Friday, March 27, 2009

Few great quotes! If you comprehend them well, you can design a better future.

Few more great quotes, that are changing my life, and the way I see things drastically. Great tools for self-reinforcement. Read through them carefully, and everyday, until they sink deep down every blood cell of your body.

1. Wanting success is common to all, Working for success is common to winners!
2. Not everything that can be counted counts, Not everything that counts can be counted. - Albert Einstein.
3. We never remember days, We always remember moments.
4. People forget how fast you do something, They only remember how well you do something.
5. Until you become a leader, success is all about growing youself, Once you become a leader succes is all about growing others.
6. Leader has to be practical & Realist, But should talk the language of a visionary and an idealist.
7. Pull the string and it follows you wherever you go. Push it and it goes nowhere.
8. If what you are doing is not taking you towards you goal, Then it surely is taking you away from your goal.
9. We never see things as they are , We always see things as we are.
10. It is easy to change your perception, than to change the reality. Once you change your perception, you can change the reality.

Hope you enjoyed reading them. Do read them over and over again, until you have them on your tongue and on your most active brain cells to make the most out of them. Leave a note about your favourites among these in the comments column.

Keep walking! Keep smiling! God bless you!

Wish you great success in life.


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