Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Someone's Question & My Answer - 1

Someone's Question & My Answer - 1 "Problem with today's youth is we are moving away from patriotism and Indian Culture, Can you throw some light, How do we develop this..."

~Shalini Iyer (Delhi, School of Planning & Arch.)

My Answer:
It's all about stopping the influence we have into doing "things that are cool" and jumping to "things that will sustain/develop/retain culture with an open mind! It's not our fault - the peer pressure is so much wrt doing cool things and if we are traditional the pressure from society to stay locked into orthodox thoughts/customs is high. People want to break free and hence they move away from a patriotic culture.

Instead if people are not forced into culture/religion and excessive superstitions and constraints which don't have logic in our indian family set up- People will themselves love culture, family set up, develop patriotism and hence our roots will get stronger! But the advantage that's taken of a person in a family set up who is submissive is not funny! It's high.. Hence the need to break free and run away from everything arises.

I feel one should Recognize, appreciate the good in everyone and set them free (to a good extent, (ofcourse keeping a watch to help them stay aligned)) and then watch the Youths change the future of this country!!!

Please NOTE:

On a deeper perception - at a higher level - political interest is high to ensure a large mass of India stays superstitious, orthodox and closed.. The greater the aware indians the greater the danger to those in power (who do not know much, but enjoy great posts.. not talking about the genuine ones..(dunno how many are there though)

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  1. Wow!Brilliant answer. So true sir! Imposing culture doesn't help in any way.. Coz interest never gets cultivated by imposing. Hats off to your thoughts again! :)

    Preethi Kashyap
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  2. i think patriotism has became a state of mind or a subject one is interested another not , yaa as our constitution has too given us right of freedom speech and all but i think patriotism is a value ,virtue should be developed as you are developing positive philosophy
    im not a philosopher like u but the value shouldn't be controlled by the interest of an individual

    Shalini Iyer


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