Monday, April 6, 2009

Its not just important to say "I will do it". Its important to move out & DO IT!

U R Reader No.: Thank You!

Many of us have come a step ahead of those others, who would go on to, for sure, become the 9-5 hardworking stars. We have come one step ahead of the people, who have decided that they will never become entrepreneurs/employers/financially free (can you imagine? But, Yes! thats true:D). We have come one step ahead, right with the decision, that for most things, that we encounter, we dont keep ourselves with a lazy mindset, instead we have learnt to take things in an energetic & an enthusiastic way and always say "I WILL DO IT."

But my dear friends, the next step, of actually doing it, is the most important one. I know thoughts manifest into actions. But sometimes, thoughts are followed by anti-thoughts, which are large in number and greater in strength pushing down the decided action. The anti-thoughts are comfort-zone lovers and lovers of relaxed state of body. They would want you cut down on your miles, forget extra-miles.

Hence the strongest fight/challenge, is to fight these anti-thoughts (the ones opposite to the main hard-core positive thoughts of ours for a particular action). The challenge is to come out of the comfort zone, face the heat and make things happen. Most often we surrender looking at the amount of extra miles we may need to walk, though we clearly know the purpose and the end result. Its then we need to reinforce our purpose, our mission statement, a million times in us, give ourself an extra dose of motivation, and not let these anti-thoughts take birth or multiply.

Go ahead friends, fight with yourself, come out of your comfort zones, and do the things which you always wanted to, but couldnt fight the laziness inside you. Go ahead! Its high time you did it! JUST DO IT! (NIKE will surely love this article :D)

Go ahead friends, walk those long pending extra-miles. I promise it will bring extra smiles. LETS MAKE THINGS HAPPEN & WIN OVER OURSELVES!!!


  1. indeed very true!
    its really important to go and do it, rather just saying it.
    many times i said to myselt that i will do it, but never did it!
    after reading this article i really promise myself that i will surely go and do it,rather just saying it!
    thank u so much for makin me aware!
    jai lalwani's!


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