Friday, March 13, 2009

CEOs on Twitter! New dimension to Entrepreneurship!

A news not new to most of us, yet refreshing in itself. Twitter has become a trend - its no more a website. Starting with a simple concept to follow people at every step, twitter has attracted a huge number of followers and has made a dramatic change to the world dynamics.

If not the dynamics of the entire world, atleast for sure the dynamics of the way entrepreneurs look at the world has taken a new dimension. Twitter has connected the entrepreneurs directly to the people who actually love them. Its just taking awareness amongst people alongwith information sharing amongst people to newer heights just like

Many entrepreneurs including big names like Richard Branson, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO etc including me, are on twitter. They are being followed by a whole lot of people, who were always looking forward to getting in touch with them. This has not only helped their business grow and attract greater number of visitors to their but has also enhanced the customer/user feedback levels. being able to stay connected with people who are users of your products and sorting out their problems under one roof and so many at a time can mean heaven to a real time entrpreneur of today's world.

Who would not want to follow the right people on twitter. Having these brand names in the list of the people you are following goes on to add value to one's profile. Hence CEOs being on twitter is a news which is floating and spreading like wildfire. I am following richardbranson & mark zuckerberg on twitter. has definitely given a solid boost to marketing for all businesses. Free publicity to all businesses. It has taken business to the next level - where ad campaign costs can be seen to be getting annulled. Its a boon for startups as far as publicity is concerned and a boon for established businesses to get in touch with their lovers/fans/followers for feedback control of the business.

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