Saturday, August 6, 2011

Together they make a great lesson!

Each of us go through times when we need to prove ourself, justify ourself, convince others we are right or something similar. We have also gone through times, when we have, with pure intentions, done all good for people and under covers of situational apperances and misunderstandings we are back stabbed. We have all seen people who seem to be really busy and with no absolute time at all (as per their claims), but they seem to have all the time in the world to speak rubbish about others (in more crude terms bitch about others).

At some or the other point of our life, career or growth chart we are bound to encounter such instances when some of the above happen to us. So let's be mentally prepared and have our purpose clear. Let's make a few of the lines below as our thumbrules and live better!

(They are few of my facebook updates: Together they make a great lesson! (hence, the title))

1. All have weaknesses! So before you point your fingers at someone else's flaws look into yourself and you will realise - "lifetime is too short to correct yourself"! Happy Self-Leadership! :)

2. JUSTIFICATION is the weapon for people, who are weak in their deeds!

3. When we spend time justifying who we are, we lose time from the task of creating who we could be. So lets not believe in justifying ourselves. Let our deeds do it for us. God knows the truth.

4. Scores of people ask me, why do I never hate people. My logic is simple - in this short life (assuming life span: 65 yrs) of 23,741 days, APPROX 2/3rds of days will be lost in sleeping and other redundant reasons.

Rest what remains - approx. 7300 days, means a lot to me and I believe is a real short time with big visions to be accomplished and lots of close, semi close and not so close people to be loved...:) why lose time hating people. GOD IS THERE NO!

5. At all stages you will meet loads of people, who will back stab you. Even amazing are the people, who will stab you in the face. So what, get up and keep walking. After all thats life. Back stabbing is seasonal, if it starts, it has an end as well. Life is permanent. Love all, live tall.

6. Off late people have been asking me, why dont you talk negative about people who talk negative about you. My answer: Why waste time doing something which someone else is doing it. Lets do something else and that which is more positive!!! :):) What say guys?

Note: These are applicable under circumstances, when you know your intentions, your deeds have been pure and good.

Let's talk positive: Do you have time to justify yourself to otherwise people(not so wise)? Do you have time to hate backstabbers?(forgive and forget, newly - forgive, but dont forget) In case you have time for all this, then for sure you have small dreams and small purposes in your life. Kindly make changes now. For, LIFE IS ONCE!


  1. Very true sir...lots of things to do ...than just sit and wonder ...why,what and how things happened..lots of small things to be done in a big way..

  2. Awesome sir! Especially "Lets not believe in justifying ourselves. Let our deeds do it for us!" You know why I particularly love this statement :-)
    So true - Time is too short to hate someone. We shall forgive, but not forget!

  3. Any one who reads your blog regularly is blessed because he will learn the best leadership lessons in the most simplified format.

    The most important lessons come out in such simplified way ..

    Thanks a lot .. please keep writing. :)

  4. Every word of this page is so connected to the humanity in a very wide way. Any one who goes through this blog if can take it properly and understand what it conveys, I don't think that he ever stand justifying unnecessary. We tend to forget the gifted quality of god given to us FORGIVING and will be reminded about the same often by you... Life is very short and is once... Oh god.... I really can feel every word sir... It touched.... Thank you for this blog sir.... thank u so much..

  5. Wow awesome... thank u sir for giving a new view for me.. after reading this article i really feel tht i really ve a small life.. And my dreams r toooooooo much tht i feel this life is not enough.. coz im d gal who thinks abt all except me... n i use 2 to do things according 2 d ppl likes... n i use 2 think wat ppl wud think abt me if i do which is a -ve thinking :) after reading this i promise myself tht i wont think abt d backstabbers :) n ll b a leader of atleast my life :)

  6. its really so very true gives so much of motivation to d best sir...

  7. nice words sujit...i have recently started writing blogs n see motivational speaking as my

  8. i am sharath ur great follower from 2006 jun 17th 2pm ..... keep going sir indian youth need u,,, i learnt so many good thinks from u today what i am is due to u u u.......... sharath and shamith ebiz gold from chakravith ji team and vk brothers ,,,,,,,,

  9. @sharath: Truly thanking your belief in me! This makes me walk fearlessly, for, I know, there are some people who feel, I am right in the steps I take! Instills faith in my own decisions! Thank you for your support! Looking forward to meeting sometime soon! God bless!


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