Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dream Big!

This blog is a small dedication to all the people, circumstances, situations & books which became a reason for me to start dreaming big.

Friends, If there is highest state of satisfaction in this one life, then it definitely lies in dreaming & fulfilling your dreams. Hence the bigger you dream, the greater your satisfaction levels. I disagree with people who are of the opinion that dreaming big takes away your peace of mind. I advice them books on mind control. Its just about keeping yourself at peace while your focus is completely on your dream & once you have achieved it, there is immense amount of pleasure that you experience in this imposed life, whose end points are'nt under our control.

I dreamt big, I dream big, & I shall continue to dream big. Big is a relative word I agree. Hence, I also advice you to keep it relative to the size of your dreams of your yesterday. Watch yourself grow every single day & the pleasure is infinite, equivalent & more than watching your own kid grow up. For, in this case you become your own kid:) Hence, you start loving yourself more & more as the days go by.

World looks more beautiful when one loves himself. Hence, once you start dreaming & fulfilling them, you fall in love with yourself. The beauty is to ensure your dreams encompass all arenas of your life, & help you fulfil your purpose at the end of the day. Hence align all your dreams with your purpose eventually & then grow them bigger.

I once again thank all the people who have inspired me to dream big - My Parents, My Brother - Sumit Lalwani Ji, (My family instilled in me the seeds of aiming higher), Mr. Mohit Sardana Ji, Manjul Arora Ji, Mr. Gaurav Agarwal Ji, Mr. Gagan Sharma Ji, Dr. Pawan Malhan Ji, Late Sri Sunny Arora Ji, Sardar Sri Amrit Pal Singh Sodhi Ji, David J Schwartz, Richard Branson, The Amabanis, Sachin Tendulkar, Shah Rukh Khan, Bacchan Family, Madam Annapoorni, Madam Jyothi, My School Principal - T.Balakrishna, Navneet Singh Ji & all other dreamers whom I met during the journey of this short 23 years of my life.

Looking forward for the remaining life, looking forward to dream even bigger. Requesting you all to start dreaming bigger.

"Every thing around us exists, because someone, someday dreamt of its existence!"
~ Anonymous.

(The blank space below, would love to read your dreams!)


  1. Very much enjoyed your posts!! You're so positive and inspirational! I'm a writer trying to break into the film business ... your thoughts were just what I needed today! Thank you!!

  2. good morning sir:) so true sir "if there is highest state of satisfaction in this one life, thn it definitely lies in dreaming n fulfilling your dreams" n today am enjoying tat happiness to tat extent tat no one can really imagine:):)my dream came true sir:):) wen i read this blog i felt as though this blog was written only for me coz each n every word related so much to today's celebration.. one of my biggest dream came true sir.:) lots more to come... n il work for it..:)


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