Monday, March 9, 2009

MISTAKE - "Ooops! i wish i would not have done that." - WRONG! Embrace Mistakes and never repeat them.

"Making mistakes is not a crime." Many people project making mistakes as a crime. There is difference between crime and mistake. An unintentional doing which yields wrong results than expected is called a Mistake. While people confuse it for a intentional doing and build guilt over it. Crime is against laws & in most cases an intended action. An unintended crime is still a crime, but out of a mistake.

"Do not build guilt from your mistakes, build your foundations" - sujit lalwani. Probably one of my favourite quotes. Every mistake has a lesson to learn, of how not to do something. It is feedback system of the universe to teach us lessons, make a error correction inside us, and get us closer and closer to the unattainable perfection.

Most of us either ignore/deny the mistake or blame the mistake on somebody/something else. This is the mistake we do with the mistake. The roots of this action of ours are in our childhood. When being right always was what we learnt. This lesson of being right always is totally against real life, and can lead to the three mistakes we do with the mistake. We are always told to answer the questions rightly, do the right things and least allowed to experiment. Hence the effort to be right always, and hence the fear of trying new things and the result is few entrepreneurs in the world.

"A successful entrepreneur is nothing but a cluster of mistakes connected one after the other from the point of start to point of success, with lessons at every node of mistake." - sujit lalwani. My other favourite quote.

So my dear readers ensure that next time you make a mistake, immediately accept it and grab the lesson it has to teach, and resolute never to repeat it again. Your journey of success will get shortened by thousands of miles with this one attitude.

Never say - "oops! I wish i would not have done that mistake."

Instead Say - "thank god this happened, it taught me the most important lesson. I shall never repeat this again, and shall help all my subordinates anticipate this."

Accept mistakes, learn from them, build great foundations and hence great structures of success above them. I hope this was helpful to all you readers.

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