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"I wish I could also do that..","I wish I could buy that..","I wish I could be working in that company..","I wish I could go to gym everyday..","I wish I had a dress like that..","I wish I could start my own blog..","How I wish people followed my twitter account as well..".. etc.

Many more such statements are a common set of words, which I hear from a number of people around and the whole purpose why I set up the vision Inspiration Unlimited was to uproot those reasons why the above statements are written like a wish and not like statements that express joy of having done it.

Through this platform of taking a lot of inspirational talks for lots of people, I met lot of people who even expressed: "I also wish to become a speaker like you..". My immediate answer would be a question: "who is stopping you?". A blank expression, an embarrassed face, a sad feeling, a question mark, state of confusion or others of this like are common results of this question of mine.

My answer to this question. You yourself, have been the reason to stop yourself. Most people come to me with an answer: "But, I do not know what it takes to make it big!",""But, I do not know what it takes to setup and grow!" etc.

If you know there is something that is stopping you: Lack of knowledge about something, Lack of interest, Lack of funds, Lack of right guidance, Lack of time(I dont and will never trust this one), Lack of motivation etc. The best part is your problem is solved. At least you know what is stopping you, the only thing remaining is to fight it and win it and take the steps towards making things happen.

There must be something that is already coming to your mind while reading this article, that you have not done in a long time now. THAT is the thing I am talking about friend. That thing needs your attention. That's the route to your happiness, at least if not happiness, a definite route to reducing sadness, dullness and regrets in your life of not having been able to do things.

I come with a simple solution for you:

Step 1: Sit down and write it as clearly as possible of what is that you intend to do.
Step 2: Write why would you want to do that?
Step 3: Where do you want to take it in the next 5 years.
Step 4: What all do you need to set this up? (In case you do not know the answer to this: Google it out or email me:
Step 5: What is your target for 1st month of starting what you would be and what is your target for first 3 months.

(Remember friends: It could be anything, that you would START: a hobby, a profession, a habit, a book that you always wanted to read, learning something(an instrument, or skill) etc.)

The above steps should not take more than 1-2hours. So here I take leave, requesting you to start something RIGHT NOW, that you have not done in a while now. I Conclude!

Your time starts now to start your one thing that you were thinking all along during the reading of this article. ANYTHING. Once you start it, share it with your friends(encouraging ones initially). Make a shout on twitter, Facebook and everywhere possible, and ofcourse, Do drop in a comment of what you started. I am eager to learn about you! Thank you.

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  1. I'll prepare a dreams list right away & start working on it Sujitji.

  2. Thank you Sujit ji..!

  3. SIR !!! I have started to live my dream from last 30 day " as a event organizer , involved in 2 programs which were postponed but dint loose hope , hopefully planning one more event in this week . " ALL THANKS TO U SIR FOR INSPIRING AND MOTIVATING ME . "

  4. First and foremost I must say a fantabulous blog sir. Yes I have seen many blogs which screams and says a lot about the problems that an individual come across in his journey of life. But not all could define or give a definite shape to describe the same which are commonly running in the minds of many as you could.

    They say if you can diagnose the disease, half the problem is solved. True but prescribing proper medicine is equally important, else this might turn to some other disease. Likewise this blog not only speaks about the problems but also the solution in steps following which we can solve our biggest problem called "Starting problem".

    Thanks for showing us how important it is to start and as well how simple it is to start. All of us want to start but the disease of postponement stops many of us. This is helping us big time and motivating to start right now! :)Thank you sir!

    I know it is a long comment but learned so much that I can release blog on what I learned.

  5. hai sir i have been very much inspired by ur valuable words written above truly speaking in d begining dat is before reading , i felt dat wat only words can really change a person but it proved wrong i was very much inspired and it has brought a lot of change in my life

  6. Great Blog sir: Thank u so much for throwing Lights on the Basic Problems of individuals, tips to rectify them and Keep Going, and above all for giving source which is Non Exhaustible by Nature"".

    Long Live Sujit Lalwani JI

  7. Good morning sir , thanks a lot for this.. i just started preparing.

  8. back to the start :) thank u very much sir !!! i have started my dream work with ur program :) my 3rd planed event became my 1st successful event. all because of u sir!!

  9. superb n a wonderful blog sir........ thanks a lot.. i will start preparing.......

  10. Really il b thankful to u always sir...

  11. Thanks for wonderful blog... first step= START... in action:)


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