Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mom, I am learning!

It was so frequent that my Mom used to be ready with a stare & sometimes a stick to correct me, & perfect me where I went wrong. (stick here refers to any kind of props used to induce fear in me, to discontinue the wrong deeds I was happily pursuing, without the guilt, for I never realised they were wrong. After all, whats so wrong in playing a shot like sachin does on the field. But, I do realise today, the difference between shots sachin played & shots I played in my childhood, while his shots landed beyond the rope, mine landed on the bulbs, showcase & flower vase!)

Then, it used to fill me with a feeling, why does she always find faults in me, no-one around is perfect, no-one else gets scolded this badly at home everyday as I do(though that wouldnt be the case), I would end up with feelings -"am I that bad?"... But sometimes all that happened in my childhood, I realise today, was so much for my good. I realised it deeply when I was observing my mom recently, who is not keeping that well, off late, busy with a vacuum cleaner in her room.

After her morning busy schedule, it's the afternoon where she gets some time to breathe, but then no, what I forgot was it's my MOM. She gives me a call, I rush to her room to find out that it's an order for me to go downstairs to ground floor, to get the vaccuum cleaner upstairs.

I just went down giving a look to my entire house, which was looking cleaner than an expert cleaned place, or a neat looking dirt free, five star hotel would look. I was wondering, why would she need a vaccuum cleaner at this time. Killing my curiosity after giving her the kit, I figured out it was just to suck the small little extremely tiny organisms that were starting to grow on the ceiling of the first floor due to rainy season, & these would not normally come under the notice of any of the rest of us, at home.

Now I realise, already clean home, remains clean forever & this brilliant feeling of stepping into this home does not come because of everyday cleaning chores alone, there are a lot of times, when mom is busy cleaning employing our maid into extra activity, just to ensure long term cleanliness & providing all of us this super hygeinic environment to grow. It just needs an attitude of seeking perfection.

No one has ever awarded her, like the number of awards maybe I have recieved for my work, No one has recognized this effort of my MOM which she invests to keep things perfect, No one has interviewed her, Or taken her as a role model for her fine attitudes of excellence in what she does, Hence, I dedicate this blog to my mother who makes our house, a SPECIAL HOME - Super clean, super hygeinic, super positively energised place. "No complains about the stick any more Mom, for Now I know how you removed those smallest of the inadequacies in me, when no one else could spot one in me!!!"

The conclusion I derive from this little observation of mine is that same applies to organisations, networks, institutions, companies, managements, country politics, governments etc. It so much depends on the unrecognized efforts of innumerous people who actually spend their relaxation hours on activities of less significance to the common eyes, which continuously drive away dirt from the organisations, institiutions & over all the society. It is these efforts that act in unison to take the organisation to high accolades of success.

What was so far going unrecognized, unnoticed, as I cared to bring it to my reader's notice. I request you to pass this article to as many people as you can & I urge you to ask yourself this question & answer it honestly - "In which direction of your life, have you tried to input your efforts to seek perfection today, even if they meant go unrecognized & they killed your relaxation time?".

"Little unnoticed, unrecognized efforts of ours today, can pay off in a big way tomorrow." To all my readers, I must say, it's the efforts of you readers who motivate & care to read my articles that makes me write more.

Hope this cleaned some bugs in the corner on the ceiling of your mind...

PS: Contribute into the comments column to complete this blog & make it march towards perfection! :)



  1. First of all the title itself is so touching and can feel the emotion behind it.. Hats off to u sir.. And I loved the following lines. "No complains about the stick any more Mom, for Now I know how you removed those smallest of the inadequacies in me, when no one else could spot one in me!!!" just brilliant,,.. Literally i had tears in my eyes...
    So true.. many of our parents' efforts go unrecognised,,.. But still they hav no complains.. Inspite of all these they still are busy doing so much for us. Hats off to them.. Am really glad to have such parents in my life.. I really feel too much lucky to have them,. Thank u so much God..
    Thank u sir for this article..

  2. OMG...!!! what a self realizing article this is...!!...n i just love the statements which have the "super" prefixes...amazing blog...

  3. Gm i realised smthing very amazing sujit ji
    V usually search for role model in the outside world n try to become like them, but v always forget to notice that a very big inspiration who do not expect anything in return n gives everythin wat v want ,n who is always wid us helping, caring.. who else other thn our spl mom b a role model for us?? s she corrects us everytime wen v go wrong n unfortunately v take her wrong.. this blog really touched my heart n opened my eyes sir.. n s sir now my mind is clear n all the tiny dust particles r cleaned.. amazing blog sir.. really i liked it very very much..:)

    you r everything for me sir.. just was remembering those days wen i started my journey those mistakes i used to make the way u used to correct me the way u used to teach me.. who else better thn u knows how to correct the mistakes of each n every child... hats off to u sir.. ur the best mom on this earth.. vl try to b the best kids of you.. am sorry for all my mistakes sir.. i keep doin mistakes n keep asking sorry.. but ur heart is very sweet u keep forgiving n correct those mistakes n u even teach proper lessons.. who can b like u sir... dnt knw if this is related to the blog or not but just felt like sharing all these things.. whithout u life has no meaning sir.. ur my mom, dad, brother, friend, teacher n everything(the only person who can play all these things is god n ur no less than a god sir) will prove to b the best kid of you..

  5. Love this article of urs Sir.....
    I oly say this .. when I introduce my mom to anyone .. that she is a super manager.

    keep writing .. keep inspiring us . :)


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