Thursday, March 5, 2009

Wisdom Tip #1( For Success in life & Self Character building) - "One half of the world laughs at the other and the other at the former"

Everything is good or bad, noble or sin according to who you ask. What is one's passion, is hated by somebody else. What one pursues someone else persecutes. The person who becomes the most succesful and remains the happiest, is the one, who learns to regulate his ideas, and follows his heart. The person who pursues his passion to the fullest always takes the throne of success.

Disappointment should be miles away, even if an idea is rejected by a few, for you can be sure about the presence of those few others who will love your idea, and appreciate it. Someone's rejection should not put us down, neither should someone's praise push us on the ninth cloud, for we should know there are others who'll condemn. We should always learn never to be moved by a few opinions.

The challenge that should drive us, should be to win the appreciations of the experts in the field we are pursuing our ideas in. It is their opinion which should help us mentor ourselves. Anyone else is just going to increase your track record of either "acceptors" (A) or "rejectors" (R).

So remember friends if 50 tell you - "you are good" and the other 50 tell you - "you are bad". Know yourself! Dont fall for either of them. Take your passion to the highest limits and all will fall under your umbrella of success.

Final Thumbrule :
"Not all will be satisfied with you, on your journey to success. Someone somewhere will definitely be dissatisfied with you (could be your best frnd, parents or siblings also)".
"Once you reach pinnacles, everybody will be satisfied with you".

So have patience and don get disheartened by temporary disappointments of others.

jai hind!

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  1. Perfectly said sir. I realised this the day you asked me, "Suppose there are 50 people who tell you that you are very good and appreciate you and 50 other people criticise you and consider you bad, whom will you believe?"
    And I said, "Obviously the 50 who say that I'm good"
    Then you told me, "You're absolutely wrong!! You should believe YOURSELF.
    That's because the people who appreciate you today might think you're bad tomorrow"

    This blog of yours has helped me reinforce it. Thank you sir!

  2. its true sir.. i faced many situation like this but some times it results to drop the way i get more rejection, after reading this i got more confidence on myself thanks a lot.


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