Friday, October 7, 2011

Inspirational Quotes!

Random Inspiration!

"Once in a while, it hits people, that they don't have to experience the world, in the way they have been told to" ~ Alan Keightley

"No trumpets are blown, when we make important decisions of our life." ~ Agnes De Mille

"All we can ask for in our lives is that perhaps we can make a difference in someone else's" ~ lillian Davis, Founder, Ivymount School.

"One can do anything, anything at all, if provided with a passionate & a gifted teacher!" ~ Pat conroy!

"Today is the day that belongs to you, tomorrow is but an illusion!" ~

"Choose one: dreams die before you do, or you die in the pursuit of your dreams!"

Keep the fire on, Stay inspired! Keep rocking & Make a difference!


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