Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Many ways to Support the Good Work of IU Cares Foundation

IUCares Foundation: Ways To Support!

Money hasn't alone helped change the lives of people while it certainly is the back-bone of a lot of actions executed by a lot of NGOs. There are many projects running globally that need less capital but need more time and attention of people. 

The greatest capital/investment that IUCares believes can drive social change in the world is the time of intellectual people in desire to facilitating change besides funds that are obviously needed for any scaling up of impact.

Here is a list of things thaf you can do for IU Cares Foundation apart from donation of money or contributing of funds:

1. Become a volunteer for any of the partner project.
2. Invite Volunteer for projects.
3. Help us sign up with quality projects that are truly driving change.
4. Spread awareness about us among your peers about the good work IUCares Foundation has already done.
5. Help us connect to service providers who are willing provide their services as a gift to our NGO like app developers/real estate agents who can provide space for usage etc
6. Connect us to CSR wings of Corporates who wish to execute their projects globally or largely in India (either object would do)
7. Help us get great outreach on social media - Post on your FB wall regularly about the news you get from IU Cares, Broadcast to your whatsapp list, tweet to #iucares and so on.
8. Become our content developer to talk about the good work our various projects are doing and share them on your blog which you could further share with your community.
9. Help us meet more amazing people like you.
10. Let us know of more creative ways to seek support from people and be a reason for us to achieve the same.

Meanwhile, IU Cares Foundation is the official CSR Body of Inspiration Unlimited (IU). It also is a One Young World Listed body. IU Cares has existed as a project for 2 years and more but has been established as a foundation recently. 

It has achieved recognition & support globally. Ireland, US(seattle), Australia, Nepal, India, UK & Few nations in Africa currently support IU Cares in small or big ways or have stationed volunteers/officials/partner peojects. 

We look forward to receiving your support in abundance and gain momentum on this journey of positive change that we have taken up.

Thank you

Sujit Lalwani 
President, IUCares Foundation |

PS: Feel free to share more ideas of ways in which you can support.


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