Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Meeting new people & Travelling to new places - important parameters for becoming successful entrepreneurs.

Travellology is one of my favourite subjects & Travelling is one of my favourite activity. Be it for business or for purpose of fun or any manner of growth travelling is something inevitable. A person sitting at one place can never acquire success which can touch every corner of the world. Be it Bill Gates, Lakshmi Mittal, Larry page, Owner of Twitter, Richard Branson, Mohit Sardana ji, or any successful individual/entrepreneur you can think of who is becoming world renowned, is surely a person with great rich travel experience.

There are only two criteria which enhance your wisdom and perceptions in life, Meeting more people & travelling more places.
People & Places are two parameters for growth and increasing your wisdom. More the number of people you meet and larger the number of places you travel - Wiser you become for your further progress in life, greater the expansion and strength of your business.

I realise this after a little travel that I have done in my life in my country - INDIA. I have been to large number of cities/towns in the country. Since India is a land of diversity, & changes every 100 km, Travelling to a large number of cities is like internaitonal travelling exposure. This travel experience has truly enhanced my way of living, the way I look at life, the way I understand people & the way I look at business.

Hence this is my suggestion - a hardcore suggestion - Travellology and Anthropology should become the favourite subjects of aspiring entrepreneurs.

You can never build a world wide network of your business If you do not travel enough places and have a team which does the same!

Keep Rocking! Keep Progressing! Do direct your friends who do not travel much, to this page!

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