Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Be it any Industry or arena of life, Great Relationships Matter the Most!

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It was not just another evening, for it proved to carry a big lesson for me to learn. At the onset it was just another evening of my life, where I was with my associates training them about progressing and being able to create huge networks for themselves, busy training them about closing sales, about becoming better presentors, mentoring them to become better leaders etc. while it struck to me the most important aspect that encompassed all the training that I delivered was "RELATIONSHIPS".

Relationships is a huge chapter, hence to cover something that can give you the best insight into what I learnt would be difficult to compile in a few short paragraphs. But I shall give my best to compile the juice with a possible few dos and donts of relationships.

The glue that bonds a huge organisation intact is relationships. Relationships at work are as imporatant and life changing as relationships at home. They say a chain is as strong as its weakest link likewise an organisation is as strong as its weakest relationship. It starts breaking from there.

The biggest enemy to the best relationships is EGO. Its more often than less that I have come across in my network where the ego between a couple of leaders has been the reason for an Upcoming Misunderstanding, which results in a communication gap. The communication gap works under the principle of assumptions, where both parties start assuming the other person's state of mind, and start concluding things which are totally based on those assumptions, only to one day realise that they were wrong and they had themselves caused damage to their organisations as leaders.

Hence, one most important thing to remember is one has to surrender his ego for the matter to get solved. A couple of minutes talk might make you look foolish, atleast it helps you avoid being foolish for a lifetime.

EGO --> Communication Gap --> Faulty assumptions --> greater Communication gap -->
Arguements instead of discussions --> Growth of EGO --> Broken Relationship.

This applies to the relationships in your love life as much they apply in organisations/business. They matter a lot for smooth functioning of organisations, help in building great momentum for the business, the stronger the relationships and understanding in the organisation the greater the momentum it can sustain.

So dear readers, all the people with whom you are feeling an ego clash, Its time to go and flush out all the misunderstandings between and make the beginning for a great relationship once again. Let us be the first one to surrender. Unconditional love has its first symptom - "surrendering of ego".

Remember nothing is lost, by surrendering your ego, but lot can be gained from it.

Feel free to drop in your perspectives and incidents you have come across in your life, where you learnt this lesson.


  1. I knew that relationships do matter the most everywhere, but i actually realised the worth of it when i spoke to u recently!
    whether its in family or friends or in bussiness, w/o building strong relationships, we may succeed the task we wanted to do, but we will never be happy nd will never be satisfied, which according to me is the biggest assest in life!
    so ppl build good & strong relationships to be happy & content in life!

  2. Test of genuine concern towards any business relationship comes when one is encountered with a challenging situation where continuing with the relationship does not produce any material gain on the other hand draining out time and energy. This is when even people who speak big words make a supposedly sensible decision of dumping such supposedly unproductive relationships and carry on with their more important works. Quite natural. isn't it..?
    Relationships for business is a risk. But business is extremely important, so convenient relationships are inevitable..
    Final words, any individual is an individual- alone in the journey of life. Everything else is a matter of convenience. even for people who write books on business relationships.
    Everybody will understand this at some point in life..


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