Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Meet Them, If You Can't Beat Them, Each Time..

"Standards are to be set once, but met each time.." 

One must not fluctuate in the set standards. As we grow our expectations from our performance increases by the day. Each task we do, every act we engage ourselves in, we have a goal to achieve or standard to meet.

Aa we get more exposed in life, travel more & meet meet people our standard of doing things grows & reaches better Heights. Once we set the standards somewhere the greatest lesson then is to ensure these standards are met each time with each task.

Those that love comfort zones, fluctuate in standards of performance because they adjust the standards to be met according to the amount of comfort they want to be in. 

We must strive to meet the standards we set despite situations & circumstances, as often as possible, to achieve great successes in life & be a reason for strong accomplishments.

Stay Inspired & Keep Walking!
Sujit Lalwani 

Sujit Lalwani is the author of Life Simplified! To book a copy of Life Simplified visit www.lifesimplifiedbook.com

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