Sunday, August 19, 2012

A small message today: "BE YOURSELF!!!" (Conveyed trough a video!)

In today's world its a common sight to see that people are being carried away by trends. That which becomes a trend people flock it and suddenly when the trend is out-dated, people are left confused. It's a need to empower masses and make them follow sustainable trends, so that they could make a worthwhile mark and add meaning to their existence.

Trend setters' objective is to have people flocking! But, the ones that are clean in objective and have a true genuine impact to progress the mankind are truly appreciated for being trends. Those that simply divert and make men get mislead, are many in the world today. This is disheartening!

I believe a visual always has a great impact on mind and hence I created a small video to give my message. Hope you interpret right and are able to catch the depth of what I am trying to convey. Do share to help this message reach more people!

Thank you!

Make sure you are not being played by the trends and you know to make a choice/call and you support visions that are truly sustainable and not those that are around for a little time and have no specific target or impact on the mankind!

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