Sunday, April 5, 2009

Misconceptions About Selling!

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"Salesman"- the word itself throws a few people thinking that its a low profile definition to their talents, or less dignified way of referring to their profession! Let me take this chance to make it clear to all the folks who are reading this -
Every individual on this earth is a salesman. Every individual is selling his idea. A person who sells is called a salesman. Hence Every person is a salesman first, everything else later.

Being a Sales professional is a reason to be proud of, for you are talented in something, which the entire world needs to be talented in. You might be the greatest scientist, but if you fail to put forth your theory in a convincing way, you are going to lose out on your probably deserved noble prize. You might be having the greatest business idea & you are truly an aspiring entrepreneur, If you cannot convince the Venture Capitalists, They may just end not buying your idea. You might be the best suited individual, for a job profile, but you have a bad news coming your way, if you just cannot convince the interviewer (sell yourself successfully).

My dear readers, Being a Sales pro is the foundation quality for an entrepreneur. Every great entrepreneur is a great Salesperson, then a great leader, then a great visionary and so on.

I still remember the time almost 4 years ago, when I made my 2nd business presentation, and my friend's mom uttered "You look like a salesman"(sarcastically).
As any other normal individual I was a little shaken in my motivation to continue promoting my product, just when my leaders helped me realise this lesson which I have just shared with you. As a matter of fact, Shah Rukh promotes a lot of brands, including pepsi, Its as good as saying Shahrukh is a salesman for Pepsi. Instead we refer to it as: "Shahrukh is the brand ambassador for Pepsi". Thats it! this example/this realisation was enough for me to understand that I was being the brand ambassador for my product/company. And that belief has today turned into reality.

Today infact I am one among the top promoters of my company - eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd. Thanks to the lesson, I learnt after my second presentation itself.

Hope this article helped you! Comments are most welcome!

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