Thursday, July 14, 2011


Friends we just have two eyes, and both cannot look in two different directions at the same time. IF you are looking back at your life all the time, it clearly means you are not looking ahead.

What further justification is required to address the issue in your life, if you are not moving ahead, it is likely you are not looking in that direction. The whole irony of life is - "No matter in which direction you look, LIFE MOVES AHEAD!"

So my dear readers, through this short blog - I want to urge you all to think ahead, plan your future, foray into the unkonwn and yet to be fathomed depths of your life. You Glory & a mind blowing story lie ahead of you.

Dear readers, MOVE ON!

Don't cling on to the same broken log of wood forever! Evergreen forests are waiting for you...!!!

Discover the beauty that lies ahead of you, rather invent it!

Program yourself:
for (i=birth)
Look ahead!

If this one pricked you, you know the answer. You have been hanging on to your past, and blaming all for your pain. Time to catch hold of your senses and tune them to look ahead only!

If it didnt, Share it on your wall, let it prick the ones whom it needs to. For, Life is ahead in future. Whats done is past. It's DONE!

Carry the good from your past & the lessons & MOVE ON!!!

"Pain is Permanent". (It just changes from one form to another)

We are all in search of lives where we are looking forward to live life, that can be without pain & full of pleasure.

We are all in continuous efforts, to reduce pain and at number of occasions, even blaming god for the kind of painful lives he has given to us. Man is an animal who passes justifications of his convenience and hence finds himself in misery all the time.

If only, we stopped justifying out of convenience and started accepting few things as given truths and that we have to live them, by chance & with no choice, we would be more happier. After all, thats the ultimate goal of life. (ultimate is higher above, but for our earthly existence, happiness is peaks of glorious life.)

We blame situations, circumstances and people for our painful situations of life, for the pain we need to go through. But we seldom realise what is that pain all about?

The pain we exclaim and crib about, is nothing but, a certain set of expectations gathered during the journey of life, from the surrounding we groomed ourselves in, from the people around us, whom we relentlessly, without choice observed making choices, and hence took an emoitional growth of our own.

Felt pain, for what pain meant to them, felt joy for what meant joy to them. As we grew, we thought we were gathering our own wisdom, and learning to build our own value system of pain, pleasure and happiness (PPH).

But eventually the viscious circle didnt leave us there. Seldom were we found not caught in the PPH arena of emotions.

Pain is totally subjective. A situation of pain to someone, is a situation of joy or challenge for someone else.

I urge my readers to introspect about things that are causing you pain, list them down and do the following:
1. Ignore some, which are irrelevant.
2. Accept few which cannot be changed.
3. Take action for which immediate rectification is possible.
4. Cut expectations and set a belief system.
(for more differences on belief and expectation read my blog: A very thin line between Expectation & Belief.)
5. Stop focussing on the word pain. Believe - it's all the plan of god.
6. Last but not the least: "PATIENCE & FAITH".

(expecting to solve all your problems and be sure of applying the above written things in one shot or after one reading is yet another pain)

"Hope to see you free of pain in life". Be allergic to this statement, for this is false. None is free of pain. It's just that you apply the above six things and convert pain into gain and happiness. Pain is permanent. It just changes form, either changes to pleasure with perception or converts itself into another form of pain.

So, my dear readers, God bless you all with the strength & wisdom to deal with your pain in the right manner.

(c) copyrights, 2011. Original content. Published by Sujit Lalwani.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The "Done List" counts!

It's a common sight, that people are busy thinking, planning & imagining. But my dear friends, at the end of the day, what really counts is how much has been done, not how much was thought over.

When we leave this planet earth and meet the almighty (if this is true) the things that we would be rewarded for, are not how well & how much we thought or how well & how much we imagined. We would rather be awarded for how well and how much we did.

It's yet another common occurence, that we hear people speak words/phrases like: "I also thought the same", "In fact, I had the same idea.","I was just going to do that.", "I had almost thought the same thing","I had a better plan"... All in vain. One who does, DOES IT & DESERVES IT!

Thinkers are blinkers. They are confused thats why they do not take steps further. It's true that thinking and planning is the foundation for any action. But, remember the objective of the foundation is to hold the building, not exist for/by itself. ~ Sujit Lalwani

So my dear readers, I am aware that your mind is a storehouse of thoughts/ideas/imaginations. Put the resource in place, work out your plan and make a start. Run time issues, requirements & problems can be understood, corrected and solved only if you start running.

First idea, second idea, third one - all in a row can be utter failures and you might be told and made to feel that you aint capable. Rememeber the fourth one could be the breakthrough you were looking for and majority of the times, that is the case. So let today be the day when you start. In fact, RIGHT NOW!

GET, SET... GO!!!

PS: Drop in your idea/plan/plan of action in the comments column. If am of help, I shall surely do the needful.