Saturday, September 1, 2012

The winning teams at the most exciting time on Independence Day at IU CARES event!

The winning teams at the IU Cares Event. They did a splendid task of collecting more than Rs.3052/- of funds - and donated about 110 Dental Kits! The other team spent 3 hours in a old age home making the day joyous and memorable for those who were left unattended by their families.

It was really touching to know what everyone else did as well. Follow that at and

You can also volunteer by submitting your email on the home page of the site and we shall get back to you once we have further events. Thank you!

Sujit lalwani

Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Happiness lies within" - A re-inforcement!

When I came across this picture - I was pretty sure there is heavy depth in it! One of my friends asked me elaborate my view on this. I totally agree that greatest happiness lies within us. It's after all a feeling and not a material object to lie outside us. Though outside world control feelings, it's not always necessary to allow the control. When the pain is going beyond a threshold from the world outside us, it's better to shut the window of control and take back the control in our own hands.

It's like the television and the remote functionality, the remote control can change the channels as long as the Television is connected to the power plug. Once it shuts itself down, it still remains a television but absolutely no action can the remote have on it. One might think what's the point in being a television that is switched off. Metaphorically this only needs to be done under situations of deep pain, until the user changes and someone else has the remote then. As long as the right channels are being played that can bring joy and positivity to the world and you - Allow the user to have control. Else just switch yourself off wait and for the user to change (either THE user itself changes, or the user changes his behavior!)

Hope this analogy brings some clarity. There is peace already within, it's the burden of desires, expectations, worries, hopes, material dreams etc that we put on our soul that it's pressurized and breaks down. It was as such born without any of this and devoid of these it's peaceful by nature. The best way to keep the soul at peace with all of this is to ensure you outsource the task of dealing with all of the desires, expectations etc. to your intellect and not your emotions. Let the result (positive ones) make you happy and work more harder and let the failures (negative ones) trigger happiness and challenge in you! Keep no channel that plays pain and misery.

For sure, you shall attract the best only and the best shall happen with you. You might believe or think that this is hypothetical, but all the lives of those men who lived at peace with themselves and made a mark and spread the message of peace and happiness lived by it and their lives are a standing testimonial to what we just discussed.

Give space on your mind to pain and problems only how much it deserves! (it deserves NONE!). Let joy, happiness, peace, love sleep in luxury in the space of your mind, like your mind was their backyard (backyard of a billionaire's palace - unlimited expanse, beauty, greenery and serenity!)

Keep smiling (half your problems stop existing!)!

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Peer pressures are killing dreams & purposeful lives of many! Fight it!

The peer pressures in the world are increasing by the day. There are enough people to advise but none to mentor. People are trying to pull us on all sides, the moment they see you are talented they all want your service and work and then at one point when they feel they have had enough of you, you are left wandering all alone.

They want you to become this, they want you to become that, either because they couldn't become what they wanted or because they need someone like that. It it unites with what your passions are, interests and capabilities are - Great! Else once they are gone, you are left in no-man's land. For, the reason for which you started doing what you did, itself doesn't exist. Hence if you are mentored to become what your passions are - then the source of ignition is something you are not dependent on and that is what a great mentor or a leader is, who makes himself irrelevant once he shows the path and that's why he is bestowed with the title of a great leader.

But today, people title themselves mentors and coaches and every other person is coaching others to have a successful living though they themselves are still search of their own purpose of existing. It's always to share knowledge and information but to share wisdom you first must own experience.

Meanwhile, to convey this message of what is happening to a lot of us today - when we are being pulled on all sides - Here is a small video that I have created.

Inspired from my first creation which you must have watched in the previous blog: Be Yourself!

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A small message today: "BE YOURSELF!!!" (Conveyed trough a video!)

In today's world its a common sight to see that people are being carried away by trends. That which becomes a trend people flock it and suddenly when the trend is out-dated, people are left confused. It's a need to empower masses and make them follow sustainable trends, so that they could make a worthwhile mark and add meaning to their existence.

Trend setters' objective is to have people flocking! But, the ones that are clean in objective and have a true genuine impact to progress the mankind are truly appreciated for being trends. Those that simply divert and make men get mislead, are many in the world today. This is disheartening!

I believe a visual always has a great impact on mind and hence I created a small video to give my message. Hope you interpret right and are able to catch the depth of what I am trying to convey. Do share to help this message reach more people!

Thank you!

Make sure you are not being played by the trends and you know to make a choice/call and you support visions that are truly sustainable and not those that are around for a little time and have no specific target or impact on the mankind!

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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Stop THINKING, Start DOING! Get out of your comfort zone! Make it HAPPEN!

A million times procrastination eats us up, do we eat it up a few times in return. Once you decide to eat up procrastination feeling each time it comes, you realize you are over-eating. Should you decide to continue to turn obese. It's the best thing that could happen. It's good to get obese eating up your procrastination feeling. Become a doer not a thinker and a planner alone. It's important to think and plan, but most important to do as doing gets you into the mode of executing your plan.

Most of us feel lethargic or bound by things we don't know or confronted by obstacles we fear we can't clear to reach our goals. But if goal is what is in our eyes and we are determined to reach there, we might hit a few obstacles on the way, we might jerk and fall but eventually making it there would feel heavenly and divine, defining the purpose of our existence. It would make us feel ecstatic and give us the thrill nothing ever gave, the pain of the journey would seem too trivial in front of the joy of having made it.

Majority of the times, what we fear is but a small of peck of dust in front of the abilities we have not explored that lie inside us. Faith is the only thing we can count on, besides counting on the fact that we have nothing to lose in this life, if we fail our attempts. But not moving ahead with attempts means a loss of attitude - the loss of winning attitude! We can't afford this one. Hence, JUST GO ALL OUT!

IF you are thinking of an idea and feel it's difficult to materialize it, start believing in it's happening, in it's execution at it's best, you will soon see one by one, right people, right resources, right energies coming together to make your idea the super hit that you desire it to be. It's time to MOVE OUT of your comfort zone and make your LIFE the path rest would want to follow! The generations would thank god for having brought you to planet earth for having made a remarkable presence while you lived.

Become HUMAN DOINGs - Don't just remain HUMAN BEINGS!

Monday, July 23, 2012

INFLUENCE Matters! So BEWARE of what is influencing YOU!

Friends - Life is a sum total of all experiences we go through.

Not going into too much of depth of psychology(as this a blog and not a book to be written), but still keeping the depth sufficient, I would love to share this aspect of all our lives that

It is natural to act on information that goes into our mind, that makes it's groove on our heads. The direction of action is aligned to the path of the groove on our mind. Majority of the times even we do not understand a few decisions we take, they are a result of what beliefs we have formed over years due to the circumstances we were a part of, things we have read, people we have listened or things we have listened to (tv, radio, videos etc), things we have seen(movies, incidents etc.) or people we surrounded ourselves with.

What I essentially try to convey through this is that not all are born with or develop the ability to ensure they keep away from negative influences or they don't let negative things influence them. It doesn't affect you when your will power is strong or the positive things that have influenced you already are way too large & deep in their influence than the negative ones can be.
By positive i refer to things that lead to your progress, growth, they have positive impact on the society, they have their foundation in positive and cultured values, they are fruitful towards the progress of the world and society at large. By negative I refer to those that lead to inculcating anti-social qualities and negative habits in you.

What I intend to convey from here is that ensure:

1. You keep yourself in the company of good people, who are well informed, educated, positive, energizing, have positive attitudes, optimistic, have good leadership qualities, have positive habits, have vision and make most of their time.

2. Watch serials, sitcoms, movies, videos, documentaries that essentially give you a direction a quality message, knowledge, information etc. Keep away from films that project unnecessary glamour, over philosophical stuff, excessive violence, negative traits (jealousies, frustrations, depressions, drug addictions). Since it's not a possibility to invest time on things that are devoid of these things in today's world - Put your best efforts to ensure till you are capable of inferring right things and not getting negatively influenced just because it has been glamorized on screen(small/big - sitcoms or movies). Movies may reflect someone's life, it may not have things applicable to your life. Know all, but decide what suits yours. Don't be over moved by something, don't not learn things.

3. Read stuff that can make you feel good about yourself. Read stuff that can inspire you, that can build your knowledge, make you positive, strong, wise, help you build depth, and diversity in your perceptions. Engaging in reading about crime, murders, rapes, thefts etc. (regularly might only keep those running on your minds!

4. Be part of events, conversations, programs, meetings, friend circles that can have positive influences in your life, build your wisdom, help you progress, makes you feel up and progressing. Don't be parts of conversations that are about bitching about others, talking things that make absolute non-sense, corrupt, vulgar, (sound cool, but are not) etc.

Majority of the times people surrender to being a part of things that their peers are involved in, it hurts later when you discover that there are better ways of living. So next time you are involved in a group of people who are all doing similar things, do not conclude that it's the way of life. Find out if that has adverse effects, any advantages, if it can help you move forward, feel positive and feel good about yourself(not temporarily).

Just to ensure you are friends with someone do not try and do things you will only regret later.

Hope this blog helps you be conscious of what you are feeding your mind with, for, what goes in comes out! Feed your mind right for right actions to come out of you.


Sujit Lalwani
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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movies Make Sense! So does our LIFE!

No beating around - Here I come straight to the point: There is lot to learn from every movie you watch. It's what you take from it that counts. If you can put efforts to think on lines of the movie and put a little effort to relate to the movie & not take that little effort as an effort actually, & as a defeat to your objective of getting entertained; then possibly you could come back with a big deal of message and entertainment. Besides you would also not kill the hours of your life for nothing.

It could matter to you and of course to more people than just you, for, if it mattered to you and coached you with something it would matter to all those you would connect to in future. A director does not put his effort for nothing. he definitely has an objective behind making the movie which has complete sense or reason or an objective. It rolls down in number money wise because it cannot engage a lethargic audience who has come with an objective of spending their 3 hours with an objective they have defined. Large audience is there to kill time really well.

At times the making of the movie does not have a style that is engaging. I do agree. But I feel when I have been to movies, I tune myself to the rythm of the movie. I look at it from the director's perspective. If at the end of it I don't make any sense(which is never the case) I would possibly still appreciate the patience it takes to make something like this which has no sense and spend millions on it.(No one would want to do that)

The objective with which I write this blog is to let you all know that every life has meaning and every one does things, because it makes sense to them. If you can relate to the doer's mindset you could help him do things on a plane where majority of people he meets he would be able to influence and hence fulfilling life shall not elude him/her.

You can learn from every story of your past if you gave a little attention to it that it deserved with right bent of your mind for your future. All lessons that you need for your future to make it as happening as you desire and to make happen things you desire, you just need a deeper introspection and a neat glance at your own movie. The movie you directed is not flop. Just ask yourself what is your objective and you could create an interval where you want and twist the complete storyline towards what end you desire!

HAPPY ENDING is the definite goal and the good news is - it's achievable. DEFINITELY!!!

Sujit Lalwani
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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Q & A! Someone's question & my answer!

Mr. Vijay Mamoria from Nagpur asked me the question and the reply I shared then, is what I would love to share with all my readers that - this is the truth of life for anyone and everyone. Since it's so largely applicable, with the permit of Mr. Vijay Mamoria this snapshot is being posted here for all your help!

Sujit Lalwani
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Genuineness May Not Get Repaid Well; Still Be Genuine!!!

Just because you think you are genuine and you think you are doing enough for the world and hence the world is going to sweetly unfold it’s feather like arms to you to give you a warm hug, May be I am the best person to let you know that it’s one of the slightly less modest fantasies of your wonderland and worth an awesome positive short story script.

Trust me friends, having travelled a no of places, having engaged a no of negotiation meetings, having met a lot of people, having committed and delivered a lot of things, having done some business this far this has been of such a common notice to me, personal experiences and experiences of people whom I have met, that there are enough no of people sitting out there, to cheat you, stab you, eat you up, take your services without a whisker size thought of paying you for them.

It’ s too often that I used to wonder when I was a child, like most of you did, I presume, that why do people not love each other, why do they not trust each other, why does negative have to rule the positive or rule over the positive, the answer is pretty clear and vivid today, In the miniature level where I play today, the numbers are small, the size is minute, but I have learnt from this universe, the model has to be understood and extrapolated to size desired.

Hence, I understand as it gets bigger, the numbers shall grow, but the basic model and algorithm of functioning is something that will remain the same, as I have learnt today. The only way you can still feel great and positive, is that the whole lesson amidst all this is to understand that this is the road to wisdom, the wisdom of being able to worth your work, the wisdom of numbers, the wisdom of anticipation, the wisdom of calculation, the wisdom of being able to gauge the disaster estimate before the tsunami has risen full swing, the wisdom to live life in the worst case scenario.

The WCS rule of HAPPINESS. It’s for sure, that things will be hit at times, at times you will be delivered less than what you are promised, people will steal away your pie, ruthlessly deny your deserved share, hence it’s best to stand tall and live life in the WCS expectation. Work and believe in the BCS but plan according to the WCS.

One shall never have to stop or pause in such a scenario. People who stab you or deceive you, think that if they did this to you, it would mean a huge loss to you and you would come back to them to grow yourself, if not them, you cannot stand tall, prove them wrong, teach them the lesson of love, GIVE THEM LOVE in return for the STABBING they just served you. Their life will sink in embarrassment, and if they are human deep down, they will silently learn this chapter from you – sooner or later. They shall remember you forever for what you have been.

My conclusion is: Friends – GOD never promised GOD-like people around us. One in millions is lucky to have a few around him or even one who is truly and totally genuine. The one who is genuine rewards his men more than what they deserve, who helps them grow beyond himself, who helps them climb the ladder and takes them from where they could have been to where they never could have imagined to be.

GAME OF LIFE: Hit across a millions to find a few GEMs – Genuinely Exquisite Mature Supporters.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello from Sujit Lalwani to all the Readers!

Hello to all the readers!

It's your encouragement that makes us get better and better. We are giving our best to develop IU resource as a source of inspiration for the world. The vision is about 25 months old now & has reached millions of people around the globe already, impacting many lives.

We believe that inspiration is a must in lives, for, it's the inspired souls that perspire. Definitely it's true that it is 1% inspiration & 99% perspiration, but without that 1% that 99% doesn't happen. So it's our effort to help a better world happen by keeping the foundation 1% rammed well, while you are busy in your days completing your 99%. We would be glad to know and look back at our lives if we can see that we were largely responsible for that 1% quota for billions of people around the globe.

It would be a dream come true to know that people talk about us saying "If it is about inspiration rely on IU Products!". The following is our work towards the same:

1. The talks that our speakers take in various parts of the world. (
2. The videos of the talks on the internet to help the inspiration reach masses.
3. IU eMagazine - The out of the world effort which inspires people from all walks of life.( (The articles are now on the site for you to share and read, while the full issue contains a lot more than just the articles.)
4. - The fantastic site for inspiring quotes. The best in it's design & utility.
5. Facebook pages: | |
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Our initiatives that have impacted the world globally which are open for you all to follow and be a part of are as follows:

1. - The initiative to promote the culture of preventing food wastage to do our bit towards the world that is victim of hunger.
2. IU Newspaper Bag initiative: The initiative to make paper bags out of newspapers to help reduce the use of plastics.
3. IU Youth 2 Children Project: - The initiative to motivate youth to travel down to places with school children deprived of great education and create awareness of the modern world in sectors of education, internet, hygiene, entrepreneurship & instill values, ethics & street smartness.

We would be glad to welcome you on board this big vision of ours to inspire the world and keep
it ignited while it is busy making this world a better place. We would be glad if we could just keep that 1% of billions of people intact while they are busy making their 99% happen and happening!

Thank you
Sujit Lalwani
Founder & Director, IU. |

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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Visit to Russia at VISIT RUSSIA!

"VISIT RUSSIA"- The international Tourism Forum extended their invite to me to opine & share my ideas and views on helping develop tourism in Yaroslavl Region of Russia. I was glad to accept the invitation on the pretext of a great opportunity and an all new challenge of talking of tourism. I just told myself that Entrepreneurship is something that is my field and I believe somehow everything in the world connects to it's roots, if you can perceive it right. Hence I was all set to rack my brain on this one.

Moscow Speakers Bureau was interacting with me during this entire process. They made sure all of it was well coordinated. Being new into this field, they still pulled off a big event and they have launched themselves big. Indeed now it must soon become a dream for many speakers around the world to feature in the Moscow Speakers Bureau as listed Speakers.

The experience was indeed fantastic & informative. I networked with the elites from all around the world who threw light from their respective backgrounds on tourism. People from all backgrounds were invited by the Moscow Speakers Bureau to participate in the Forum.

It indeed brought the best of the world to contribute. The initiative of Russia to seek help from experts from world over was indeed appreciated. Since this was being conducted just the second time, there is still scope for growth to make forum yield better results and output. I believe a lot better will be the next Forum. But as such, it was still able to deliver quality networking platform for all who were present. Insights into developments of Tourism in Russia and ways to do it was indeed fruitful & worth bringing back.

The meeting with the governor was an experience of high profile meet with delegates from over 15 countries. The toursim flow to Yaroslavl region was the main agenda. While the historic importance of the place is really high, what needs a huge focus is the tourist inflow to the area. The lack of infrastructure, lack of proper transport facilities, lack of english speaking people, lack of quality places to dine were few main issues which are being addressed.

There is hope with forums like this happening frequently, that the tourism would rise in that region. While the place is a true testimony to Natural beauty and feast to eyes and indeed fosters serenity in every corner of itself, the flaws are eventually leading to people not preferring to travel down to this place. We believe the government will take quick & strong steps to make right happen.

What I believe the Forum needed was stronger visionaries who could have channelized the potential of attending members to a much greater extent with prior planning and perfect execution. People were willing to share more and more and extend their ideas, I feel there was a lack of someone who could gather all of it and put it into concrete action. Nonetheless the platform was indeed great for exchange of ideas and business cards ofcourse!

Michael Teoh, A young inspiration from Malaysia, with a global following, the winner of Your Big Year Title in 2011, who traveled 22 countries that year and impacted more than 300,000 lives globally, was present at the event. He was the one who extended a reference for me to the speakers club, after which it was an easy job for speakers bureau to finalize(owing to Google, that keeps a huge record of what I do).

Thank you
Sujit Lalwani
Founder & Director, IU.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's not lonely at the Top! It's instead beautiful! Just fly together!

Most people talk about "It's lonely at the top!" I disagree and disbelieve. Life is once, Money is nor solace neither a great friend, So is the case with fame, success or glory. There is peace, freedom, pattern, glory and a brilliant story in being at the top together. This belief of mine has been truly criticized by far and people have spoken about in contemptuous terms, making me realize how the world would just take advantage of me, use my abilities and not give me much in return.

My answer was simple when am being continuously used or rather I put my talents to use more often to benefit more people (ofcourse keeping my basic priorities on mind(achieving & fulfilling my basic responsibilities)), I feel I achieve a more fulfilling life than trying to keep my success story a top secret and gather all of it just for myself and not share it.

So, here I am to help this world be a better place and make things happen for as many as I can, join hands with bright visionaries who are also working to make a change and achieve a global revolution. Truly wish to see myself and many more stand as a true example for "Inspiration Unlimited" passing unlimited inspiration to the next generation of "brotherhood & benevolence". I know you are with me. So, what you waiting for? Find out who in your circle needs that time of yours for their growth and upliftment, give it all to help it happen.

Mutual Benefit is fair and expected. I'm not saying don't do that, but remember all the time to eat up the other person's share is not what should be done. Think beyond and far! Really Far. At the horizon it's all but an illusion! | | |

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Someone's Question & My Answer - 1

Someone's Question & My Answer - 1 "Problem with today's youth is we are moving away from patriotism and Indian Culture, Can you throw some light, How do we develop this..."

~Shalini Iyer (Delhi, School of Planning & Arch.)

My Answer:
It's all about stopping the influence we have into doing "things that are cool" and jumping to "things that will sustain/develop/retain culture with an open mind! It's not our fault - the peer pressure is so much wrt doing cool things and if we are traditional the pressure from society to stay locked into orthodox thoughts/customs is high. People want to break free and hence they move away from a patriotic culture.

Instead if people are not forced into culture/religion and excessive superstitions and constraints which don't have logic in our indian family set up- People will themselves love culture, family set up, develop patriotism and hence our roots will get stronger! But the advantage that's taken of a person in a family set up who is submissive is not funny! It's high.. Hence the need to break free and run away from everything arises.

I feel one should Recognize, appreciate the good in everyone and set them free (to a good extent, (ofcourse keeping a watch to help them stay aligned)) and then watch the Youths change the future of this country!!!

Please NOTE:

On a deeper perception - at a higher level - political interest is high to ensure a large mass of India stays superstitious, orthodox and closed.. The greater the aware indians the greater the danger to those in power (who do not know much, but enjoy great posts.. not talking about the genuine ones..(dunno how many are there though)

Note: This section of Q & A may not feature most neatly edited articles, instead it would be direct dialogue at times. (Your opinions & comments are most welcome!) | |

Monday, May 7, 2012

The greed or the need? What's the best?

How much money do you need? There is a limit to which the greed should drive you! If you are driven by the greed of money, you tend to forget the importance of relations in life over money. Earning money is probably the most essential thing you need to do as a part of life, which even Adam Smith quotes in his book "The wealth of Nations". But, the question is how much? It's not sufficient to decide how much you need to sustain yourself, for, it's Different for different people as they have different dreams, different expectations and hence different limits that they set for themselves.

But, if you look at it again, the question is asked by many people, who are not actually earning that much, but are watching a quality earners' life as an outsider - In such cases - the hard work of the person and sacrifices he makes are assumed to be the mistakes of his/her life. But, when looked deeper, it just turns out to be the requirement of that person's life according to his/her expectations.

As long as you are able to strike balance in your life's important relations, fulfilling your responsibilities, your personal interests and do not end up provoking enmity amongst people in your circle(with money as the base), You are perfectly on a path of creating wealth for yourself, which would come coupled with peace. Else, you would just invite trouble with every pie coming into your home. It would truly make life more miserable for you, than taking it towards perfection.

Many philosophize money isn't required at all - they are utterly wrong & indeed have not earnt it themselves, that is the prime reason they take pride in ensuring others don't as well. The perfect way to look at it, is to ensure you are earning enough by investing planned investment of time to make the right output in your life.

The priorities at one point of life may make you look at life in a way where you think - "Let me make enough money now, that I don't have to struggle later!" A lot of people miss out on living a great LIFE, because they never earn enough with this philosophy. The better perspective is to work hard to amass wealth, accepting the fact that present is the most beautiful gift of life and that it's has to be lived, while future is being secured. One should make efforts to earn enough and still not forget to enjoy all occasions of life and make time for the people he/she loves. Being busy and forgetting to live are two different things. There is a Thin Line...

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Saturday, March 31, 2012

"Grass on the other side is always GREENER!" BULL SHIT!

Life on the other side is always green. Is it true? Friends, this is true, because a person who is down, frustrated and does not love his life or what he does, is bound to fell that someone else's life is more greener than his/her his. The long instilled philosophy in all of us today, that if you do what your heart says you are more content and satisfied than when you are doing what someone else is expecting you to do is causing all the trouble.

Truth is what you discover. Live your life and discover the truth of your life, your constraints, your situations, your problems, your answers, your happiness is too unique to you, live to make a great life out of your life's situations. Don't model in comparison to bill gates' life, neighbor's life or for that matter your brother's, parents' or your spouse's life. See what can make all happy. By not keeping others happy, you are digging your own grave.

If you can expect and tell yourself what you are expected to do is what you love to do, the problem gets solved if the question is of being content. But the ego doesn't allow this to happen, for your ego continuously reminds you of the fact that "you are adjusting.." you are not originally happy. That is the job of ego - can you believe it gets paid for it. It gets paid for it and it's returns are the no of issues it creates in your life.

The other facet of life is when you are expected to do things in a particular way and someone who is expecting you to do something is doing the same in an opposite way, it causes the greatest hurdle to accept what is happening and stay happy - the first thing that hits the mind is the comparison that "why are you expected to do when he/she can do the opposite". Life has sort of instilled in us through various media - the joy of ownership, the joy of having control. This has it's strengths and hazards. The hard side to it is we forget to draw the line, where to seek control, what to seek control in and when to let go; with whom to seek and with whom to let go.

More the philosophies more the confusion. The greatest solution of life is in understanding that life is far more simpler than we all think it is. Nevertheless it may not be easy, as we all expect it to be. But it's simplicity lies in the fact that if you love what you get, you would sooner or later get what you love. The most toughest thing is to believe in this, because the distractions are many and at times when you are made to feel by the various media that surround you (including FB, tv, movies, newspapers etc) that your life is hell and others are having a ball, the horrendous effects of your ego/self image multiply.

The more often you watch things you want to do, being glamorized and showing people really seeking pleasure out of it, the more you would want to do it.

One finest example that I would love to quote, is the way media has glamourized romance, love, relationships, outings, travels, which has made people seek all of this only to realize these no way fall close to the expected pleasure they might give that the media sets in us. It's an exaggerated view that is set in us and hence what follows is an exaggerate expectation. Life's purpose is to attend to the dreams of the collective set of most important people you love and ofcourse yourself eventually (but eventually is what we forget).

Likewise in relationships the ego plays havoc. People have forgotten roles. The role of a pilot is to fly the plane and hostess needs to assist the passengers. We tend to think pilot can fly the plane the way he wants and he has complete control and is more fortunate than any of us. But we fail to realise he feels equally more responsible for all the lives, he is accountable, he is also flying an expected route, he is going through deeper and greater strain (mentally) so needs better relaxation and rest. A lot of us end up comparing that what we are doing is equally BIG and great and hence we deserve to enjoy and celebrate as much as the pilot does and we should be paid equally as well.

If reason is we are not treated that well, because we are not pilots our ego is all set to argue that we have the capacity to be pilots as well. After becoming one we only realise it's not the post that makes us happy or something that our ego made us do, we would be happy even otherwise. Now the most important thing - In relationships roles have to be truly well understood and accepted and not compared. Comparison causes more damage than good it is capable of causing. It's best if we all did realize that It's happiness that makes us become the best of whatever post we are from.

If you are the manager you are made to sit in a cabin and if you are the receptionist you are made to sit at the reception table. It's not to give one more pleasure and other more pain. It's just the nature of the work. It's perception that counts.

A marital relation has similar roles. Having travelled the world am observing these divorce cases on a very large scale and the alarming rate at which they are increasing is not funny. It's simply because what is done by the wife is to be done by the husband and what is done by the husband is to be done by wife. Simply because they want it to be FAIR. I dont understand in between love and relationships where does the word FAIR come from. Fair needs to come when there is one job that is only giving pain and other only giving pleasure. It is general nature to believe that working and having a career is something that gives you pleasure, and home management is a painful & pitiable work. SO balancing that is fair. THIS make NO SENSE.

Once a great man said "All work is just WORK" with equal pleasure and pain. If there is possibility of work sharing it should be done. If there is expertise it should be shared. For the sake of sharing it if things are divided then it makes chaos happen. It could be from small things to bigger ones. Why is it that woman gives birth to a child and not a man, why is it women look beautiful and not a man etc. Nature had a reason to make both the way they are and a lot can be learnt. Let roles be unique and not compared. Let the common goal be the upliftment of family and not the upliftment of an individual alone.

If this was understood - divorces would decrease. ":Why should i go through all the pain?" "why me always..?" " Why should it always be me who says sorry?" "why should i do all the work?" " why should I go through this, I dont deserve it.." "Why..." If you have felt all this then welcome to the club of people who just need to hold their ego with both their hands strangle it each time it comes when the person on the other side of grass is a loved one and for heaven's sake STOP COMPARING. No matter how much your tendency is to.

Life on your side is as green as that on the other side. IT's just that at times it's night on your side and day on the other side and at times it's day on your side (when you busy seeing your grass and have no time to see it's dark on the other side..) and night on the other side.

The grass has nothing to do with your life. Will you start loving your life and living it with what it offers you first and then expand the horizons beyond to ensure it compasses more and more in your arena, than comparing and keeping your life in a circle of small radius forever.

Hope this blog helps you through atleast one of the paragraphs. I know it's lengthy but it has depth equally (atleast I presume). Open to read your comments...

Sujit Lalwani | |

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Pleasure it is to let you know that this is my first ever blog from the UK. That makes this entry a very special one in itself anyways, but by all means, it's definitely more special owing to the weight the subject adds to this one.

The Craze of 2012 - The Most awaited YOUR BIG YEAR Competition finally is almost through. We are just a couple of days short of knowing the ambassador for this year for Smaller Earth. I am glad I made it to the TOP-16 (though not to TOP 6), and Now, I am extremely excited to find out who would take this title back home as I stand keen to know & follow the continuous impact this fantastic person would be making around the world experiencing some of life's best experiences

The competition in itself has given one of the most enriching & life-changing experience to me. So it's beyond imagination what the world trip that Smaller Earth promises, would do to a person's wisdom levels. It's been about 8 days now living day in & day out with 16 out of the world people from 14 different countries and cultures. It's been a pleasure to live out the day's schedules with them, make friends, compete, have endless gossips, travel, tour, chill out, fight (very light though), laugh out, celebrate all the diverse emotions and last but not the least learn from each other.

The trip included tasks, team building, TV performance, Pitches, VIP Meetings, Travel, Tour, Fun, lessons, briefings, Mentoring, Running around, public speaking and lots more. It would for sure need more blogs.

Watch out my entries in the coming weeks for the Same. For now, it's been a fantastic time at the UK in the YOUR BIG YEAR Competition! 2 More days to GO. Lot of connections and lots of new stuff to come. ALL THOSE WITH "MERIT" Have TO REACH THIS FAR is all that needs to be remembered!

Wait for the next one!!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sow What you will be and are not, not Show what you will be that you are not!

To not show what you are not is the wisest thing to do, when you are sitting across the table to a man who can easily make out that you are simply projecting an image of yours that does not belong to you. But when you do not know the person is someone who could actually catch you red-handed while you are trying to neatly knit a virtual image of yours, what should you do? They say it's important that you sometimes show what you are not and you would eventually become what you showed!

That's where the thin line comes into picture! "Sow What you will be and are not, not Show what you will be that you are not!" One needs to know this thin line.

Help the other person believe in your potential to become what is needed but you are not, and assure that you would be with enough proofs of times when it has happened, that you have not had certain qualities and have developed just in time when required.

The reason I share this is - Big business losses and trust losses occur when this thin line is ignored. A totally detailed version of this is for sure available in the book - "Thin Lines" :)

Sujit Lalwani

PS: Believe in making things happen with what you have, and developing all that you dont have!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Love is deep!!!! - deep below the beds of anger, frustration & the like at times...

There are times in life when pain simply needs to be gulped down the throat. You may not have been wrong, not have erred, but still the world seems to accuse you of the crime you never did and pass you blames you never deserved. World, here I say, refers to the people who mean the world to you, for, You or I would not care what rest of the world has to say anyway. At such moments just tell yourself, the frustration of theirs was killed and converted into smooth flow of crystals from your eyes, cleansing their heart and mind.

The dislike towards you might be killing, bear it for a while, as they mean the world to you is what you claim, and this is very little extra mile to ensure their smile. The ability of yours to simply gulp down the words that slip of their tongues could only result in a cleansed heart of theirs, void of any negatives, after which all that remains is love and affection. The love that, if seen, you can jump with joy, else assumptions are a definite solace.

They mean not to kill you, they mean to protect their love for you, and the want to release all of it, makes them shoot you to death, as all love is but hidden underneath the sheet of anger, frustration and hatred towards you. Hence there are times in life you have to simply...

Silenced you are! by the astonishing levels of anger and hatred that you believe you never were the reason for, they look at you with the eyes that have confirmed that you are the criminal worthy of being accused, and beyond that moment every act of yours is something they abhor.

Remember they still are the people who mean the world to you, and we all know that such people are very few. For, all that they have done for you, this fit of anger towards you definitely comes to you as really new. But as time goes by, as the things sink in deep, some alterations remain and some feelings go awry, few return their normal place while a new sunshine the nature throws to you yet again.

The ultimate truth lies here. The world comes back to the same position every 24 hours. The loved ones come back to you within the periodic cycle set. For, that's love! rest is all but an illusion.

What's even beyond is - 'all is temporary'. "Live till you live. Love till you live." ~Sujit Lalwani

Live & Let live is right. But LOVE & Let LOVE prevail!!! Don't kill it for a million tears~!

This prose might be vague! It gets clearer as life moves on. Read it at a later stage yet again. Explore the depth of it more than the last time, each time you read.

Sujit Lalwani | |

PS: Post it on your walls and share it with all your friends! A truth they would love to thank you forever for having shared it!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Global Entrepreneurship Congress 2012

Am glad that I have got selected from India to represent the country at the GLOBAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP CONGRESS. For the many friends who have been asking me what is the event going to be all about. I have gotten a quick piece of info about the entire event from the GEC's main page.

Here is the agenda and the plan - I am honestly awed:
On March 13, entrepreneurs and those who support them will be taken on a journey through three sessions, of speeches, panel discussions and debates, united by one central theme:

WHO DARES WINS - a celebration of the best in the business
WHO CARES WINS - nurturing talent to unleash ideas
WHO SHARES WINS - inspiration to accelerate your business
This agenda outlines the key sessions, debates and speakers anticipated on March 13 from 9am to 6pm:




Welcome to Liverpool, welcome to the GEC and welcome to winning
Max Steinberg (Chief Executive, Liverpool Vision)
Jonathan Ortmans (Chairman, Global Entrepreneurship Congress)

Q&A with the British titan of business on his philosophy on business success and what drives him to win.
Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group)
Mike Southon (Columnist, Financial Times (moderator))

Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group) meets three aspiring entrepreneurs from the Virgin Media Pioneers programme in a panel discussion about the secrets of his success and the lessons he has learned.
Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group)

Keynote speech by Sir Terry Leahy (Former CEO, Tesco) on what gave him the ‘will to win’ and why British entrepreneurs must now ‘take on the world’ to establish the UK as a powerhouse of enterprise and industry
Sir Terry Leahy (Former CEO, Tesco)

Keynote speech on the Haymarket Story and why taking risks has ensured sustainability over four decades of business.
Lord Michael Heseltine (Founder, Haymarket Group)


Benno Schmidt (CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation)


Mark Prisk MP (Minister for Business and Enterprise)
Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group)
Sir Terry Leahy (former CEO, Tesco)

Setting the rules and incentives – is government friend or foe?
Mark Prisk MP (UK Minister for Business and Enterprise)
Manuel Trajtenberg (Chair, Planning & Budgeting Committee, Council for Higher Education in Israel)
Bob Litan (Vice President of Research & Policy, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (moderator))

How to win with the consumer. Panellists:
Martha Lane-Fox (Co-founder, & Lucky Voice)
Wilfred Emmanuel-Jones (Founder, The Black Farmer)
Paul Lindley (Founder, Ella’s Kitchen)

Startups from four corners of the world. Panellists:
Horatio Melo (Assistant Director, Start-Up Chile)
Marc Nager (Director and CEO, Startup Weekend)
Nick Seguin (Manager of Entrepreneurship, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (moderator))

The importance of knowledge sharing. Panellists:
Lara Morgan (Founder, Company Shortcuts)
Levi Roots (Founder, Reggae Reggae Sauce)
Martha Lane-Fox (Founder, & Lucky Voice)

How to give birth to new ideas and the significance of innovation. Panellists:
Steve Felice (President, Dell)
Ashok Rao (Chairman, Global Board of Trustees, TiE)
Lesa Mitchell (Vice President, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation (moderator))

How to do well by doing good. Panellists:
Sir Richard Branson (Founder, Virgin Group)
Dr. Chris Luebkeman (Director for Global Foresight & Innovation)
Representative from Scottish Power

Access to finance. Panellists:
Jalak Jobanputra (Senior Vice President, New York City Investment Fund)
Paul Kedrosky (Founder, GrokSoup)
Representative from Lloyds TSB Bank
Doug Richard (Founder, School for Startups (moderator))


If there is anything you would want me to carry there for this occasion, either idea or wishes, you can drop them in the comments box below! Thank you!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Inspirational Quotes

"It is under the greatest adversity that there exists the greatest potential for doing good, both for oneself and others."
Dalai Lama

"A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing."
George Bernard Shaw

"The less you open your heart to others, the more your heart suffers."
Deepak Chopra

"We can throw stones, complain about them, stumble on them, climb over them, or build with them."
William Arthur Ward

"Positive thinking will let you do everything better than negative thinking will."
Zig Ziglar

"The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work."
Oprah Winfrey

"You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do."
Henry Ford

"There are two things a person should never be angry at, what they can help, and what they cannot."

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed."
Theodore Roosevelt

"Wrinkles should merely indicate where smiles have been."
Mark Twain

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them."
Walt Disney

"Many of life's failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up."
Thomas Edison

"Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today."
Benjamin Franklin

"An ounce of practice is worth more than tons of preaching."

"Let no man pull you low enough to hate him."
Martin Luther King