Saturday, April 11, 2009

Right kind of Lighting matters - In buildings, In life and In Selling!!!

You R Reader No.
Sujit Lalwani

It was a fine evening after a good days work, when I decided to spend sometime building my dreams list, So had been to UB City. A truly Royal Construction for truly Royal People. The place is just too royal. All credits to the architects and big dreamer behind this - "THE VIJAY MALLYA - The king of good times:-)."

The entrance will leave you spellbound. The lighting at this place inside is complete mix of mild yellow, light orange, cream & Magenta. The bright yellow glow on the wall, fading into dull orange is simply something, that leaves your subconscious mind into a state of total bliss. Its an experience that will leave your neurons excited for days, for you will have to recall the visit over and over again to narrate it to others.

But beyond this beauty was an observation. The top floor of this place is an exuberant place with brilliance and beauty spilled over scenic beauty, that it has got to offer to the visitors. The place is an open place facing tall (tall for bangalore heights of buildings) skyline of bangalore. The place also faces one part of its structure, which is the central building of this UB City.

The observation taught a lesson which has left me pondering for 24 hours already and am yet pondering. The building had a wall - really tall one - the bottom end of it had a light being projected on it at an angle. It was light cement colored wall, but the light being projected was light blue in shade. There were other walls parallel to it, which were of same original wall color. The observation was simple, the colored wall added all the beauty to the building. The walls were of simple cement color, but the light on the wall projected at the right angle gave a brilliant look to it, which made it carry an elegance that would attract the attention of any individual who looked at it, and leave him pleased.

What I learnt are the lessons which follow :

1. A simple dull colored wall is something that pleases none, but when a small light bulb even at the bottom end of it, throws light at the right angle and color, gives it a pleasing look. Hence our life is dull or beautiful by the way we throw light on our past collection of memories (imagine present and birth being two end points of the straight line called past. If you throw light form present to the past - highest intensity will be at recent past and least as you go behind in the past.) If you throw light at the right angle and of right color on your past, your life lived, will become extremely pleasing to anyone, who gets to learn about.

Every individual can write the bestseller autobiography, provided he throws light of right color at right angle, recalls the best memories, the lessons of life and people who made a difference. One more thing I could learn was - Life would seem dull to live further if you dont make an effort to light it up well, is what the other parallel walls taught me.

2. <In marketing - Product is not the only reason why the customer would buy or not (for nobody tries to manufacture and sell a bad product), Its how you throw light at your product and carry forward your presentation and light up your product with right colored light that matters to get you the sale. If you throw light on the benefits of your product well, and list all the reasons why the customer would enjoy possessing your product, he would sure not think twice shelling out all the money required for your product without feeling a hole in his pocket. It would add to your efforts of lighting up your presentation, if you just ensure that the light you project is of the color, that is most pleasing to your customer's eye. You need'nt be a mind reader for this, a few good questions to understand your guest(customer) would serve a great deal.

I am still pondering for scratching out more lessons. But one more lesson i learnt is you dont need books to teach you really big lessons in life, You just need to be a great observer and have an urge to learn. You have lessons all around you.

For, a mountain is a hurdle for someone, its the way to reach the top for others.

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