Friday, July 17, 2009

When going gets tough, The tough get going. Once the tough get going, for the rest, the going gets easier.

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In times of despair, with the dreams burning in the eyes, with efforts on the field going futile one after another, the only adage that keeps ringing in the ears, that gives the fighter some solace and patience to keep himself focussed, is - "When the going gets tough, the tough get going".

Every business is filled with ups and downs. The phase which takes your business down, is always the one that will end up as filteration process for your business. It filters your team that performs from the team that doesnt, strategies that work from strategies that do not, sectors which generate cash from those that need to be shut down etc. Its this phase which takes you to higher levels of performance and elegance, higher levels of responsibility and intellect, higher levels of business acumen and PR abilities. It fine tunes you for the next growth phase of your business.

But can everybody go through this phase. In two cases you can. Either 'you' are a "tough individual" or you are working with a "tough individual". (hence the adage holds true).

Then the question arises - Who is a "tough individual"? He can be defined as "An individual with the ability to envision, chalk out a step by step action plan, take wise decisions and stand by them until visions turn reality and smooth road arrives again. A person who can keep the entire team motivated even when the business is running under loss, yet every team player feels, that paychecks are just pouring without breaks. Just that they are'nt reaching home, but they soon will." ('they' refers to paychecks)

These Tough Individuals are a benediction in disguise for all the people working with them, who believe in the ray of hope that the Tough Individuals have to offer. Once the things get going and smooth roads arrive, the team would have learnt the qualities of patience, hard work, being passionate about work & not fretting over results and ultimately would have become the so called "Tough Individuals" themselves. Hence, any further tough phases can be handled by this new breed of Tough Individuals.

The tough individuals, actually through their strong self motivation, diligence, innovations crack through the route map to smoother roads and make it easier for all the rest of them to drive through to success.

Thats why, I believe in the extension of the primitive adage and say "When going gets tough, the tough get going. Once the tough get going, for the rest, the going gets easier."

Readers must be wondering that this has application only in business not in other arenas of life. My dear friends, its equally applicable everywhere else. Just that the followers in this case are your friends, family, relatives and you yourself. You just get tougher and tougher with each such passing phase and your example and accomplishment makes life much easier for the rest around you.

So, Are you a tough individual? If yes, great going. If no, attach yourself with one :-)

(Note: This article is from my real life experience. Trust me, I have become much tougher than I was, in every arena of my life.)

Hope this article helped you invest your time in a constructive direction. The returns on this investment would surely be very high.(thats my commitment).

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Time just ticks by. tick! tick! tick! tick!

The adage "time and tide wait for none" used to sound so simple to memorise and score that 1 mark in my childhood. I never understood why they valued this adage and made us memorise it, when it was so simple.

Today at this point of my life, when I see myself loaded with loads of visions and dreams in my eyes, I see that, I have kept targets lined up for me at different age points of my life, its then I find myself running short of time for the amount of things I need to accomplish. Everytime a second goesby, it sends back a realisation to me - that, I need to express gratitude to my school teachers, for, they made me memorise an invaluable adage.

The amount of time we have is limited. None of our days will expand beyond 24 hours. Even if life expectancy assumed, is 70 yrs. 70*365*24 hours=6,13,200 hours totally, is what you get. On an average if a man sleeps for 6 hours a day and needs 2 hours for his daily habits 4,04,300 hours are the productive hours left in hand.

So Just ask yourself how many have you spent already from this bank balance of yours and how much is remaining in your balance. Please make sure you spend this very carefully and purchase assets in life than spending it on liabilities.

Trust me my dear frinds, we all make choices. Its a personal choice to either cut down on our dreams and take time off to relax and spend a lot of it on liesure and entertainment, (the one that offers temporary joy) or make a wise choice to spend in a wise way on steps towards your goals and dreams. When you enjoy the steps towards your dreams and goals so much, that they become entertaining and keep you on toes 24/7, then you deserve to spend hours on leisure and entertainment. Its a choice we make. Most of the people say they didnt have enough time for doing big things. (I tend to disagree with them)

"When you know how to squeeze every single second of your life pushing yourself closer to your dreams, time will expand for you" - sujit lalwani

This article is open to comments. Elaborate writing on this would not be helpful. Stop reading this and start doing something.

Time is just ticking by.

tick! tick! tick! tick! tick! tick!

Have a great life ahead. Happy spending:-)

(Bank balance - 6,13,200/- How much is your expense till date? how much is your balance today? its time to plan your "Budget of LIFE")