Thursday, January 21, 2010

Service sector can be a great part-time. Careers are multi-fold today, but to eyes which can see it.

Since childhood till death, today man is in a continuous chase to plan his next move, decide which field to step into, what career to take up, what should he represent in this world, what should he/she be known for. I am one in this pursuit as well.

What I realised, as I stand today, having spent close to 23 years of my life, is that, when you go deep into this aspect of life, have a broader look at it, there are 4-types of people, as Robert. T. Kiyosaki mentions in his books. People belonging to E,S,B or I quadrants.

  1. E - employees.
  2. S - Self employed.
  3. B - Business owners.
  4. I - Investors.

But there are innumerous branches to these four today. Gone are the days, when there used to be well-defined terms and paths for an individual for surviving and coming out as a winner. Entrepreneurship has re-defined everything.

Engineers, doctors, scientists alone were the need of the times of industrial revolution. Its not that the need for these experts has reduced. But automation is the word for the day, machines are being built which are reducing the man-power required. This is reducing the number of jobs available. I agree that number of companies coming up is also increasing, number of new sectors opening up are also increasing, hence the diversity of jobs is increasing. But the irony is, the pace of the latter is slower compared to the number of people graduating today. Millions of graduates every year but not millions of vacancies.

My realisation tells me that the world has hyped up the amount of recognition that goes to engineers, doctors, CAs etc. that the rest are suffering at the hands of making attempts to become the same, when their real talent lies somewhere else sometimes. I urge my friends to re-think their career options. New talent for the world would come into light.

Options are just multiplying today, but irony is people are not giving a thought to it. There is a mad race for the set up career options. Thinking out of the box is the demand for the day.

Entrepreneurship looks like one major ray of hope for all the people looking forward for a change, or are under-capable for the expertise for jobs available, or for people who have big dreams and willing to take risk. Jumping into the service sector to chase your way up the ladder of success is not a bad option as you can accumulate enough knowledge, skills and capital to do something on your own while you pursue a part-time in the service sector.

The career options are really increasing, Careers in teaching, singing, dancing, art & craft etc. network marketing industry is giving options, Hobbies turning into profession, food industry, restaurants, Unique hang outs etc, teaching of soft skils, specialised institutions for it etc. The best part of being a coach in any of these directions is something that gives a flexibility to you to do it part-time. You can 'write' in your part-time and get paid for it. There are innumerous magazines, news-papers etc, they need writers. Start for free and then once you are quite popular you can always charge.

One of my part-time careers is inspirational speaking, I write, I counsel people, I offer consultancy for business ideas etc. All this as my hobby and part-time right now. All these directions have the capacity to get me paid & there is immense satisfaction in all these directions as I serve a lot of people here. I am into network marketing as well (part-time/full-time as per my necessity). Which is a strong base for my finances right now.

I just want to convey to my readers, that you in your free time can do loads if you know what you are strong at and start nurturing it and one day you might own an enterprise which employs a lot of people who do the same. Dance schools, soft-skills schools, english coaching institutes, Singing schools, calligraphy classes, cooking classes, art and craft classes, art galleries, etc are all innovations which can be explored in your part-time. Meanwhile you can nurture your knowledge, skills and attitudes and generate a capital for something you want to stand for in the coming tomorrow.

These were the thoughts on my mind. I am sure this blog would have given you direction to think in this direction for yourself, or for your relatives, or for your friends. It will surely be of help and we are creative enough to come up with solutions if someone can orient us. This blog is meant as an orientation.

Drop in your comments.