Saturday, March 7, 2009


Folks this blog is for those who fall in love and are hurt feeling that they have lost their love in this life.

I met a friend of mine, she told me she was at a stand point in her life where she had to choose between her love and her parents. Meaning she had to surrender to her parents to get herself an arranged marriage. The irony of the indian traditional societal daughter or a son is that they fall in love, without feeling the boundaries of societies, but when the time comes where the crucial decision needs to be made, most of them surrender in front of the blackmailing talks of family members and relatives about their reputation if the marriage were to be intercaste.

And in some cases it is still a hit on the reputation even if its a love marriage, depending on the constraints of the society. The child is not happy marrying the person who is selected for him/her, which is at the compromise of his/her love, and person who gets wed with him/her, is also not happy as he/she is always knowing tht his/her partner (the one who lost his/her love) is always looking for the old partner in the new face.

Eventually after a spell of a few years the person gets convinced that you dont always get what you want out life and you need to love what you get - and that becomes the thumbrule. For some, thumbrules are not formed and they continue to live in the agony of loss of love...

Some of them elope and thats considered a sin. If the marriage was allowed which would have only yielded a happy couple, while the families could be adjusting with each other, it would have made so many things simpler. This simple solution is thought over a million times and rejected to yield a whole new world of impossiblites for the ones who fell in love. The fight then begins.

These individuals who would have fallen prey to this societal constraints decide to ensure that their kids wont to have go through the trauma. While they realise when eventually the time comes for the marriage of their kids, they would have also got so woven into the cloth of the socitey that they are ones who impose conditions again. The circle hence repeats again..

This is what i describe as THE VISCIOUS CIRCLE OF LIFE.

Someone somewhere in this tree needs to initiate a route out of this circle to ensure a whole new dimension gets added to the way the tree then grows.

Are you a part of the same circle? Have you fallen in love? Does this apply to you? Do comment..

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