Wednesday, May 9, 2012

It's not lonely at the Top! It's instead beautiful! Just fly together!

Most people talk about "It's lonely at the top!" I disagree and disbelieve. Life is once, Money is nor solace neither a great friend, So is the case with fame, success or glory. There is peace, freedom, pattern, glory and a brilliant story in being at the top together. This belief of mine has been truly criticized by far and people have spoken about in contemptuous terms, making me realize how the world would just take advantage of me, use my abilities and not give me much in return.

My answer was simple when am being continuously used or rather I put my talents to use more often to benefit more people (ofcourse keeping my basic priorities on mind(achieving & fulfilling my basic responsibilities)), I feel I achieve a more fulfilling life than trying to keep my success story a top secret and gather all of it just for myself and not share it.

So, here I am to help this world be a better place and make things happen for as many as I can, join hands with bright visionaries who are also working to make a change and achieve a global revolution. Truly wish to see myself and many more stand as a true example for "Inspiration Unlimited" passing unlimited inspiration to the next generation of "brotherhood & benevolence". I know you are with me. So, what you waiting for? Find out who in your circle needs that time of yours for their growth and upliftment, give it all to help it happen.

Mutual Benefit is fair and expected. I'm not saying don't do that, but remember all the time to eat up the other person's share is not what should be done. Think beyond and far! Really Far. At the horizon it's all but an illusion! | | |

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  1. Hats off to you sir! You are so different and that is why you are the best. Your thinking starts from where normally people stop, thinking that the maximum that they could do.

    You are a true people person sir. Whatever qualities John C. Maxwell describes of a leader, I see them all in you! You are amazing.

    Thank you so much for this blog!

    Preethi Kashyap | |


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