Sunday, March 15, 2009

How to spice up your life?

Most of us are in business or work or we are students, where many a times we need to repeatedly do the same stuff over and over again. For entrepreneurs, its even more challenging, since its their own idea, hence they would need to promote that repeatedly. One gets bored if he is doing the same thing over and over again. But its, how you look at things that matters. An entrepreneur ensures that he makes the same thing, that he is doing over and over again, more interesting each time, by introducing a small change in the process, noticeable or not to the viewer, but he feels it sub-consciously.

A change is always necessary. It always will spice up things in life. Give some food to your creativity cells, and let them team up and give you creative ideas for some change in life. It definitely will spice up your life, which eventually will be a big inspiration in itself, for you are excited and energetic, and hence you would have a great efficiency at whatever you do.

Something that you think will spice up your life, might sound silly to somebody else, do not care about that, question is, does it leave you fired up? I give my business presentations every now and then. It would not be fun if i were not to introduce some change every now and then. Look at the factors that can actually be changed and you will be surprised to see the numbe of permutations and combinations that can come out of it. Hence meaning a lot of ways to spice up your life.

Life does not change, we need to change our way of living it!

When we are inspired, we never get tired. When we are not inspired, we get BORED!

TIRED is something which is just a state of mind, which you can get rid of, by inspiring yourself. Remember, Change is the only constant in business & in life!

This article is open ended! Leave your notes in the comments section, to let other readers know, how you spice up your life!

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    its a fantastic article, these words look so simple but yet so strong . the content is so small yet so big...


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