Monday, June 14, 2010

Do Not Convince Yourself, Punish Yourself!

There are times when we have a deadline to meet, a target to achieve, a work to complete & we would not have completed the work. The first thing majority of us do is, we convince ourselves with all logically sound reasons & explanations, as to why the particular target could not be achieved.

But, the most justified thing to be done under such circumstances is to ensure, we accept the fact that we missed out on our target because of our shortcomings and make an effort to make up for it, with the deadline of the next target. We need to make an effort to get better at what we lack, due to which we missed our target. We need to punish ourselves.

We need to get strict with ourselves. As is said: "When you get strict with yourself, Life gets lenient with you. When you get lenient with yourself, Life gets strict with you." ~ Sujit Lalwani.

We need to punish ourself, Like how we reward ourself when we achieve something. Like how rewarding oneself, makes one get motivated & aligned with the focus/target & rejuvenates one for further activity, punishing oneself corrects him, and tunes him to better standards of self-discipline, accountability & reliability.

Nobody is 100% or perfect. Its a chase towards perfection. Your success in life & rate of climbing up in life is directly proportional to how self-disciplined you are, how soon you get self-disciplined & how long you remain!

Punishment should be something that should not make you complacent & buy away your laziness in return for that punishment. That punishment should mean a shame to you, slap to your self-esteem, slap to your integrity. It should drive you away from it, only then you will achieve your targets in time.


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  1. good morning sir:) one lesson tat iv learnt & implemented strongly from u is work on targets n today one more new lesson punish urself if the work is not done.. great lesson for people who take their life seriously.. we(I) usually get scared of punishment so working with dearlines & targets is better thn punishing urself.. anyways sir best lesson il surely implement it...:)

  2. One truly amazing lesson u'v taught us sir..wil punish strongly hereafter

    it s giving me relief from the tension whether to continue or drop from such a great organization, where i'm left alone with no supporting hand by my side to persue my goals, through our organization.
    sir you are giving me a great inspiration , when ever i'm in state where i'm nt a ble to take decisions by my own..

    SIR, your inspiration gave me such a great thing that today i'm fearlessly exploring my thoughts with the society whether it is in college or outside,

    your each and every thought, word or talk is giving me such a great fuel to set my goals.. toughly.. to follow them ..
    YOUR inspiration had given me to produce my blog to share things with the world..

    thanks for all your inspirations....

  4. happy morning sir it is so true that one needs to get punished for ones own mistakes in a due course of time as even u had implemented to yourself i remember i will follow your footprints for ever your truely inspiring............


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