Sunday, August 19, 2012

"Happiness lies within" - A re-inforcement!

When I came across this picture - I was pretty sure there is heavy depth in it! One of my friends asked me elaborate my view on this. I totally agree that greatest happiness lies within us. It's after all a feeling and not a material object to lie outside us. Though outside world control feelings, it's not always necessary to allow the control. When the pain is going beyond a threshold from the world outside us, it's better to shut the window of control and take back the control in our own hands.

It's like the television and the remote functionality, the remote control can change the channels as long as the Television is connected to the power plug. Once it shuts itself down, it still remains a television but absolutely no action can the remote have on it. One might think what's the point in being a television that is switched off. Metaphorically this only needs to be done under situations of deep pain, until the user changes and someone else has the remote then. As long as the right channels are being played that can bring joy and positivity to the world and you - Allow the user to have control. Else just switch yourself off wait and for the user to change (either THE user itself changes, or the user changes his behavior!)

Hope this analogy brings some clarity. There is peace already within, it's the burden of desires, expectations, worries, hopes, material dreams etc that we put on our soul that it's pressurized and breaks down. It was as such born without any of this and devoid of these it's peaceful by nature. The best way to keep the soul at peace with all of this is to ensure you outsource the task of dealing with all of the desires, expectations etc. to your intellect and not your emotions. Let the result (positive ones) make you happy and work more harder and let the failures (negative ones) trigger happiness and challenge in you! Keep no channel that plays pain and misery.

For sure, you shall attract the best only and the best shall happen with you. You might believe or think that this is hypothetical, but all the lives of those men who lived at peace with themselves and made a mark and spread the message of peace and happiness lived by it and their lives are a standing testimonial to what we just discussed.

Give space on your mind to pain and problems only how much it deserves! (it deserves NONE!). Let joy, happiness, peace, love sleep in luxury in the space of your mind, like your mind was their backyard (backyard of a billionaire's palace - unlimited expanse, beauty, greenery and serenity!)

Keep smiling (half your problems stop existing!)!

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