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Computer literacy - A need for India's Progress!

My dear Fellow Indians, This one is especially for you! Do spare a few minutes to read. If you do not have them now, Spare them Later. Do not ignore. This article may not enlighten you, but will awaken you for sure. If you are prepared, READ ON!

You are reader no. : sujit lalwani

The time is ticking in the direction, it started long ago. India got its independence long ago, about 60 years ago, in 1947. Ever since then lots of things have changed in our country. Only thing that has not changed is the status of the country - It is still 'developing'. My father got his one mark and i got mine for answering this fill in the blank - "India is _______ Country". I just hope when my son/daughter writes - "developing", they lose their one mark. A father wanting his kids to lose marks? I wish this came true. Would be the wish of all of us reading this article right now :-)

Internet started about 20 years ago, it celebrated its 20th birthday on 13th Of March this year. Computers came into existence about a few decades ago. America/japan or other developed countries are at peaks in using computers and technology for their progress. India truly lacks that.

My dear friends, Just try picturing this on your mind, When one fellow indian 'A' of our country is talking about tweeting/blogging/cloud computing etc. The other fellow indian 'B' does not even know what a computer is. The irony of the situation is 'B' form about 93.88% of our country's population. If you visit any developed country - they talk about more than 60-70% computer literacy in their countries. With understanding of computers comes understanding of internet along with which comes speed of communication, which ultimately brings along speed in business and hence a quick progressing economy.

The technology is growing at a pace, that in few years from now, it would be difficult for the computer aware (not greatly aware) people itself to catch up with the progress, Imagine our fellow indian, then, just getting to know about computers. Millions of Fashions would have come and gone on the internet, and exactly when our fellow indian would be feeling like an alien and out of place with all these things.

If each of us make an effort to teach others unaware about it, through platforms, then we can make a differnce to the nation's computer literacy rate. If the gap between A & B, is not bridged up in the next five years, It will be a near to impossible task to push the country to greater heights, for advancement of technology and progress of internet are faster than speed of light right now. It already requires drastic steps to push the computer literacy higher.

Come friends lets make the coming india a better place for our further generations and teach/make aware as many people as we can about computers and internet in whatever liesure time we have. If you are wondering what difference would it make. Like everything we did, made a big difference. Let this one do it, atleast!

In this regards I would love to appreciate the efforts of eBIZ.Com Pvt. Ltd. a company based Noida, near Delhi, started in 2001 has a lot of committed leaders working towards the progress of computer literacy in the country, with their mission, EACH ONE TEACH TWO. Lets join hands with such people. Lets make a differnce. For more info contact me @

My dear Friends that fellow indian B could be your friend, neighbour, maid at home, office boy, or your own family member. Lets start by first creating a family of computer aware people.

PS : Am happy to say, before I write this article, with the help of my team - I have reached across 15,000 underprivileged people across the country with free of cost computer education

Once technology in the form of basic computer awareness reaches the grass root levels in the country the progress in the technology will be something that this grown society of our country, atleast will be in a far better position to handle than today. LETS EMPOWER OUR NATION!


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  1. Am for always for no#2 spot then only you have option to move ahead... what would happen after you reach at no#1? Am not afraid of Tags as developing or developed till we are ready to change ourselves.
    Thumbs up for your Education initiatives. All the best.

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  7. gm sir... m with u... u r super awesum... keep inspirng me lik dis...alwaz...


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