Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My Visit to Russia at VISIT RUSSIA!

"VISIT RUSSIA"- The international Tourism Forum extended their invite to me to opine & share my ideas and views on helping develop tourism in Yaroslavl Region of Russia. I was glad to accept the invitation on the pretext of a great opportunity and an all new challenge of talking of tourism. I just told myself that Entrepreneurship is something that is my field and I believe somehow everything in the world connects to it's roots, if you can perceive it right. Hence I was all set to rack my brain on this one.

Moscow Speakers Bureau was interacting with me during this entire process. They made sure all of it was well coordinated. Being new into this field, they still pulled off a big event and they have launched themselves big. Indeed now it must soon become a dream for many speakers around the world to feature in the Moscow Speakers Bureau as listed Speakers.

The experience was indeed fantastic & informative. I networked with the elites from all around the world who threw light from their respective backgrounds on tourism. People from all backgrounds were invited by the Moscow Speakers Bureau to participate in the Forum.

It indeed brought the best of the world to contribute. The initiative of Russia to seek help from experts from world over was indeed appreciated. Since this was being conducted just the second time, there is still scope for growth to make forum yield better results and output. I believe a lot better will be the next Forum. But as such, it was still able to deliver quality networking platform for all who were present. Insights into developments of Tourism in Russia and ways to do it was indeed fruitful & worth bringing back.

The meeting with the governor was an experience of high profile meet with delegates from over 15 countries. The toursim flow to Yaroslavl region was the main agenda. While the historic importance of the place is really high, what needs a huge focus is the tourist inflow to the area. The lack of infrastructure, lack of proper transport facilities, lack of english speaking people, lack of quality places to dine were few main issues which are being addressed.

There is hope with forums like this happening frequently, that the tourism would rise in that region. While the place is a true testimony to Natural beauty and feast to eyes and indeed fosters serenity in every corner of itself, the flaws are eventually leading to people not preferring to travel down to this place. We believe the government will take quick & strong steps to make right happen.

What I believe the Forum needed was stronger visionaries who could have channelized the potential of attending members to a much greater extent with prior planning and perfect execution. People were willing to share more and more and extend their ideas, I feel there was a lack of someone who could gather all of it and put it into concrete action. Nonetheless the platform was indeed great for exchange of ideas and business cards ofcourse!

Michael Teoh, A young inspiration from Malaysia, with a global following, the winner of Your Big Year Title in 2011, who traveled 22 countries that year and impacted more than 300,000 lives globally, was present at the event. He was the one who extended a reference for me to the speakers club, after which it was an easy job for speakers bureau to finalize(owing to Google, that keeps a huge record of what I do).

Thank you
Sujit Lalwani
Founder & Director, IU.
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