Sunday, March 8, 2009 - not a website - its a trend now!

The world has progressed from the world of first generation computers, which were as big as an apartment, to palm tops, mobile phones, Pocket PCs, Laptops etc. Meanwhile the world of internet which started to connect the people on one platform around the world, has been an under promise marvellous delivery. The connectivity has not happened. It has happened beyond imaginations.

The world of internet has also come from information sharing, to social networking, to search engines, to marketing to whole businesses going online with emergence of "e" yielding - e-commerce, e-education, e-mail, etc etc... In this fantastic journey of progress of the entire world civilisation put together, has been a blessing for the world of entrepreneurs, as well as for the world of people who just squat and put down their every single seconds' activity. Every individual seems to be following this trend.

Just being a user of it myself, day by day, its just becoming a greater and greater addiction. Following, tweeting, retweeting etc seem to have become jargons at the tip of my tounge. There are songs of twitter that have started interesting me more. is a testimony to the fact that small ideas can make a very big difference to the world, Its the visionaries behind them that make the difference.

Twitter is the next big thing on the internet after google, orkut, facebook & linkedin. People who are already on twitter know this, and those who are'nt on twitter and reading this, i know you cant wait a minute more, before you start tweeting. So, Before you leave- dont forget to start following me on twitter after you join it. :-)

I hope you found this blog helpful. By the way - just go to & type "how to use twitter" and a whole new life awaits you. Keep Rocking!

God bless you :-) Feel free to comment.
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