Friday, March 13, 2009

Ego Kills Love! Lets kill the EGO before it kills Love...!!!

A masterpiece story I came across, For those of you, who have already read this one, I am sure you will agree with me, that its worth reinforcing a thousand times. Its the story about the hypothetical island that existed, which was home for all different feelings that exist on the face of the earth today. Let me start in a classical story telling way "Once upon a time....

Once upon a time..., there was an island called FEELINGS ISLAND, which was home to all types of feelings. Joy, Love, Ego, care, Shame, Hatred, Magnanimity, generosity, kindness, shyness, audacity, disgust, frustration, jealousy, atheism etc. All the feelings we can think of. Now, staying together on the same island, they had a great time with each other. Each feeling played its role in a indefatigably glib manner, never drifting from its own role.

It was just another pleasant morning sunrise, that this island saw, when 'jealousy' was the first one to get ready, as it is jealous of everybody else, so wants to be first at everything. 'Care' was taking care of everything and everybody. 'Love' was loving everybody and spreading smiles. 'Hatred' was absuing everybody and hating everybody for unique reasons. 'Ego' was sitting in one corner not mingling with anybody, was in its own world, for it felt it was better than everybody else. Activity was normal as everyday, Until 'panic' alarmed everybody by jumping around the entire island, and screaming - "Tsunami" " Tsunami" ... !!!

Love and Care took notice of this and immediately arranged for boats to travel to the next island. They sent everybody on them. Jealousy was the first one to get in, while hatred was still hating this happening. But things went on, everybody was busy saving their lives, While love and care were sending everybody.

What nobody took notice, but 'love' did take notice, was someone, sitting in one corner, not sitting into any of the boats. 'Love' reached out to him, to see who he was, it was 'EGO'. 'Love' said, "my dear friend come with me, else you will die here." After all, it was 'ego'. It kept refusing, while love kept forcing him to come along. 'Ego' kept rejecting.

'Care' tied the boat to the shore, waiting for these two to come. Unfortunately, 'careless' was on the same boat, it broke the string, that tied the boat to the shore. 'Love' did not get scared, it still loved careless, while it kept forcing the 'ego' to still come along.

The last boat left from there, Tsunami arrived, taking away the two lives on the Island.

MORAL OF THE STORY: "EGO" always drowns, but dont forget it takes LOVE alongwith it. Wherever 'EGO' exists Love always gets killed.

So my dear friends, lets submerge our ego, as far as possible and start enjoying a much better life. For, ego kills love alongwith itself. Every relation starts looking more beautiful, when EGO gets eliminated. Lets make efforts to kill that element in us.

I hope you found this blog helpful, promote it to all your friends, I am sure its going to eliminate a lot of ego from this beautiful planet earth.

EGO - Eliminates Growing Opportunities.

LOVE - Life Opens Various Exceptions. (expcetionally amazing things start happening)

Jai hind!

Keep Rocking!

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