Monday, June 7, 2010

You are doing BUSINESS? OH MY GOD!

In my journey of indulding into promotion of entrepreneurship, helping masses open up their minds to business. I came across lots of people who speak of business as evil. One should study religiously & take up a job. If in between he starts doing a business or even a part time business to add skill sets to his life, & expand possibilities for himself.

The female section of society suffers under this to a greater extent, in most parts of our country. To my surprise its prominent in educated sections of society as well.
I request my readers to think over this & pour in this comments as to what they feel.

I really feel, everyone who is secure (so-called secure)in a job, is secure because someone is into a business, in which he needs the helping hand of this person & hence he or she is employed. If that be the case, business cannot be evil. One should grateful to the term "business", for, that is what creates jobs. You cant be more grateful to the fruit & consider the tree as evil.

I request people to ensure that this education/message is passed on to more & more people to ensure close minded people, considering business as evil & job as divine, to help them open up their mindsets.

This mindset of people is avoiding a lot of potential entrepreneurs from taking birth in our country. Wings of so many youngsters are being chopped of in the fear of they ending up as a failure & they are made to get tunnelled into the thinking of job being the most secure direction for life.

I request that more chances be given to let capable people try venturing into entrepreneurship, at a very young age & they be encouraged. Once a person escalates higher in his age ladder, he seldom has courage to take risk that business involves.

I request all the people who belong to the age group of my parents & all the people who are already parents, to bring up their kids, instilling in them, the spirit of enterpreneurship. For, a man with attitudes of an entrepreneur can do a lot of jobs beyond expectations.

Your comments are welcome. Please pass on the link to this blog to as many people, to help me build a large database of perceptions of people in this regard. Please input a little more efforts (10% of efforts that you have input for reading this blog), to pass this on to as many people as you can. Request them to pour in their comments, & help this e-survey take shape.

Thank You! I appreciate your patience.


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