Sunday, August 19, 2012

Peer pressures are killing dreams & purposeful lives of many! Fight it!

The peer pressures in the world are increasing by the day. There are enough people to advise but none to mentor. People are trying to pull us on all sides, the moment they see you are talented they all want your service and work and then at one point when they feel they have had enough of you, you are left wandering all alone.

They want you to become this, they want you to become that, either because they couldn't become what they wanted or because they need someone like that. It it unites with what your passions are, interests and capabilities are - Great! Else once they are gone, you are left in no-man's land. For, the reason for which you started doing what you did, itself doesn't exist. Hence if you are mentored to become what your passions are - then the source of ignition is something you are not dependent on and that is what a great mentor or a leader is, who makes himself irrelevant once he shows the path and that's why he is bestowed with the title of a great leader.

But today, people title themselves mentors and coaches and every other person is coaching others to have a successful living though they themselves are still search of their own purpose of existing. It's always to share knowledge and information but to share wisdom you first must own experience.

Meanwhile, to convey this message of what is happening to a lot of us today - when we are being pulled on all sides - Here is a small video that I have created.

Inspired from my first creation which you must have watched in the previous blog: Be Yourself!

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