Monday, May 7, 2012

The greed or the need? What's the best?

How much money do you need? There is a limit to which the greed should drive you! If you are driven by the greed of money, you tend to forget the importance of relations in life over money. Earning money is probably the most essential thing you need to do as a part of life, which even Adam Smith quotes in his book "The wealth of Nations". But, the question is how much? It's not sufficient to decide how much you need to sustain yourself, for, it's Different for different people as they have different dreams, different expectations and hence different limits that they set for themselves.

But, if you look at it again, the question is asked by many people, who are not actually earning that much, but are watching a quality earners' life as an outsider - In such cases - the hard work of the person and sacrifices he makes are assumed to be the mistakes of his/her life. But, when looked deeper, it just turns out to be the requirement of that person's life according to his/her expectations.

As long as you are able to strike balance in your life's important relations, fulfilling your responsibilities, your personal interests and do not end up provoking enmity amongst people in your circle(with money as the base), You are perfectly on a path of creating wealth for yourself, which would come coupled with peace. Else, you would just invite trouble with every pie coming into your home. It would truly make life more miserable for you, than taking it towards perfection.

Many philosophize money isn't required at all - they are utterly wrong & indeed have not earnt it themselves, that is the prime reason they take pride in ensuring others don't as well. The perfect way to look at it, is to ensure you are earning enough by investing planned investment of time to make the right output in your life.

The priorities at one point of life may make you look at life in a way where you think - "Let me make enough money now, that I don't have to struggle later!" A lot of people miss out on living a great LIFE, because they never earn enough with this philosophy. The better perspective is to work hard to amass wealth, accepting the fact that present is the most beautiful gift of life and that it's has to be lived, while future is being secured. One should make efforts to earn enough and still not forget to enjoy all occasions of life and make time for the people he/she loves. Being busy and forgetting to live are two different things. There is a Thin Line...

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  1. A good realization for all those who feel they'll earn money for a few years and then live a Life! Life has to be lived every moment in the present!!! That is NOW...
    Keep writing sir... :) And yes, of course, waiting for your book "Thin Lines" :)

  2. Wow! Truly brilliant one Master! This is indeed the proof to show that you have mastered life, way beyond any one's imagination.

    I have seen many either convincing themselves that money isn't everything or just running behind the same grabbing any way that comes in their life to reach and earn a big no.

    This blog definitely is a great lesson to every person to understand the role and place of money in life.

    Hats off to you master! As always you are the best and you are amazing!

    Thanks a lot for this!

    Preethi Kashyap | |


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