Friday, May 7, 2010

Let us lead ourselves. Rest follows!

Every one is a born leader. Some people lead more people, some people cant lead themselves. The secret to be able to lead a lot of other people, is to lead yourself every single day into becoming a better individual each day.

Look at the required circumstances in your life & your role in life, work each day towards getting your abilities, qualities, attitudes closer to what your ultimate role in life is going to be. Anything that takes you away from that role/purpose is going to cause pain & is temporary in life. Focus more on permanent joys of life not the temporary ones.

So dear friends, lead yourself really well & you shall inspire every individual who comes in contact with you for even a small fraction of your life. It does not matter whether the person is small or big, achiever or loser, wealthy or poor, master or slave, naive or clever, he will be inspired with you to an extent you cannot imagine.

Lets lead ourselves in the best way possible & we shall lead masses.

Very thin line between Expectation & Belief

They say when you teach once, you have learnt it twice. While talking to one of my associates, I just learnt this lesson twice (:)) while teaching him, that there is a very thin line between Expectation & Belief.

"Whatever you believe in very strongly endlessly, shapes up into reality" - is what the great Law Of Attraction has to say. This has been true. But many people are'nt able to believe in this, for, their beliefs dont turn into reality. According to my experience either the belief was not believed in very strongly, not visualised very strongly or had boubts hidden underneath it. Impure beliefs turn half way around.

Mind is a strong tool for success in life. You need to believe in your dream until it turns into reality. Visualise exactly the way you want it to come true. Work towards it. Many people think adventure is lost this way. No, friends its more adventurous this way. The destination is clear & path is explored totally unkonwn & unexpected. Because when you are believing in the unexpected & an impossible dream, obstacles in the journey are big. When you keep going through that hell, enjoying all challenges you face on the journey, miracles shape up unexpectedly to make things happen.

This is as far as belief is concerned. Expectations only lead to disappointment. Because expectations have deadlines. The thin line between belief & expectation is:
Belief is "It will be this way". Expectation is "It Should be this way by this time".

Expectations lead to disappointment as we all have at one point or the other in our lives have faced.

But the catch here is to go through the hell, the journey of belief turning reality portrays. At one point things might all look like going against you, but thats when the new equilibrium is getting established for your dreams to turn into reality exactly the way you visualised. The process of difficulties is the fight between your future expectations & present circumstances. So turn those expectations into belief & then feel positive about every step on the journey & destination shall be yours.

All the best. Lets believe in our dreams. Dreams are the most beautiful elements of an exciting life. Everything looks beautiful when you have lot of dreams & lot of hope that they will get fulfilled. Everything looks dull as the hope reduces & as you kill your dreams one by one.

May this blog re-instill that hope in you for all your dreams to get fulfilled, turn all your expectations into beliefs, turn down disappointments, instill positivity & hope in you, make your life thouroughly adventurous.

Good luck. Needless to say My comments column is waiting to know what you felt, thought & decided while reading this.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My talk at NITK Surathkal.

Dreams do come true in the way you envision, provided you stay stuck to them, longer then people believe or can digest that you should stay stuck to that dream. Once you stay stuck to your dream, universe brings you face to face with the right people, aligns perfect circumstances and ensures your dream turns into reality following the principle of "UNDER PROMISE OVER DELIVERY".

I am not talking philosophy, I am talking my experience. It was just last thursday - 29th Of April (which happens to be my Bhabhi's Birthday (birthday of my elder brother's wife(for all my non-indian readers))When i was invited to my college NITK Suratkal to deliver an inspirational cum entrepreneurship talk to students in ATB Seminar Hall of the college. The seminar hall where companies that come for recruitment conduct their Aptitude tests and deliver their presentations.

It was during my college days that I never sat for placements, for my stern belief in myself that I shall take on entrepreneurship in my life. I was advised by a number of friends of mine to take up placements, atleast for the sake of it. I kept telling myself then, a day will come when i will come & deliver presentations of my company over here for recruitment & people will sit to listen, I will come to deliver inspirational & entrepreneurship talks here. I will be the only alumni to get invited as the youngest alumni ever invited back to college to deliver a talk.

It just happened - Right people - Thanks to Rheana John & Akhila. These two gave their heart, mind & soul into making this a reality. Circumstances - My Mangalore(a place in coastal karnataka) trip around the same time. Enough achievments of mine - One young world delegate, lions club awardee etc. before this date. And eventually the dream materialises. Thanks to Gaurav Shetty - a friend of mine from KSHEMA College in Mangalore pursuing his MBBS, who made this whole journey to NITK from Mangalore look like a cake walk, thanks to his Maruti Suzuki Esteem & the well functioning AC of his car.

I step into the college, everything looks the same, the main building, classrooms etc, but the air was really different. It carried a different feeling. It carried a touch which was embracing me as an achiever and bestowing pride in me. It was carrying those unspoken words which I spoken to myself, sitting outside the hostel gate on the steps, that I would soon come to this college to deliver talks. Department teachers, Director Students etc would know me. You alone never can make things happen. I shall owe a lot to Rheana & Akhila for helping this vision turn reality.

The Talk went on as expected, I had this feeling deep down during all 4 years when i studied at NITK, that it can be a collection of world class individuals if students could adopt a few world class attitudes. I never had the authority to convey this then. But glad I could make a difference to few lives out of over 200+ students present in the hall.

I were a true definition for a winner & my feelings could define winning at the moment I completed my talk.

I just request my readers through this blog not to hesitate to dream the wildest dreams, sometimes even practically impossible, For, they do come true & they are the ones that carry a feeling only a few men experience. A feeling of esctacy, a feeling of having climbed Mt.Everest, A feeling of landing on the moon - A feeling so priceless.

Dont let your dreams die out of fears that the world sets in or the parameters the world decides. Explore within yourself, there is a vast potential that lies, yet to unleash which has the power to help accomplish your dream. If the dream could take birth inside you, it simply means you also have required resource inside you.


PS : Your comments are most welcome.