Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Patience is the key to success!

©Copyrights 2010, Sujit Lalwani.

"A mighty success follows only after a mighty test of patience.
Failure is sure to have been preceeded by failure of patience."

* Amount of Success in life:
S(L) = k x e^(t x T^(n))

* Amount of success in particular dimension:
S(D)= k x e^(t x T^(1))= k x e^(t x T)

t=length of time for which patience was tested.
T=toughness of the test.
n=No of dimensions in which your patience was tested like family, career etc.(n>=1)

Amount of success is exponentially related to the length of time for which your patience was tested and how tough the test was. Whenever you are being tested hard and longer - just remember to keep going. The Left hand side of the equation will increase for sure and as the test keeps going longer and harder, the reward multiplies.

There comes a time when the break point of every dimension is reached & the time & toughness cease to grow. Thats where god loses patience and wants to reward you. The rewards start materialising. Miracles are product of this equation when our Patience does not break until God loses patience. Wherever and whenever our patience takes a pause to resume, we are rewarded our results.

The greater the pause and longer the dip we take back on the curve. Ensure your breaks are small and they dont pull you down and you are back into activity.

This blog is just an output of my love for physics and patience I have to conjure ideas and put them into mathematics, trying to satisfy all expected/unexpected conditions. Since I need 2 end the blog, my patience could not last until I could
materialise every aspect of this equation/theory completely.

The rewards would be given right away. I resume to this theory, and will contemplate deeper. This pause shall be as short as the amount of time you would take to reward me good comments:)

Anyways, thanks for the patience of reading this blog.

ON a serious note: "Patience is the key to success at every step of our life."


  1. gm sir:) patience... this word had no meaning for me before u taught me sir.. trust me sir today wat am n wt iv learnt is all b'coz of the lessons u'v taught me.. patience is one best quality iv really been practising frm months, n s it really gives pleasure wen u keep doing ur work for long time with patience without even expecting the result n one fine day god gives u smthing which u even dint expect.. thats real happiness.. n it comes only wen u have patience.. blog is too gud sir.. especially the equations..:)

  2. That equation is simply an amazing thought...einstein ji must b feeling so jealous from heaven,coz he could not think of something so good n useful..


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