Friday, December 24, 2010

Time 4 Last Minute SPRINT!!!

As the date 31st December comes close by, It is a natural deadline, given by the Big Boss, for completing your pending works that can be tagged with the current year in your future when you look back into your past. It's time as very few days remain in hand. There is loads of time to go before 2011, steps into our life, or very meagre time to go, depends on number of things done before the date on the calendar shows 01.01.2011.

The people pursuing engineering or for that matter today any disclipline, accustomed to the last minute preparation for their exams, will be able to totally emapthise, with how much can be accomplished in these last few days remaining for this year.

If an entire subject can be studied on the last night, I urge you to think, with remaining days, As I write this blog, Just imagine how much can go into your completed tasks list, before you enter 2011. Since I had this strong push from within few days back & it really made me gather marvellous moments within this year itself, when majority of them around me, were already relying on the fact, that the year has almost come to an end, Many speaking jargons like - "My God!, this year flew past like a fighter plane, could nt do much at all, Need to resolve for the coming year.". Trust me resolutions can be made at 00.00.00 hours on 1 jan 2011.

It's as of now time to fasten your seat belts and like a sprinter, take the fast sprint of the entire lap in these remaining days. Be it spending time with your friends, meeting your relatives, boosting up your business, kick starting your new idea, setting up the foundation stone for your new house, taking your first business presentation, adding your friends on facebook, mailing your friends whom you have not for ages, visiting your teachers, gifting your parents if you have not for long, completing long pending tasks, writing your poems, articles, painting (if you are a painter), planning up your investments, long drives, travels, installing softwares, social activities - teaching underprivileged ppl, visiting an orphanage/oldage home, blood donation camp, any other deed that can make a difference, proposing your special someone, the moment you have been waiting for, eat outs, beach visits, party, shopping, seminars, reading a book, completing a novel etc...

Be it anything, Finish it once this year so that you can do it once again in 2011, instead of putting it off to the next year. Hope this blog will increase the activity levels of all readers, inspiring you all to do more and you would pass this message on to as many more people before this ends and all of us together will pull off a net increase in things accomplished in 2010, at an otherwise slow-down time.

"Lot more will happen in the next remaining days before 2011 enters my life!" than it would have been the case till you reached this line. Have you taken a commitment already??????

Time to spread this word! Ready! steady! GO....!!! ~ Count down begins!!!

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  1. What an eye opener-category great thought... you are a super thinker...commitment taken..!!!


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