotions.

On demand from many leaders of mine, to describe how exactly i spent my day, I decided to put it down in brief.

It started with a surprise, from my leaders, Dhavalshah ji, Nahar Bros., & Nikhil hulamani ji who came down to my place, with a cake. It was probably the 4th time in my life, i was cutting a cake on my birthday. (out of 22 of them that had goneby). It was my family, and my ebiz family with whom i started my day at 12 am. I was gifted a goggle cum ipod cum pen drive (3in1) gadget from my brother, along with a shirt from my bhabhijis parents, and couple more gifts. People say they love to get gifted, So do I. And when gifts are so sophisticated, it just adds to the joy of getting gifted. I did miss adarsh jis presence and rest of my team.

Number of calls from my fans, my associates & my relatives started pouring in at 12 am. Since they were so many in number, and i could not take all of them, for i was the one cutting the cake and answering the calls. The best testimony for the number of people trying to reach was that - the software of the phone could not match up with the no. of callers. It displays some name and somebody else answers the call.:-) Loads and loads of messages sarted pouring in. I just realised, I had a great fan following.

The ebiz leaders left home at around 1, then i occupied myself with sleep from 2am to 8 am. I then, woke up to see 140+ missed calls between 2am to 8am, after which I left for a party, being thrown for me, which was to be an emotionally touching celebration, at ebiz home. I reached Dr.Surendraji's home - the ebiz home at bangalore - as he calls it. There were all my leaders from his network. It was a great time there. We cut cake (the 5th one in my life). We had a great time. I shared Part-I of my life, with my team - my life and my attitudes before ebiz. We just got closer. Our bonds strengthed. Somebody tells me ebiz cannot move on for lifetime - i just proudly tell him - god cannot break the bonds we build - for he is the one helping us build:-) its the bond of love and understanding.

After the celebration, when i was about to leave for my next place of visit. I was gifted few of my best snaps, which were to be framed. These were posterised. This was the most touching moment at the meet. For, i just felt the love of my team. I moved from there with Manoj ji for camp visits.

I was lucky as only a few people are, to have free computer awareness camps, held on my birthday, a noble work being accomplished on the day i came into the world 22 years ago. The best part is - I was a part of the reason behind this. But all credits to my entire team for being super enthusiastic and a bunch of true fighters for making this vision a reality and helping me strongly believe that this will go on for a lifetime. I visited four camps. Meanwhile, Vikas bohra ji and basanti ji arranged for a cake(6th one). Amidst all this, I was worried about reaching home by 4pm to make it to the movie at 5:45 pm as informed by sumitji.

There was a very big surprise inbetween planned by navneeta ji, sonal ji & Sruthi ji(my closest school friend) I was supposed to reach for a meet with sonal ji's to be closest person of life(which was not the truth), and i ended up meeting Sruthi ji (who wasnt expected in bangalore for another couple of months). It was my birthday, after a long time, when we could celebrate together. We had another CCC (cake cutting ceremony) at her place. Then in a hurry i left from there, i reached home just to discover that time was already 5:45 pm. I was all prepared to convince myself and everybody that the movie would not have a great story in the first half, and only the second half would be more interesting.

But we just discoverd that the show was at 6:45 pm - courtesy - sumit ji's planned surprise, so that we are on time. Billu barber is a good movie, with a mild story of a friendship between two friends, one of whom reaches the highest heights of popularity and the other scales on the negative side. It also has a touch which projects lifestyle of a star (little exaggerated though). After this we were present at the spot where my cousin's marriage's preparations were on. We reached home around 12:15 am just to discover the biggest surprise for the day and for a lifetime.

A huge 5ft. by 4ft. cardboard wrapped with color papers. I was holding and posing for pics, just to discover that there were three of them, in my house to record me do all this and catch my expressions of surprise, when i discover the ppl who presented this gift to me, were at my house then. I opened the gift to discover a testimony for patience, LOVE, realtionship, gift, and true feelings. It was a collage of the best collection of pics of my entire ebiz journey. Thanks to everybody who have put in efforts behind this. You do not know, you guys have given me a memory, for my lifetime. You have taken a place in my life - which is uneraseable. Thanks to Vikas Bohra ji for all his hard work of collecting, arrangin the pics on the collage. Adithya kothari ji, dhaval shah ji and their team who are responsible for the same - I thank you all.

All in all, the day started with a surprise, ended with a surprise and had lots of surprises throughout the day. Trust me, I feel the power of Network today. I know we will own much bigger networks tomorrow, The reasons just keep getting stronger.

The day all in all - was a combination of - celebrations, camps(social work), Emotional moments, movie(family time), Time with cousins, surprise visit to blore by sruthi(quality time with close friends), Gifting by sumit ji and my family, blessings from family, promotions, calls, resolutions, remembering god and showing of gratitude to him, and the MEGA GIFT. All in all - Highly versatile day. I was wondering if i had enjoyed more than a week on the same day. God extended time for me:-)

Dear Reader, My sincere wishes that everyday of your life, would be as my 22nd birthday was. There were innumerous moments, which i could not list down here. But trust me I could ask for more:-):-) I just know that next birthday shall be much more amazing for sure.:-):-)

I hope you enjoyed reading, as much as Ienjoyed writing. Do post in your invaluable comments.